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C15 Merciless does not seem to be sentimental

Xiao Jia Yu returned to her seat and paused for a moment before replying: "It's not that we don't want to fight her head on, it's just that there's no point in arguing with her now. Think about it, although your family has power and influence, that's in the south. Let alone my family, they don't even want me in the entertainment industry and wouldn't help me do anything. Even if we really have to deal with Xin Yue, there's nothing else we can do other than smelly her at school. Rather than that, it would be better to just get rid of her once and for all. If anything happens to her in the future, it would be better to take care of her once and for all. "

In the end, Xiao Jiayu's heart was still young and kind. He was thinking that if Xin Yue's descendant was well-behaved, she could let bygones be bygones. However, she still thought of him as too innocent.

Xing Jiaxuan moved a chair next to her and sat down. Smiling, he said, "I thought you were so kind-hearted to just let it go like this. So you actually have your own plans." The two of us are pitiful, we're just like tigers who have fallen to the sun and are being bullied by dogs. "

Xiao Jia Yu looked at her with a smile and joked: "As long as you didn't choose to come to the imperial city to study, you are still your young miss now. No one will bully you."

"Then why haven't you given in to your family for so long?" Xing Jianxuan asked with a smile.

One of the reasons why their relationship was so good soon after they became roommates was because their family backgrounds were similar to theirs. At the same time, because of their similar experiences, when the two of them first enrolled into Beijing Drama Academy, their family members were opposed to it. Xing Jiaxuan had insisted on coming here because he wanted to break free from his family's control. As for Xiao Jia Yu, she truly loved acting.

The two of them smiled in a similar manner. Looking at the date, they quickly returned to their respective desks and continued with their reading.

It was the evening of the weekend when Xiao Jia Yu was casually eating outside before she carried her bag back to the apartment that Xiao Yun had left for her. Just as she got off the elevator, she didn't expect Xiao Qing He to be standing on the balcony at the end of the corridor with a cigarette between his fingers.

Xiao Jia Yu quickly walked to his side and asked doubtfully: "Little uncle, why are you here?"

Xiao Qinghe turned his head when he heard that and hurriedly put away the cigarette in the trash can beside him. He replied, "I heard that you've returned from the movie city, so I came to visit you."

Xiao Jia Yu smiled as she took out her key to open the door, "Then you should have called me earlier. If I wasn't there, then wouldn't your trip have been in vain?"

Xiao Qinghe shook his head in a nonchalant manner and replied, "I'm guessing that you will definitely come back at this time. Coincidentally, there is nothing else that happened today. Even if you came all the way here for nothing, it wouldn't be a waste of time."

Although it had only been about half a year, she felt that he was unbelievably thin at a glance. Furthermore, when they met face to face just now, she could clearly see that the two sides of his cheekbones were taller than they were in the past. It was obvious that he was still dressed neatly and tidily, and his hair was carefully combed.

Xiao Jia Yu put down her backpack and hurried into the kitchen to make tea. When she came out of the kitchen again, Xiao Qinghe had already quietly sat on the sofa.

Xiao Jia Yu placed the tea that she had just brewed beside him, and did not forget to remind him: "Little uncle, the tea is very hot, you should be careful."

Xiao Qing He replied indifferently, and nothing else. He just sat there quietly. Although his facial features were not outstanding, they gave off an abnormal sense of harmony. His temperament was also outstanding. However, temperament was something that a man from a family like the Xiao family had in common.

In the end, Xiao Jia Yu could no longer hold it in and took the initiative to ask: "Little uncle, why have you come to me?"

Xiao Qinghe picked up the cup of tea in front of him and replied, "I just want to ask you, did you run into any trouble this time around?"

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly shook her head and said, "Thank you for your concern, uncle. Nothing really happened. I know my family doesn't want to take up this profession, but I really like it and I want to go through it on my own. You should know that in the Song Family, Uncle Song's brother-in-law is the chairman of Tianchen Entertainment.

Xiao Qing He nodded. He was still a little worried as he instructed, "If you really encounter any problems, tell me. I will help you think of a way to resolve it." He hesitated for a moment. "Your mother misses you and has been talking about you. Your father has a strong mouth, but he still wants you to go back. No matter how much trouble you guys make, you should still obediently go home this New Year's. In my opinion, the entertainment industry is indeed not suited for you. It's not because a family like ours would lose a lot of face just by having a celebrity.

Xiao Jia Yu rarely heard Xiao Qing He speak so much at once. Although she hurriedly nodded her head, she did not change her decision in the slightest.

Xiao Qinghe drank two sips of tea before looking at the time. He stood up and said, "I think I'll be leaving first. I still have to go on a business trip tomorrow. It's an early morning flight."

Xiao Jia Yu also quickly followed and stood up. "Little Uncle, I'll send you out."

Xiao Qinghe waved his hand, indicating that he didn't need to. However, just as he reached the entrance, he suddenly turned around. He was clearly trying his best to endure something, but in the end, he opened his mouth and asked as if he was making a compromise: "Jia Yu, do you still have any contact with Qiao Qiao?"

