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Seeing that he was about to be pushed onto the bed by Chen Yue, Xiao Jia Yu shouted at him in a hurry, "Chen Yue, quickly let me go. If you really dare to touch me, don't think of staying in the circle anymore."

Seeing Xiao Jia Yu struggling like this, he actually felt that it was getting more and more fun, "Jia Yu, be a bit more obedient and you'll be able to get away with it later. If you really have some background in the community, it's impossible for me to not know about it until now, so stop struggling like this."

At this time, she could only gamble, "Chen Yue, the person behind me is actually Mu Chen. I just returned from a meal with him, and he told me to call him when I got back to his room. I didn't call him earlier, so he must have called me right now."

It was obvious that he was still skeptical of her words. In the end, he got off the bed and found Xiao Jiayu's cell phone still ringing. It seemed that the phone really was Mu Chen, causing his face to instantly change. After all, he hadn't really done anything to Xiao Jia Yu tonight, so he sarcastically said, "No wonder you don't like me, Chen Yue. So there's actually such a rich backer behind you, it's just that you wish you could be with him a little longer."

Xiao Jia Yu sat up from the bed. With an ice-cold expression, she said, "I don't need you to worry about my matter with Director Mu. I think it would be better for you to worry about yourself." How could she not sense Chen Yue's hint? It was just that, once Mu Chen gave up on her, she would have no choice but to rely on someone else. It was a pity that he had misjudged her. Her Xiao family's daughter didn't need to rely on anyone.

Chen Yue picked up his jacket and looked at her viciously. "If you're smart, then swallow this whole thing down. It won't do anyone any good if it gets big. I've been in the industry for so many years, Mu Chen might not do anything to me for you. When the time comes, I can also say that you took the initiative to seduce me. " He opened the door and left.

When Xiao Jia Yu heard the loud sound of the door being closed, her body that had been frozen for too long instantly went limp. Moreover, at this moment, she discovered that her entire body was covered in cold sweat. In the silence of the room, Xiao Jia Yu's mobile phone suddenly rang. Startled, she quickly found her phone. The caller was Mu Chen, and she quickly picked it up.

"Jia Yu, why did you take so long to pick up the phone?" Mu Chen's tone was obviously impatient.

Xiao Jia Yu was stunned, not because Chen Yue's words really threatened her, but because her relationship with Mu Chen wasn't close enough for her to tell him about this matter.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Mu Chen had a bad temper. "Xiao Jia Yu, if you can hear me, then quickly answer."

"I was bathing in the bathroom, so I didn't hear my cell phone ring. Sorry about that." She casually made up a reason, "Why are you looking for me at this time?"

Only then did Mu Chen let out a sigh of relief and quickly replied, "Just now, your coat was left in my car. You're really amazing. You even forgot your coat in such a cold weather." He remembered that she said she had already taken a shower and quickly took the initiative to say, "Tell me your room number, I'll bring your clothes over, but I've never seen such a careless girl like you."

Xiao Jia Yu did not know why, but even though she was quite calm when facing Chen Yue just now, when she heard Mu Chen's intimate accusation, she felt even more uncomfortable.

"Xiao Jia Yu, what happened to you?" Only then did Mu Chen feel that something was wrong. It wasn't because the signal was bad, but because the other party didn't want to talk.

"Nothing." Xiao Jia Yu held back her tears as she replied, "I still live in the same room as before, so I'll have to trouble you to help me deliver the clothes."

Mu Chen felt that it was quite strange. He thought that he would be able to see Xiao Jia Yu in a while, so he hung up the phone.

Xiao Jia Yu threw her phone to the side before hugging herself and sitting on the ground. Her mind quickly went through the matter from beginning to end.

The only possibility that Chen Yue would suddenly appear in the room was from Xin Yue's room card. Whether it was given to him by her on her own initiative or he secretly took it, it meant that they definitely had a special relationship. She thought back to a long time ago, when she accidentally overheard Xin Yue and Chen Yue talking in the lounge. At that time, when she called for someone, Xin Yue took the initiative to walk out, making her unable to see anyone in the room.

Although there was an explanation from Xin Yue, she was obviously afraid that she would notice that there was someone else in the lounge. She thought of the moments after that when Xin Yue would always come back to her room late at night, and what Shen Feng's assistant had seen. The most disgusting thing was that she could smell the thick aftertaste of the room one night.

It was just that she didn't want to think too badly of her classmates, and never thought that the two of them would jointly scheme against her in the end. She really thought that she was a soft persimmon that could be easily bullied. After Mu Chen gave her the clothes, the first thing she did was to get a new room. Having a roommate like this was too scary.

As Xiao Jia Yu was trying to figure out the situation, someone knocked on the door. She rubbed her eyes, hoping Mu Chen wouldn't notice anything amiss, before standing up to open the door.

Mu Chen was still holding onto her cashmere coat. Seeing her pale face, he hurriedly asked, "Are you feeling unwell?" Then, thinking back to how she had walked away blindly without even wearing her coat, she said to herself, "It can't be that she caught a cold in such a short time, right?"

