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C14 Drunkenness

Just as Xiao Jia Yu closed the door, she suddenly heard a loud sound coming from behind her. She turned around and saw that the person who had been leaning against the wall with a muffled voice had suddenly fallen to the ground. Xiao Jia Yu felt her own body tremble. Just hearing the sound of it was painful for her. Luckily there was a carpet on the ground, otherwise, he might have been smashed to the ground and beaten black and blue.

Xiao Jia Yu squatted in front of him and softly called out to him: "Mu Chen, can you still walk?"

After a while, Mu Chen let out a sound, it seemed that he was still conscious. Xiao Jia Yu used his own strength to help him up again, placing his hand on his shoulder and leading him to the bed. Only now did she realize that he was even taller than she had imagined. She herself was also nearly 1.7 meters, but she didn't expect this guy to be so much taller than her. Moreover, he was usually quite thin, but when he leaned against her body, he was incredibly heavy.

Xiao Jia Yu spent a lot of effort to send him to bed. In such a short period of time, she was already sweating profusely. It wasn't easy for her to be tortured like this in the middle of winter. She sat on the edge of the bed again and helped him take off the jacket of his casual suit. She couldn't tell what kind of suit it was, but she guessed that it was the same as her father's. At this time, there was only a white shirt left on his body. Just as she had guessed, his physique was extremely vigorous and good. Xiao Jia Yu forced himself to look away and help him cover himself with the blanket. He really did not expect that he also had the potential to be a pervert.

Xiao Jia Yu then entered the bathroom and came out with a hot towel to help wipe his face before leaving. But just as he got up, he heard him cry out again.

Xiao Jia Yu looked at him in defeat. If she knew earlier that she wouldn't be so kind, she would have gone to boil some water to brew a pot of tea.

Xiao Jia Yu carried the brewed tea and sat by the bed. She called out to him a few times, but she was still conscious. She helped him sit up and let him drink the tea. He was truly thirsty, and he drank the entire cup of water in one gulp.

Mu Chen laid down, frowned, and rubbed his head as he said to her: "Jia Yu, help me fill a cup of water by the bed, I'll be troubling you tonight."

Seeing that he did not seem to be that drunk, Xiao Jia Yu agreed and helped him to place another cup of warm tea by his side before leaving.

When Mu Chen woke up the next day, he still felt like he was standing on the clouds, so he called someone to send him to the airport. It was like he was in the clouds when he flew all the way back to the imperial city, but the things that happened last night with Xiao Jia Yu taking care of him were all remembered in his mind. He thought of his fall again. It was humiliating.

When He Xiyuan heard that she was leaving, he smiled and said, "Actually, after filming your part, you can leave. You and Xin Yue are both good girls that have advanced in modesty, so you must stay and continue to study. I believe that both of you will have good development in the future."

Xiao Jia Yu smiled embarrassedly and replied: "Director He, you're too kind. I was lucky to be able to join your team for my first time in filming."

He Xiyuan looked at her with the kind smile of an elder looking at a junior.

When Luo Qing Ran heard that Xiao Jia Yu would return to school first, she took the initiative to tease her: "If you're really afraid that Zhou Jing Lin won't let you pass the exam, I'll give him a call. I think he'll still sell my face."

Xiao Jia Yu replied without thinking, "Teacher Zhou is too used to being strict. Even though you are currently his most outstanding student, he might not want to give you face."

Luo Qingran looked at her shaking her head as she laughed involuntarily. Then, she smiled and said, "I hope that we will have the chance to cooperate in the future."

Xiao Jiayu hurriedly said in a serious tone, "This phrase should be said by a fan like me. Thankfully, I can still meet with you after the promotions. Otherwise, it would be very sad if I don't see you for a while."

Luo Qinggran smiled even wider at her half-truths. He raised his hand to rub her head.

Just like that, Xiao Jiayu ended her three months of life on the set and flew back to the capital.

After Xiao Jia Yu returned to the imperial capital, she first returned her luggage to Xiao Yun's single apartment and then immediately headed back to school. Fortunately, before Xiao Yun left, he had already guessed that she would be in a difficult situation and gave her the key to his apartment from before. It wouldn't be difficult for her to find a place to stay even if it was the most difficult time.

As soon as Xiao Jiayu arrived at the school dormitory, Xing Jiaxuan saw her and nearly cried tears of joy. She was Xiao Jiaxuan's best friend at school, so she naturally wasn't bad to be a class monitor. There was also a TV show this semester that invited her to play a supporting role, but this person was also a strange person. He had applied for the Imperial Academy of Drama, but he had just impulsively decided to take a look around the capital. However, the other three people in the dorm had all gone out to film during the semester. She was bored to death by herself, so when she saw that Xiao Jia Yu had finally returned, she became so excited.

"Jiajuan, alright. If you don't let go, I'll be strangled to death by you." Xiao Jia Yu frowned and said.

