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C13 The backer of the money

In the evening, Xiao Jiayu ate something in the hotel before returning to his room to prepare a warm book. Before she could take a look, her cell phone rang. When Xiao Jia Yu saw that the caller was Mu Chen, she hurriedly answered, "CEO Mu, I wonder what other questions you have with me?"

Hearing her tone, Mu Chen smiled, but quickly replied, "I'm preparing to head back the day after tomorrow. If you don't go back now, you might not be able to make it to the final exam. It's time to remind you to go back."

Xiao Jiayu changed into a comfortable position and picked up the phone, smiling, "I am indeed prepared to return to the imperial city in the next few days. Otherwise, that strict and strict teacher in our class wouldn't turn a blind eye to let us pass." "Mu Chen, you didn't call just to remind me of this, did you?"

Mu Chen quickly replied, "Of course not. I'm looking at how unhappy your previous roommate and you were today. Moreover ?" "And I would have misunderstood her before you pretended to knock on the wrong door, because she knocked on my door before you did." Seeing that she still didn't say anything, Mu Chen directly revealed his guess. "Did she do something behind her back?"

Xiao Jia Yu thought about it and replied: "I did have some things that I didn't want to do with her, but I still haven't reached the point where I have to do anything to her. After all, we are still classmates and haven't graduated yet, so I don't want to make things too bad. Besides, I'm not a rag doll, so I'll have to settle some matters myself sooner or later. Don't worry about this matter, I'll be careful. She has done so many shameful things that one day she will capsize. "

Hearing her words, Mu Chen could only think that he would pay more attention to her in the future, so he didn't force her.

After the two of them finished talking, they hung up the phone. Xiao Jia Yu continued reading her books, while Mu Chen, on the other side, found a higher ups number from Tianchen Entertainment and pressed this person's number.

The filming task on the second day was relatively easy. Since Mu Chen was about to leave, He Xiyuan told everyone in advance that he would treat the crew to dinner, so he made everyone pack up early for work.

Everyone in the crew had been together for a few months, so they were quite familiar with each other. When they arrived at the restaurant that Mu Chen had booked beforehand, everyone started to laugh and make a ruckus. He Xiyuan also seemed to be in a good mood.

Mu Chen arrived a bit late, so the moment he arrived, he asked the waiter to serve the dishes. When he arrived, He Xiyuan was the only one who had a vacant seat at the table, but it was beside He Xiyuan. Contrary to everyone's expectations, Mu Chen did not directly sit beside He Xiyuan. Instead, he had the waiter add a chair beside Xiao Jiayu.

When Mu Chen arrived, the people in the room quietened down. Seeing Mu Chen sit down next to Xiao Jia Yu as though no one was around, they found it even more unbelievable.

The news of Xiao Jia Yu and Chen Yue had only spread for less than two days, and he never expected that there would be such a scene later on. If Xiao Jia Yu really had a deep relationship with Mu Chen, then the message would naturally be broken. After all, as long as one wasn't a fool or a blind person, it was impossible for them to leave the handsome and young Mu Chen behind and not go look for Chen Yue. When the news of Xiao Jia Yu and Chen Yue spread out, everyone did not care whether they believed them or not. After all, those who had stayed on the set were not surprised by these things, but the way they looked at Xiao Jia Yu changed.

Some people couldn't help but set their eyes on Chen Yue. However, Chen Yue was also a sly old fox. He didn't look the least bit inappropriate on the surface. Instead, it made people feel that it was meaningless to look at him.

As soon as the dishes were served and the company's leader, Mu Chen, was present, it was only natural for them to drink and toast each other. At the beginning, everyone had basically come for Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen did not reject any of them, appearing as though he wasn't drunk at all. However, Mu Chen's identity was still there after all. Everyone could come to toast him, but no one really dared to pour him a cup of wine.

After half an hour of drinking, the atmosphere became more and more heated. A lot of people started toasting each other and drinking wine. Mu Chen only drank with the others in silence from the start. Those who came into contact with him were already used to him not saying anything and did not feel that it was inappropriate. When someone found Xiao Jia Yu and was drinking wine together, Mu Chen, who was talking to someone just a moment ago, suddenly turned his head and placed a bottle of milk beside Xiao Jia Yu's body. He didn't forget to remind him, "You don't need to drink, just drink some milk."

The young man who was drinking with Xiao Jia Yu was scared silly. He looked at Mu Chen, who had already turned his head back to speak with someone else, then looked at Xiao Jia Yu, who was similarly shocked, and said: "Then you should drink the milk, I'll drink the wine myself." Before Xiao Jia Yu could say anything, he had finished all the wine in the cup in one gulp.

At this time, Xiao Jia Yu stealthily glanced at Mu Chen, but it was hard to tell if he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing or if he had done it on purpose from the very beginning.

Anyone who noticed the details just now would be dumbfounded. He didn't believe that Xiao Jia Yu and Mu Chen did not beat him to death, but unfortunately, he did not dare to say it out loud.