Xiao Jia Yu took his jacket from his hand and acted like he was impatient: "You are the only one worrying."

Seeing that she was about to walk into the room, Mu Chen held her hand and firmly said: "If you don't explain to me what happened, I definitely won't let you go." "After all, it was your brother who called my cousin and asked me to take care of you."

When Xiao Jia Yu thought about how she was almost raped by that disgusting middle-aged man, her eyes instantly turned red. It was unknown whether it was due to fear or Mu Chen's "care".

Mu Chen quickly discovered that she looked like she was about to cry, but was afraid that someone would notice her from the hallway. He directly entered her room, closed the door, and continued to ask: "Xiao Jia Yu, what's wrong?" He had always felt that she was a very strong girl. When she was rejected like that by her family, she still chose to do what she wanted to do. When bullied, it was also because he didn't want to admit defeat.

Xiao Jia Yu bit her lower lip and replied, "Just now when I went back to my room, Chen Yue was actually there." Mu Chen already understood what she was going to say, "Luckily, you called. I lied and said that I was following you, so he let it go."

"That bastard Chen Yue is simply a bastard." Mu Chen gritted his teeth as he cursed and saw Xiao Jia Yu clearly trying to hold back her tears. It was as if his heart had collapsed and softened in an instant. He raised his hand to wipe the tears at the corner of her eyes and said with a pained heart: "Don't cry, you are also the eldest young miss of the Xiao family. You must pretend to be strong and endure this kind of pain."

When Xiao Jia Yu heard him say that, she looked at him in disbelief: "If you mean that I brought this upon myself, then you don't need to worry about my matters. You can leave now."

Mu Chen was a little annoyed that he didn't know how to speak to coax the girls, so he pulled her hand and explained anxiously: "I didn't mean that, don't be so hasty when you speak. I will think of a way to deal with Chen Yue's matter, but it's not something that can be done in a short period of time, whoever bullies you, I will definitely not let them off easy. Since you also call me elder cousin, that's my sister, how can I just watch you get bullied by others? "

Xiao Jia's face finally softened, but she still looked scared.

Mu Chen also understood that this room wasn't accessible to Xiao Jia Yu, so he suggested, "Why don't you go over to my side? My secretary has reserved a presidential suite, and there's more than one bedroom for me."

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly shook her head. "If I were to really come in and out of your room and be seen by others, I would not know what would happen."

Mu Chen was also impulsive. He did not think about Zhou Quan and hastily added, "Then I'll book a room for you and me."

Only then did Xiao Jia Yu nod her head. Mu Chen hurriedly called the front desk.

When Mu Chen finished his call, he still felt worried and said, "Anyway, your movie is already over, so I think you should just go back to school. It's already the end of the year, and the school's examination is about to start, so your family should be going back."

Xiao Jia Yu looked at his performance just now and was actually extremely grateful to him. However, she still replied impatiently: "Mu Chen, I think you have a very broad mind. I heard your sister say that you're not like this."

Mu Chen quickly explained, "I feel that I can still watch over you for the next few days, but once I leave, I'm afraid that others will cause trouble for you. So, why don't you leave earlier? I can still feel more at ease." He asked again, a little speechless, "What did my sister say about me in front of you?"

Xiao Jia Yu's mood improved a bit as she said in amusement: "You're too arrogant and despicable."

Mu Chen's face stiffened as he said helplessly, "She's my sister, I can't resist no matter what she wants to say."

Xiao Jia Yu finally laughed, but the one she was more worried about was actually Xin Yue. Tonight, she could be considered to have fallen out with Chen Yue, but Chen Yue, who knew that she had Mu Chen backing her up, didn't dare to do anything to her. On the other hand, she couldn't guard against Xin Yue, so she couldn't come up with any evidence. She could feel that Xin Yue was jealous of her while she was in school. She was also vain and snobbish, but she never expected that she was so misguided in her heart. If it hadn't been for Mu Chen's call tonight, she simply couldn't imagine what would have happened.

Afterwards, Mu Chen helped Xiao Jiayao pack his stuff, but in order to avoid suspicion, he couldn't help her get the room that he had helped her reorder. He could only watch as she pushed her luggage away.

Mu Chen waited for Xiao Jiayu to leave for a while before walking out of her room. He didn't expect to run into her roommate, Xin Yue, at the elevator.

When Xin Yue saw Mu Chen, she greeted him with a face full of smiles, "Director Mu, hello. I haven't even greeted you when I saw you on set today."

Mu Chen glanced at her. His bad impression of her never changed. He didn't even want to respond.

Xin Yue knew Mu Chen didn't like her, but she still maintained a smile on her face. This could be considered a form of skill. Right now, she was more concerned about something else. She didn't know if that disgusting old man, Chen Yue, had succeeded or not. The other party had promised that as long as she could help her sleep in Xiao Jia Yu, the female lead would be hers. Regardless of whether his words were true or false, as long as there was a bit of hope, she wouldn't give up. As she thought about it, a glint flashed across her eyes.

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