Promising Star/C12 Life is like a play it's all about acting
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Promising Star/C12 Life is like a play it's all about acting
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C12 Life is like a play it's all about acting

Xiao Jiayi couldn't help feeling emotional as she switched rooms with another hotel room. After taking a shower, he changed into his pajamas and leaned against the bed. Then, Mu Chen called again. She quickly picked it up and asked curiously, "Is there something else?"

Mu Chen quickly replied, "I was just thinking about what happened today. I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to fall asleep from fear, so I called you to ask."

Xiao Jia Yu's mind was initially a bit unsettled, but after hearing his words, she somehow felt a lot more relaxed. She laughed and asked: "If I'm really scared, what can you do?"

Mu Chen had also just finished his bath in his room. He sat down on the sofa and looked out into the night. Hearing her relaxed tone, he joked: "If you agree, I can come to your room. If you don't want me to be troubled, you can also come to my room. "Anyways, you've lied to Chen Yue today. It's better if you can reconfirm your lies."

Xiao Jia Yu replied without thinking: "If I really did that, no matter how you look at it, I would be at a disadvantage."

"Alright." Seeing that Xiao Jia Yu was not scared, he hurriedly added: "In the future, you can call me if you encounter any problems. Whether it's as an explanation to your brother or my sister's request to me, you don't need to feel anything for me."

"I understand, Director Mu." In the end, Xiao Jia Yu's heart was still filled with lingering fear. But after Mu Chen appeared and said those words, she was in a good mood. They both touched her heart. After they said their goodbyes, they hung up the phone.

After Xiao Jia Yu laid down and closed his eyes, it seemed that Chen Yue's disgusting face was still the same. No matter what, Xiao Jia Yu could not fall asleep. She let out a long sigh and opened her eyes to look at the ceiling. She thought that if she really fell asleep like this, she would have nightmares. She got up and turned on the light, then found the tablet that she had placed beside her and logged onto Weibo. She didn't think that she wouldn't be able to get on Weibo in such a short period of time. Shen Feng's previous scandal had made new progress, and Shen Feng, a singer who had always kept a low profile in the industry, had once again appeared on the headlines: # Shen Feng implying that he had never held Chen Jianyan's hand.

Xiao Jia Yu pointed at the headlines and realized that it was Shen Feng's side that had announced his relationship with Chen Jiayan. It was very clear in the announcement that Shen Feng was with Chen Jiayan of the same company not long after he left. The two of them had been separated for almost 3 years, but it was just that they had a relationship of a couple before. The announcement was simple and didn't imply anything. It also didn't say what was the reason for their break up. However, the time at which the two of them split up was enough to make one's imagination run wild.

Xiao Jia Yu looked down, and sure enough, many people had taken the fact that Shen Feng had always been silent towards this matter as a tacit agreement, causing Shen Feng's indecisive fans to not dare to come out and speak up for their idol. Once this announcement was made, all the fans who had disappeared before Shen Feng appeared overnight. One must know that Shen Feng has really become one of the most popular people in the past two years. Naturally, he had a lot of fans, just that they were not as popular as Chen Jieyan, who had been a hardcore fan for many years. As long as anyone was willing to believe the announcement made by Shen Feng, they would understand that the popularity of Shen Feng probably had nothing to do with Chen Jiayan. Otherwise, why was it that Shen Feng did not become popular during their years together?

Shen Feng's question rendered the fans, who were still defending Chen Jiayan, speechless. However, at the same time, many of them started to question the authenticity of the announcement. However, many people knew that Shen Feng and Chen Jiayan were originally from the same company, and Shen Feng's announcement was also made through the company's officials. If that was the case, then it would naturally not be fake.

Things had happened until now, and there were more and more suspicious points. Chen Jiayan's fans had calmed down, and Shen Feng's fans were no longer willing to work for him.

Xiao Jia Yu closed the tablet and lay back down, suddenly recalling Shen Feng's painful expression when he mentioned him and Chen Jiayan's past, as well as his vivid last performance with Le Yu Jia. She suddenly felt that if it was just the tabloid news, he wouldn't be so sad, then the real reason would be Chen Jieyan. However, Xiao Jia Yu was even more clueless. They were of different genders and ages, so there shouldn't be competition between them. She really didn't understand the purpose of Chen Jiayan's actions.

Xiao Jia Yu's mind was in a mess. One moment it was Shen Feng's matter, the next it was that disgusting middle-aged man, until it finally froze on the image of Mu Chen smiling, and she drowsily fell asleep. She had probably slept too late, and by the time she woke up the next day, it was already too late for her to imagine that something had happened that had caught her off guard.

When Xiao Jiayu arrived at the set, she immediately felt that the gazes from the surrounding people weren't quite right. Even the dresser and makeup artist who had a good relationship with her didn't take the initiative to greet her, but when she greeted them, the other party's reaction was ice-cold.

With Luo Qingran's drama, Xiao Jia Yu found a suitable spot to watch him film. When this scene with Luo Qing Ran came to an end, he once again sat in a secluded corner and brewed his energy. After looking around and finding Xiao Jia Yu, he beckoned her over.

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly sat beside Luo Qing Ran and asked: "Senior Martial Brother Luo, why did you call me here?"

