"Han Aotian, I …" Tears were already flowing out of Chen Xi's big eyes. She wanted to bite her lower lip, but Han Aotian's grip was too strong.

"Chen Xi, promise me one million and I'll let you take it away immediately." It doesn't matter if I don't agree, but I'm sorry, Chen Xi. I'm not a good person. " Han Aotian's smile contained a trace of coldness that made Chen Xi's heart turn cold.

Chen Xi's tears started to flow more and more urgently, but she didn't dare to cry out loud. She could only silently shed tears.

After a long stalemate, Chen Xi finally gave up on her final struggle.

"I promise you." Closing her eyes, Chen Xi was no longer as radiant as before.

"Smart. I like smart women." Han Aotian smiled and let go of Chen Xi's small chin.

"But I will need a month. It will be one month before I can fulfill my promise to you. Before that, I need to get this one million now. " This time, Chen Xi said very seriously, not giving in at all.

Han Aotian looked at Chen Xi deeply and remained silent for a while before he said, "Chen Xi, I have no patience to play with you. I will only say one last thing, I want you to be my woman today! If you are willing, you can take away a million at any time. If you aren't, I won't force you. "

Chen Xi looked at Han Aotian's eyes that were as deep as the ocean and became even more flustered. But she had no time. Her brother's nursing fees were for money, and Ling Xun's for an operation was for money.

After a minute of silence, she raised her head again. Chen Xi's serious expression had disappeared, but her eyes were rimmed red.

"Alright, I promise you. Is it going to start now? "

Han Aotian had never been a patient person before, but this time, he was extremely patient. Chen Xi, on the other hand, looked anxious. She raised her hand to unbutton her shirt.

Han Aotian was angrier than ever. It was not that he had never investigated Chen Xi before, but Chen Xi gave him a feeling of reluctance now. Han Aotian was never the type to force others. However, there was an exception today. Han Aotian didn't have the patience to wait any longer.

His conditions were clear, and he had already said what he needed to say. Chen Xi had reason to reject him today, and it would be the same tomorrow. He was decisive when it came to the shopping mall, and it was the same when it came to dealing with women.

Han Aotian held Chen Xi's face with one hand and looked deeply into her eyes. After a long while, he finally let go.

"Wait for me in the lounge." Han Aotian said coldly.

Chen Xi gritted her teeth and walked into the lounge like a puppet.

Han Aotian picked up the phone and called his assistant. He said in a cold voice, "Everything that happened this afternoon was pushed away."

"But I've already made an appointment …"

"I said, push them all away, didn't you hear me clearly?" Before Han Aotian finished his sentence, he hung up.

The assistant looked at the broken phone and sighed.

It was rare to see your boss so angry. Normally, when you are angry, you never delay anything related to work. However, there is clearly an important meeting this afternoon.

Shaking his head, the assistants could only call one after the other to dismiss the afternoon matters.

Chen Xi already regretted it when she entered the lounge. Perhaps there was still another way, she didn't need to do anything that went against her will.

However, just as Chen Xi was about to leave, Han Aotian opened the door and walked in.

Chen Xi was momentarily stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"What, regret?" Han Aotian sneered.

"Sorry for the interruption today." Chen Xi lowered her head and left as if she was going around Han Aotian.

Han Aotian was unwilling to let Chen Xi go. He pulled Chen Xi's arm and pushed her towards the bed. Then he covered his body.

"Chen Xi, where do you think I am? Like I said, I've given you a week to think about it. Regret? Don't even think about it. " Han Aotian's pride and bloodthirsty temper was triggered by Chen Xi's attitude.

Ignoring Chen Xi's struggling, and without any lingering kisses, Han Aotian took off Chen Xi's pants and rushed straight into her without taking off his clothes.

It was the first time she was like this. Chen Xi was in so much pain that she couldn't even cry out. She bit her lips and glared at Han Aotian.

Even though it was Han Aotian's first time learning about Chen Xi's stubbornness, he was still unwilling to let it go like this. Without waiting for Chen Xi to adapt, Han Aotian started to move.

Chen Xi looked at Han Aotian. The pain in her body was small, but Han Aotian's ice-cold gaze pierced deeply into Chen Xi's heart. Her current appearance was no different from those smiling women.

Their clothes were still intact, but they were doing the worst thing they could do. At this moment, Chen Xi was just a target for him to vent his anger on.

It was clearly the most beautiful first time, yet he gave it away like this.

Chen Xi couldn't hold it in any longer and burst into tears.

"What are you crying for!" Han Aotian looked at Chen Xi's tears and became even more agitated.

Even so, Han Aotian was a bit lighter.

The unpleasant first time finally ended under such torture. Chen Xi watched as Han Aotian tidied up his clothes, threw down the cheque for one million yuan and left.

Tears were meaningless now. Chen Xi clutched the cheque tightly and bit her lips until they bled to calm the hatred in her heart.

Han Aotian did not appear again until he left.

Chen Xi didn't know how she got to the hospital. Her body was in pain and her heart was in pain. Chen Yue had already fallen asleep beside Ling Xun's bed. Ling Xun smiled when he saw Chen Xi walk in. However, when he saw Chen Xi's pale face, the smile froze on his face.

It had been a long time since he had seen Chen Xi smile. Furthermore, she was becoming thinner and thinner every day. Chen Xi was not someone who would listen to people with just a few sentences. As long as she decided to do something, she would use her own methods to succeed. Unavoidably, she was slightly worried. Moreover, Chen Xi's expression was so terrible that it seemed as though she had lost her soul.

"Where did you go? "His face doesn't look good." Ling Xun asked with a dark expression.

Chen Xi shook her head and put on a smile. "I just went to see a doctor. The doctor said that we can have surgery next Monday."

Ling Xun, on the other hand, was not as happy as Chen Xi. His expression became even heavier as he stared at Chen Xi without blinking.

Chen Xi was a little guilty from being stared at like that. She woke up Chen Yue before Ling Xun could open his mouth. Chen Yue rubbed his eyes unhappily. He looked like he was about to cry. Only then did Ling Xun let Chen Xi go and started to stir up a ruckus.

Han Aotian did not appear for the next few days. Chen Xi knew that Han Aotian was angry and none of them were as tactless as Chen Xi. As for Chen Xi, it would be the greatest gift to him if she didn't find him.

As for Ling Xun, because of Chen Yue's constant company, he couldn't find an opportunity to ask Chen Xi what was going on. Even if he asked the doctor, the doctor would only say that the operation fee had been paid and that the kidney had been found and could be operated on.

Ling Xun had a bad feeling about this. Why did Chen Xi suddenly come back with such a huge sum of money to pay for the operation? Besides, Chen Xi always avoided him, so Ling Xun was even more worried.

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