"Hello, I'm Han Aotian." Her voice was still low, making people feel intoxicated by it.

Chen Xi gritted her teeth and took several deep breaths before she finally mustered the courage to speak. "Hello, I'm Chen Xi." I'm downstairs at your company. Can we meet for a chat? " Chen Xi asked politely.

Han Aotian chuckled in a low voice, as if he had already expected this. However, this laughter obviously provoked Chen Xi, causing her face to flush red with shame.

"Chen Xi." Han Aotian seemed to know Chen Xi's current expression. It wasn't hard to hear the happiness in her tone.

"Yes." Chen Xi replied respectfully.

"Do you see the elevator to the right of the lobby?" Han Aotian's voice was very gentle, and Chen Xi gradually relaxed.

"Yes." Chen Xi nodded along with Han Aotian's words.

"There's an elevator with a door carved with dark gold flowers. Did you see it?" Han Aotian was still very patient.


"You sit on it and come up. If anyone stops you, say it's my order. " Han Aotian said arrogantly and hung up the phone without waiting for Chen Xi to react.

Chen Xi stared blankly at the black screen of her phone, unable to understand what Han Aotian just said.

After a long while, she finally reacted. Ye Zichen smiled towards the security guy that helped her and thanked him. Then he ignored the receptionist's gaze and walked straight to the elevator Han Aotian talked about.

She wanted to see him now.

The elevator door opened right after Chen Xi stood there. Chen Xi knew that Han Aotian must have done something, but now was not the time to think about it. She could only grit her teeth and walk in.

Ten seconds later, the elevator stopped. When the door opened, Chen Xi saw Han Aotian's lazy look.

At this moment, Han Aotian was sitting on a large sofa. His clothes were the same color as the sofa and he seemed to have blended into the sofa. It made him look like an ancient noble, giving off a lazy and enchanting aura.

Chen Xi just stood there in the elevator, looking at Han Aotian, stunned for a moment.

Han Aotian wasn't in a hurry to have Chen Xi move, so he crossed his legs. He leaned back against the sofa, raised his right hand to support his chin and smirked at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi swallowed her saliva. She didn't dare to connect the Han Aotian now with him, who lost control that night. That night, his kiss and his caress were clearly played in Chen Xi's head, making her feel hot and dry.

"Chen Xi, although your stunning eyes at this moment made me feel very comfortable. But are you sure you want to talk to me there? " Han Aotian opened his mouth. The sound wasn't loud, and it was just loud enough for Chen Xi to hear.

Chen Xi was even more embarrassed. She was so nervous that she forgot how she was supposed to walk over.

It took her several dozen seconds to calm down. Chen Xi finally felt like her heart was not beating that fast anymore. She then stepped out of the elevator.

However, after walking a few steps, he stopped not far away from Han Aotian.

"Chen Xi, I don't like to talk to others from so far away." Although Han Aotian was smiling, that smile didn't reach his eyes.

Chen Xi froze, her legs shaking as she walked a few more steps before she finally stopped in front of the carpet.

"Are you afraid of me?" Han Jingtian asked with a strange smile.

Chen Xi lowered her head and did not speak. After a long while, she finally said, "My shoes are very dirty."

The carpet was cream white and spotless. Chen Xi was afraid of Han Aotian, but she didn't dare to say it out loud. She could only push the blame onto herself.

"The carpet is supposed to be stepped on. "Forget it, is it really that important for you to come to the company to talk to me about something?" Han Aotian couldn't be bothered to pursue these matters, so he asked with a smile.

Chen Xi lowered her head even further. She twisted the corner of her robe with both of her hands, unable to utter a single word.

Looking at Chen Xi's expression, Han Aotian had probably guessed Chen Xi's intention. He looked at Chen Xi with a serious expression, but didn't say anything.

Chen Xi worked on her mind for a long time. When she thought that Ling Xun's operation could no longer be delayed, Chen Xi could no longer stop because of it. He closed his eyes and bit his lower lip. Finally, he took a deep breath and raised his head to look at Han Aotian.

"I want to borrow a million from you." Chen Xi said in a clear and powerful voice.

Han Aotian wasn't surprised. He still had a smile on his face, but his gaze towards Chen Xi became a bit colder.

"Chen Xi, a million isn't a lot to me, but I will not give it to you for free." Han Aotian put down his crossed legs, sat up straight and said to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi knew that for someone who had only met her for a short period of time, giving her so much money for no reason would make her unhappy. Chen Xi had already prepared herself in her heart, but when she heard Han Aotian say it so bluntly, she still felt embarrassed.

"I can promise you that. "I will be graduating soon. After graduation, I will definitely work hard to pay you back." Chen Xi was so anxious that tears were about to come out of her eyes as she said helplessly.

Han Aotian's smile deepened as he raised his hand to interrupt Chen Xi.

"Chen Xi, like I said, a million isn't much to me. I can give it to you, or I won't even ask you to pay it back. But Chen Xi, I'm a businessman, I won't do something that doesn't benefit me. " Han Aotian said seriously.

Chen Xi became anxious and stammered for a long time before she managed to force out a sentence.

"I, I will return it. "Even if it's just for now …"

Because Han Aotian had stopped what he was about to do.

Han Aotian walked up to Chen Xi and pinched her chin. Chen Xi looked up and met his gaze.

"Chen Xi, as I said, I don't care about this money at all. You know what I want, don't you? "

Han Aotian's imposing manner made everyone shudder. Looking at Chen Xi with such a plundering gaze, even Chen Xi couldn't help but shiver. Naturally, Han Aotian also felt it. He smiled, bent down slightly, and stopped less than a centimeter away from Chen Xi.

"I, Han, Han Aotian, I …" Chen Xi couldn't say anything like that.

"Chen Xi, I'll exchange one million for you to accompany me for a year. How about it?" Han Aotian said in a low voice. As she was getting closer, Chen Xi's face turned red from the heat.

"I, I want, I want to consider." Chen Xi couldn't pass the test in her heart, so she said with a trembling voice.

"Chen Xi, I always thought you were a smart girl." Han Aotian smiled. "I've already given you one week, haven't I?"

The first time he saw Chen Xi, he knew that she had a dilemma. However, he was not a kind person and wouldn't help Chen Xi without any conditions just because he had a little good impression of her. After all, such a favorable impression was just a desire for Chen Xi's young body.

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