Only then did Xing Jianxuan let go of her, still wearing an excited expression. "Jia Yu, you're finally back. You don't even know how much I've missed you recently. Eating alone and sleeping alone all day is too miserable for me."

Xiao Jia Yu ruffled her hair and purposely messed up her new hairstyle. Before she could react, she said, "Jia Xuan, show me the notes you made for class this semester. I must go crazy reading or else Great Demon King Zhou Jing will not let me off so easily."

While searching for her notes, Xing Jianxuan replied, "You don't have to worry about that. Right now, everyone in the class knows that you're the great demon king's most prized disciple." Originally, she was the one who hated taking notes when she was lazy in class. However, because of Xiao Jia Yu's warning, she could only reluctantly agree. However, she had already agreed to let Xiao Jia Yu treat her to a meal.

Xing Jiaxuan tossed the notebook to Xiao Jia Yu. When he turned around, he discovered that his hair had turned into a bird's nest in the mirror. He immediately shrieked.

Xiao Jia Yu covered her ears and started to seriously read the book.

Almost all of the students in the school department knew about Xiao Jiayu's participation in He Xiyuan's new movie, "Meeting and Enjoying with You". They were extremely envious of her cooperation with Luo Qingran, and upon her return, there were many students who came to ask her about the filming time and even some who came specifically to ask about Luo Qingran's gossip. Xiao Jiayi, on the other hand, did not reject anyone who asked her a question. However, her answers were all relatively simple. Her entire heart was focused on reading. She didn't want to fail her exams.

Xiao Jia Yu did not seem like she would have made people feel anything from the start, but when she returned in a few days' time, things would be different. Xin Yue and Xiao Jia Yu were on the same crew as her, and she also met people like Luo Qing Ran, Le Yu Jia and Shen Feng, who were very popular. Xin Yue was on the same crew as Xiao Jia Yu, and also met people like Luo Qing Ran, Le Yu Jia and Shen Feng, who were very popular, for half a day.

Xiao Jiaxiu had bought some stuff today, but before she reached the entrance to the dorm, she saw Xing Jiaxuan standing in the hallway outside their dorm room, arguing with the people in the dorm opposite theirs. Xin Yue was staying in the dorm opposite theirs. Xiao Jia Yu hastened her steps and quickly ran behind Xing Jianxuan. She wasn't mistaken; the person who was currently arguing with Xing Jiaxuan was Xin Yue.

"Xin Yue, we're all classmates. I've already tolerated it even if I hate you, but you causing trouble behind our backs is another matter. Don't think that just because we, Jia Yu, don't like talking to people outside the dorm, you think she's easy to bully. Don't think that I don't know you either. Isn't it just because I'm jealous of Jia Yu that her beauty is better than your acting skills? "But, thinking about it, it makes sense. Sometimes, the heavens are just so unfair. But there's someone who is prettier than you and has a higher talent than you. Just thinking about it makes me feel despair." He didn't know how much she had gone overboard with her words. He didn't know if she would be so excited.

Just as Xin Yue was about to reply, she saw Xiao Jia Yu walk up to her. With a mocking smile, she replied, "I know what some people have done, and I don't need to be afraid of others saying that they have done it. Whether I created it out of nowhere or stepped on some people's sore feet, I believe the person involved understands it better than anyone else."

By now, more and more people had gathered around them. Xiao Jia Yu's expression didn't change, but she held back Xing Jiexuan, who was about to continue arguing with Xin Yue. She said expressionlessly to Xin Yue, "I'll return what you just said to you. "I'm not the type of person who likes to talk behind my back," she said. "But I can't tolerate others slandering me." Xin Yue, if you hadn't done something shameful in fear of me telling others, why would you be so anxious to discredit me? "

The expressions of the surrounding people, which had been looking at Xiao Jia Yu with disdain a moment ago, now changed.

Xin Yue hastily added, "Jia Yu, let's forget about the shameful things you've done. Why would you drag me into the water now?"

Xiao Jia Yu stared at her and suddenly laughed: "Xin Yue, do you know how guilty you look right now? Do you really think I don't know what you're doing behind the scenes? Originally, I didn't intend to tell you about what you did, but you have a bad character and treat others like this. In the future, you'd better pray that you don't fall into my hands, or else I won't be polite to you. "

Many of them were her classmates. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and said: "If you guys are smart, then it's best if you guys don't have deep ties with this person. Otherwise, I will end up like you now."

Xiao Jia Yu pulled Xing Jiaxuan into their dorm room and quickly closed the door, cutting off everyone's line of sight.

Now that there were no outsiders present, Xing Jianxuan no longer hid his words. He frowned and said, "I actually wanted to tell you about this a few days ago, but since you're so focused on reading, I don't want to bother you with it anymore."

"I know that you want to protect me, but don't try to stand up for me in the future. Xin Yue and I will always be like this, and even if we don't act, there will always be people who will take care of her in the future. After all, those people from the same circle aren't kind people."

"Are we just going to let this matter go just like this?" Xing Jianxuan hurriedly asked.

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