Luo Qingran looked at the surrounding people who were all looking at Xiao Jiayu and then said, "Jiayu, I don't know what happened this morning, but the news spread that you and Director Chen are related, and some people even said that they saw Director Chen walking out of your room last night."

Xiao Jia Yu's expression changed. In the end, she pursed her lips and replied, "Chen Yue went to my room yesterday, but it's not what everyone thinks. He and I have nothing."

Luo Qing Ran frowned and said, "Of course I believe that you and him don't have anything, but others might not."

Xiao Jia Yu felt bad being misunderstood, but she did not care too much about the opinions of others. However, there was one person that she could not ignore, so she quickly asked: "Senior brother Luo, did Director He find out about this?"

Luo Qing Ran quickly replied, "Of course he already knows. Instructor He is used to being honest and never takes part in these kinds of things. Naturally, he doesn't want such things to happen on the set that he hosts either. However, I don't think he has much of a reaction when he hears about this, and probably doesn't believe it either."

Xiao Jia Yu was slightly relieved, but her mood was still a bit low.

Out of the corner of his eye, Luo Qing Ran saw Mu Chen appear on the set. He suddenly smiled and said, "You're young and beautiful. Even if you really want to look for a customer, you shouldn't be looking for Director He. There are definitely better ones."

Xiao Jia Yu's heart skipped a beat as she followed his gaze and asked uncertainly: "Senior brother Luo, are you sure what you said earlier was not a joke?"

Luo Qing Ran had a smile on her face and replied with a profound tone, "If you think it's a joke, then it's a joke. If you think it's not a joke, then it's not."

Xiao Jia Yu did not have the interest to fight with him over a mystery, but she did understand his meaning. It seemed that Luo Qing Ran had guessed that there was someone else related to Chen Yue, and what he had said earlier was not a joke, but a mockery of someone else.

Xiao Jia Yu acted as if she didn't understand anything. It was fine as long as Luo Qing Ran and He Xi Yuan were willing to believe her.

However, the way she faked her death made Luo Qing Ran, who usually disliked jokes, suddenly have other thoughts, "Jia Yu, I'm also an artiste under Tianchen's banner. I heard that before Old President Mu was married, he was also someone who liked to play, but after marriage, he became more honest than anyone else. Sometimes when he went out to play, he was pestered and refused to leave. I can also be considered to have seen Mu Chen's performance in the company for the past few years. Normally, he hasn't gotten involved with any female celebrities in the company, so you should really consider it. After all, there aren't many men like that anymore. "

She stared at Luo Qing Ran and replied seriously: "Senior Brother Luo, I heard from the rumors that you're also single now, and basically no one has ever taken a picture of you being intimate with other women before. I heard from you that Director Mu was so kind just now that I thought you could consider it."

When Luo Qing Ran heard her words, she couldn't help but laugh out loud. Even He Xi Yuan who was resting also looked over and asked curiously: "Qing Ran, if there's any joke, say it and we'll all laugh."

When Luo Qing Ran started her next scene, Xin Yue suddenly sat beside Xiao Jia Yu. She whispered into her ear and asked with concern, "Jia Yu, why didn't you go back to your room last night?" It worried me all night. "

Xiao Jia Yu felt ridicule in her heart. If she was really worried, how could she not even have received a phone call? She was now quite sure about the things that Xin Yue had done behind her back. She didn't want to play dumb anymore, so she replied with a smile that didn't quite reach her mouth, "I'm just a fool with lots of money. I want to get a room by myself."

Xin Yue naturally understood the meaning behind her words. She frowned and asked, "Jia Yu, from what you're saying, does that mean I did something to make you unhappy?" Last night, she was called over by Chen Yue again. Knowing that he had failed, she was afraid that her female lead would fail, so she stayed to serve him until he was comfortable before leaving. She had originally planned on using all sorts of excuses to dispel Xiao Jiayu's suspicions, but who knew that Xiao Jiayu would not be back for the whole night. Later on, she was also afraid that Xiao Jia Yu would think of what happened last night and come up with this pre-emptive method, causing the surrounding people to think that there was something between Xiao Jia Yu and Chen Yue.

Seeing that she was still pretending, Xiao Jia Yu sarcastically replied: "Xin Yue, the heavens are watching. If you leave a mark on something, you might be able to beg me for a bit and end up ruining everything. Don't blame me for being rude to you in the future. We are all girls, and many things are important to ourselves. Otherwise, don't blame others for not liking you. "

Xin Yue held her hand and said excitedly, "Jia Yu, if you really have anything against me, just tell me directly. I really don't understand why you're playing dumb."

Xiao Jia Yu smiled and said, "Xin Yue, stop acting. I have never seen you acting so well before. I'm so tired of you. If you really have the ability, then go and seduce Mu Chen or Luo Qing Ran, or your idol Shen Feng. You can only blame yourself for not being able to get on her good side. You actually managed to get on her good side in the end, you didn't even find her disgusting. "

Xin Yue's expression changed. She hated Xiao Jia Yu so much because of Shen Feng. She had been in love with Shen Feng for a long time, and it was not easy to get this opportunity to work on the same crew, but Shen Feng had always been indifferent to her, and had even gotten on better terms with Xiao Jia Yu than anyone else. She had been jealous of her for a long time, and Shen Feng's matter had become the final fuse. However, she quickly put on a smile and slightly turned her head away from Xiao Jia Yu.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen saw the scene between the two of them and his frown deepened.

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