Xiao Jia Yu did not know why, but the moment he saw Xiao Qing He turn around, he suddenly felt that this uncle of his who was much older than her had become a lot older. She knew that he had specially come to care for her was not a fake, but what he said now was his real goal.

She paused for a moment before replying, "I have been in contact with South Joe."

Xiao Qinghe seemed to sigh softly. He asked again, "How has she been recently?"

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly replied, "I think it's not bad."

Xiao Qing He nodded before leaving without turning back. On the other hand, Xiao Jia Yu who was standing on the spot seemed to have lost all of her strength in an instant. She didn't know whether she was feeling sorry for Nan Qiao or Xiao Qing He.

She found her phone and sent a message to South Qiao: "South Qiao, I met with little uncle today. He asked me how is your life going. I said it was good."

According to the family background, Xiao Jia Yu should still call him little aunt, but the two of them were only two years apart in age, so she couldn't call him little aunt.

Only after a long pause did Nanjie reply: Jiayu, you shouldn't mention him to me in the future.

Xiao Jiayu: Why? Are you going to let it go like this?

NANJO: What else can I do? Jia Yu, it's impossible for me to leave the place I'm staying right now. On the surface, I'm studying in this university, but I can't go far at all. Even if I secretly run back to the country, I'm sure I'll be caught the moment I get off the plane.

Xiao Jia Yu: "Nan Qiao, what if Little Uncle comes looking for you?"

It had been a long time since Nan Qiao had replied, but his final words were like a piercing pain in the heart.

Nan Qiao: Xiao Qing He is more cowardly than anyone, he doesn't dare to do so. In his eyes, the reputation of the Xiao family is more important than anything. I am just an insignificant person.

Xiao Jia Yu did not know what to say. Outsiders would probably never be able to understand the feelings of their client.

Xiao Jiayi's final exam was conducted rather smoothly. At the very least, he still had no fate with her for things like studying to make up for his mistakes. After the exam, Xiao Jia Yu helped Xing Jiaxuan pack up her belongings. Those that couldn't be taken away took them back to where she lived. The two of them had been as close as sisters for the past two years, and it seemed as if Xing Jiaxuan still couldn't bear to part with Xiao Jia Yu even after a month of winter vacation. The two of them parted ways once more. When Xiao Jia Yu returned to the apartment by herself, she thought that it would be time for her to return to the Xiao family after a while.

Two days later, Xiao Jia Yu received Luo Qing Ran's prelude to the movie 'Meeting and Enjoying You'. However, in the short movie, one could feel the cleanliness of the scene, the exquisite dress and the exquisite acting skills of several masters. Even Shen Feng's eyes lit up, especially when he asked her about it before he died.

Not long after Xiao Jia Yu finished watching the trailer, he received a call from Luo Qing Ran. She asked, "Have you finished what I sent you?"

Xiao Jiayu hurriedly smiled and replied, "I've finished watching it already. There's really nothing to say about the acting skills of Emperor Luo."

Luo Qingran was usually a quiet and indifferent person. However, after he had a good relationship with Xiao Jia Yu, he would often joke with her. At this time, he was also saying: "Don't flatter me, I am already on the verge of being smacked to death by you guys on the beach."

Xiao Jia Yu laughed along with him, "I think only you admit this point. Le Shadow Queen probably won't agree."

Luo Qing Ran suddenly stopped laughing and said seriously, "I think you should find a company or a manager before this movie is officially released. After all, the origin lady has a very well-known name and you must keep up with her resources. Otherwise, within two to three days, she will be forgotten."

Xiao Jia Yu was moved by his concern and quickly replied: "I have been busy with my final exam and did not pay attention to this matter. My next job has already been discussed and Shen Feng wants me to record a video for him. I also feel that graduation is more important than starting out officially right now, so let's take it one step at a time. "

Luo Qing Ran was actually quite appreciative of her thoughts as she smiled and said, "It's rare for a young person to be this calm like you. I heard that your classmate has already signed a manager."

Xiao Jia Yu recalled the secret dealings between Xin Yue and Chen Yue and wasn't surprised at all. It was most likely Chen Yue who had helped her arrange it. She joked again, "I heard there's only one manager for you now and you're already in a semi-retreat. I don't think she usually works much, do you want to introduce her to me?"

Luo Qing Ran seemed to take her words for real as he laughed, "Do you really think that Feng Li Kun only wants to bring me along as an artist? You don't know her bad temper, so only I can stand her. "

Although Xiao Jia Yu didn't know whether or not Luo Qing Ran's words were true or false, he could tell that his relationship with Feng Li Kun was really good. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to joke around like this.

Luo Qing Ran continued, "In this case, I'll just say that I'm afraid you won't be paying attention to yourself. If there's anything you need help with, just contact me at any time." Most of the time, I'm just an idler. I wish someone would give me something to do. "

Xiao Jia Yu was not without emotions as she replied: "Senior Brother Luo, thank you so much."

Luo Qing Ran quickly said, "I'll thank you again after I've helped you."

They joked a little more, then hung up.

Xiao Jia Yu sat up and stretched her body as she looked out of the window at the black mass. In the end, everything was progressing in a good direction. Thinking of this, she smiled.

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