Luo Qing Ran, who had been sitting across from Xiao Jia Yu since the start, had clearly seen what had happened. He smiled slightly as he lowered his head to eat. After Luo Qingran won the Golden Lord Award, one of the three major film festivals in Europe, he successfully overtook a few male actors who were similar in status to him at the time, and became the number one film star in the country. After that, he was in a semi-retired state, and could make up to two movies a year, but he could not take on any of the other commercial performances.

With Mu Chen intentionally or unintentionally playing tricks on her, there was no one else by Xiao Jia Yu's side who came to drink with her. After a while, she discovered Luo Qing Ran looking at her and immediately smiled at her. Xiao Jiayi thought she had seen wrongly. This was the first time she saw such a gossipy expression on Shadow Emperor Luo's face.

Naturally, it was not too early for this group of people to finish their meal. It was unknown if it was because Mu Chen was still alright for them to talk today, but someone bravely suggested for Mu Chen to treat them to supper. Mu Chen thought about that barbeque store, smiled at Xiao Jia Yu, and quickly replied: "I know there's a barbeque that tastes pretty good. I'll go have another meal tonight. This movie has also come to an end. I hope everyone will not slacken down at the end. "

Everyone cheered as they took turns to enter the elevator.

Naturally, the elevator could not carry all the people here. There were still quite a number of people who stayed behind to wait for the next elevator.

At this moment, Mu Chen walked quietly to Xiao Jia Yu's side. He took out the room card and placed it into Xiao Jia Yu's hand, whispering into her ear: "I know you don't want to go over, then you can go back first. I'll come back later." After saying that, he quickly distanced himself a few steps away from Xiao Jia Yu. Who knew how many people behind him had seen his action of stuffing his room card?

Amongst the group of people, Xin Yue's expression was the most eye-catching, almost to the point that her teeth were about to shatter. She didn't expect that other people would be able to hook up with an even bigger financial backer. She didn't know why she was usually so noble in front of her, and why she hadn't returned to the room they shared for the past two nights. She didn't even have a single piece of clothing left, so it was clear that she had moved to Mu Chen's place. Xin Yue envied Xiao Jia Yu's ability to hook up with Mu Chen, while feeling even more resentful towards her. She would only be satisfied if she surpassed her in everything.

Just now, Xiao Jia Yu was stunned for a moment before she understood the reason behind Mu Chen's abnormality, but she still felt that he had gone overboard in his actions. However, in front of so many people, she could only bear with it. Otherwise, it would be even worse. After Xiao Jia Yu watched the crowd leave, she returned to the room on the same floor as Mu Chen.

After returning to his room, Xiao Jia Yu first took a shower. After coming out of the bathroom, she casually tossed the room card onto the table. She took a dry towel and wiped her wet hair. While hesitating, she sent a message to Mu Chen: Your room card is still with me. How can I give it to you later?

Mu Chen didn't know what he was doing at the moment, but he replied very quickly: I'll come over later to get it from you. If you don't mind, I can also spend the night in your room.

She had long thought that Mu Chen was probably an expert in love affairs. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said these kinds of words so fluently. She didn't know where Luo Qing Ran came from, but she could tell that Mu Chen had never been involved with any woman before.

Mu Chen didn't hear her reply for a long time and was a little doubtful.

Xiao Jia Yu originally put her phone to the side, she did not expect Mu Chen to directly call her back. Xiao Jia Yu unhappily picked up the phone and asked: "Is there anything else?"

Mu Chen quickly replied, "I'll come over later to get your room card. If you want to go to bed early, then place the room card at the front desk. I can come back to get it myself, but you have to inform me in advance."

Xiao Jia Yu thought about it and still said: "You should come and get it. I still want to read some books, I won't go to bed so early." What a joke, if she were to place Mu Chen's room card at the front desk, she really wanted to let more people know that she and Mu Chen were really the same. However, when Mu Chen arrived, Xiao Jia Yu realized how stupid her decision was.

Mu Chen returned in the middle of the night. Xiao Jia Yu had been waiting for him and hadn't slept. The moment she heard the doorbell ring, she immediately went to open the door. Mu Chen didn't seem to be in a particularly good mood. Xiao Jia Yu had already passed the card to him, but seeing Mu Chen's current state, she was still a bit worried as she asked: "Mu Chen, are you alright?"

Mu Chen rubbed his forehead. With his coat still in one hand, he replied uncomfortably, "I drank too much. It's like this." He was not a good drinker in the first place, and it had been a long time since he drank so much. Naturally, he felt uncomfortable. The only good thing about him was that he just didn't like to talk when he was drunk, which made it impossible for others to see how drunk he was.

Xiao Jia Yu replied with an "Oh." When she saw that he was about to turn around and leave, she couldn't even walk steadily after taking two steps. Xiao Jia Yu was shocked and hurriedly came over to support him. Smelling the strong smell of alcohol from his body, she frowned and asked: "Can you still walk?"

Mu Chen didn't try to be brave and replied, "I'm very dizzy. I'll have to trouble you to send me back."

Xiao Jia Yu first let him lean against the wall, quickly closing her door, then came back to help him towards his suite.

Their room was not far from each other, but seeing him like this, Xiao Jia Yu felt that it would not be good to just directly leave after sending him to his place. After frowning and hesitating for a bit, she decided to stay, otherwise she would let down his small act of taking care of her.

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