"CEO, we've found the whereabouts of Second Young Master. He's in a house not far from the school, taking care of a moron. " In Han Aotian's office, his personal assistant placed a stack of photos in front of him.

After hearing this, Han Aotian frowned. His little brother was 8 years younger than him, and had been Han Aotian's favorite since he was young. The only drawback was that his heart was too soft. Now, he was so soft-hearted that he had to take care of someone who was an idiot.

"What about the background, have you found anything?" Han Aotian asked arrogantly.

"Yes, the house was rented out to a man named Ling Xun." Han Aotian didn't look very happy, so he lowered his head even more.

Ling Xun? Han Aotian searched in his mind, but he didn't find any information on this person.

Someone you don't know. Han Aotian's frown deepened.

"Who is Ling Xun?" Han Aotian started to worry.

"CEO, this Ling Xun, when I wasn't checking, I didn't find any background either. But he knew a man well and lived with him. " The assistant said carefully.

Han Aotian was obviously getting impatient. He coldly looked at his assistant and didn't say anything.

"You told me to investigate Miss Chen Xi previously. She and Ling Xun know each other, and they live together. And the child that Second Young Master is taking care of is Miss Chen Xi's younger brother. " The assistant said respectfully.

Han Aotian's expression sunk. He glanced at his assistant and said coldly, "You can leave first."

The assistant nodded and left respectfully.

Han Aotian picked up the photo on the table. It indeed showed his brother, who had disappeared for one day and one night, and a boy who looked nothing like Chen Xi.

The corners of Chen Xi's and Han Aotian's lips curled up coldly as they muttered this name in their hearts. It's true that anything can be related to you.

Han Aotian's gaze turned colder as he stopped sneering. He wouldn't let his little brother be with a woman like that. Moreover, he had spent money to buy her.

It was as if Chen Xi had slept for a century. When she woke up, she was already in bed. The nurse was giving Chen Xi an IV drip, and when Chen Xi tried to sit up, she pulled at her wound, causing her to gasp in pain.

"Don't move, the wound hasn't healed yet." The nurse quickly pressed down on Chen Xi, preventing her from moving.

Chen Xi, however, was not in the mood to care about her wound. She grabbed the nurse's hand and asked anxiously, "Where is the person who entered the operation room with me? What about Ling Xun? How is he? "

The nurse smiled, "Rest assured, the operation was successful." The doctor said you were doing well, too, at least not in the heart. You can get out of bed tomorrow. "

Chen Xi's condition wasn't too serious, and she didn't need to rest in her sickbed. As long as she was careful not to split the wound, it would be fine.

"I'd like to see him now, would you mind?" Chen Xi was still worried.

"Then we'll have to wait until this bottle is done dripping. Be careful not to split the wound open. He probably didn't wake up so soon. " The nurse couldn't do anything about Chen Xi, so she could only remind her softly.

Chen Xi nodded and finally let go of the burden in her heart.

When she got off the bed, the wound on her stomach was slightly pulled. Chen Xi carefully walked to Ling Xun's room.

Ling Xun looked as pale as before, but the apparatus at the side told Chen Xi that Ling Xun's vitality was now very strong. Chen Xi finally smiled. The fear and dread she had felt over the past few days had finally dissipated.

Chen Xi couldn't help but raise her hand to touch Ling Xun's figure softly, as if the love in her heart would never have the chance to do so if she didn't say it now.

"Brother Ling Xun, do you know that I love you?" Chen Xi murmured softly.

With her palm gently pressing on Ling Xun's stomach, Chen Xi felt a burst of satisfaction in her heart.

"You must do your best and stay here for a very, very long time." As for the humble one, Chen Xi had placed all her hopes on the kidney she gave out.

She couldn't accept the news that Ling Xun had fallen ill again.

After giving Ling Xun a gentle kiss on the lips, Chen Xi wiped the tears that were about to fall from her eyes and left the room without any reluctance.

When Ling Xun woke up, he saw Chen Xi putting the flowers into a vase. The warm light hit Chen Xi's body, causing a bright light to appear around her. It had been a long time since Ling Xun saw such a beautiful young Chen Xi. It seems like it started when he was lying on the bed. Ling Xun smiled.

"Xi Xi." He weakly called out Chen Xi's nickname. Ling Xun only felt that it was good to be alive.

Chen Xi looked over in surprise. When she saw Ling Xun's pale but extremely gentle smile, she couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief and smile.

Squatting down, Chen Xi held Ling Xun's hand.

"You're finally awake." Chen Xi's nose was sour. She had not wasted so many sacrifices after all.

"Xi Xi, thank you." As Ling Xun had just finished the anesthetic, he was completely powerless and could only smile weakly.

Chen Xi didn't say anything. She looked at Ling Xun with tears in her eyes and kept shaking her head. As long as Ling Xun was alive, Chen Xi felt that everything was worth it.

"Xi Xi, thank you for your persistence." "Living is good." On the other hand, Ling Xun held Chen Xi's hand, letting her feel his current state of mind.

There was nothing more important than this, Chen Xi thought. He did not have a kidney, but he did save Ling Xun. Chen Xi felt that it was worth it.

The next thing to do was to recover. After Ling Xun had a rest, Chen Xi went home. He thought it would take a week, but now it would only take three days to get back.

The moment he opened the door, he saw Chen Yue and Han Jingtian playing happily. No matter what happened, Han Jingtian was like a small sun that warmed Chen Xi's heart.

"Chen Xi!" As soon as Chen Yue saw Chen Xi, he rushed forward and hugged her.

However, because of her excessive strength, she bumped into Chen Xi's wound. Chen Xi gasped from the pain, but she didn't push Chen Yue away.

When Han Jingtian walked over, he saw that Chen Xi was sweating cold sweat. He was shocked and quickly pulled Chen Yue away. Blood was already seeping out from the wound. Because it was summer, Chen Xi only wore a thin sleeve, so the blood dyed Chen Xi's clothes red. It wasn't much, but it was shocking.

"What happened to you?" He had only been gone for three days, and he was injured the moment he returned. Han Jingtian was really surprised.

"I'm fine. There was a small accident on my way back. Go to the hospital and get a stitch. It'll be fine in two days. " Chen Xi endured the pain and smiled, not letting Han Jingtian see anything.

"Is the wound open now? "No, let's go to the hospital." Han Jingtian said worriedly.

"How can it be so fragile? Yue's strength isn't that great." It's only a little bit painful, but it didn't split open. " Chen Xi said gratefully.

Han Jingtian wanted to take a look, but when he remembered that their relationship wasn't that intimate, he smiled awkwardly.

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