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C16 Appointment

Xiao Jia Yu received a call from Mu Chen at noon the next day. The moment the call was picked up, she asked, "Jia Yu, how was your final exam?"

Xiao Jiayu quickly smiled, "As a top student, everything is going well for me."

Mu Chen smiled and said, "This morning, I saw the trailer He Xiyuan sent me. Although you rarely appear, you're still quite stunning."

Xiao Jia Yu deliberately replied with a question, "What has shocked you to such an extent?"

Mu Chen also cooperated with her and gave her a way out as he said with a smile, "Your appearance has really astounded me."

However, Xiao Jia Yu pretended to be angry as she replied: "I hope that what I want to amaze you with is my acting skills." However, it was already quite good for a supporting role like her to appear in the trailer. It was unrealistic to expect others to be able to see her acting skills.

Mu Chen hurriedly said, "The acting skills that you mentioned just now will be known after I take a look at it."

Xiao Jia Yu laughed, but only took his words as a joke: "Director Mu, even if you are really rich, there is no need to do such a rich and overbearing thing right?"

Mu Chen replied matter-of-factly, "I'm just supporting the box office for the movies that our company invests in."

Xiao Jia Yu did not care about the truth of his words and recalled her previous plans. Since he took the initiative to call her, she did not hesitate to open her mouth and say: "You see, when are you free, let's eat together. I have not been able to find an opportunity to formally thank you for the things that happened at the City." Although his method was simple and crude, it was indeed useful.

Mu Chen said in amusement, "My appearance seems to be tarnishing your reputation. No matter how you look at it, you were the one who suffered the loss. Let me treat this meal as an apology." He then said, "I remember the last time you said you wanted to see Sha Sha, she was recently in the imperial capital. Let's arrange a place to eat on Sunday night, and I'll bring the little guy along with us when the time comes."

"Alright, I haven't seen her for almost a year. I really like her." Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly responded with a smile.

Mu Chen could not help but laugh as well. "That little girl sure has a sweet mouth. No matter who it is, they would be completely tricked by her. I never thought that you would also be infected by her bewitching soup."

Xiao Jiayu did not continue to tease him. The two of them agreed that they would meet up when the time came and hung up the phone.

On Sunday afternoon, Xiao Jia Yu left early. Mu Chen told her to go to the top floor of a shopping mall in the Fourth Ring Road. When she arrived at the top floor, she discovered that there was a large indoor skating rink there. When she thought of Ning Zhiheng, who had been brought along by Mu Chen today, she instantly understood why he had arranged to meet her here.

Xiao Jia Yu walked around the skating rink for less than half a circle before she saw Ning Zhi Heng, who was being pulled along by Mu Chen as he skated. From the looks of it, the little girl wasn't completely slippery. It was unknown if it was due to her being timid or Mu Chen's fear of her falling, that was why he held her hand the entire time. Xiao Jia Yu looked at Mu Chen from afar. Her expression was very gentle, yet it also carried an obvious pampering expression. Her originally handsome face was even more attractive, allowing her to see his other side.

Last time, when Mu Chen had brought Ning Zhiheng out to skate, the little girl had just learned a little bit before throwing his hand away and playing with it herself. Not long after, she had fallen and even her pants were torn at the knees. This time, Ning Zhiheng wanted to skate again. Mu Chen could not endure her pestering, but he did not dare to throw his hand away. He did not want her other knee to be the same as last time.

"Uncle, try to let me slide a little bit more by myself. Follow behind me, and then I'll keep gliding along the side. That way, even if I fall and you don't hold me, I'll be able to grab onto the fence." Ning Zhiheng eagerly tried to slip away on her own as she tried to reason with Mu Chen instead.

Mu Chen looked at this mischievous thing and replied with a rare lack of compromise, "I can't let you let go of my hand this time. Otherwise, I'll be scolded to death by your grandma and grandpa when I go back. Do you want uncle to be scolded like last time?"

Ning Zhiheng thought about it seriously for a while, eventually shaking her head.

When he looked up, he saw Xiao Jia Yu standing outside the fence not far away. She was wearing a long red sweater and a rabbit fur hat. She looked furry, but she was also young. When Mu Chen saw her, he straightforwardly held the little rabbit, Ning Zhiheng, in his arms and glided over to Xiao Jia Yu's side.

Seeing Mu Chen glide in front of her, Xiao Jia Yu looked at Ning Zhi Heng, who was in his arms, before pulling her hand and greeting him with a smile. "Sha Sha, do you remember who I am?"

Ning Zhiheng tilted her head and thought for a while, but she still wore a puzzled look on her face.

Xiao Jia Yu patiently gave her a hint: "You came to my house last year during the new year."

Ning Zhiheng's large eyes instantly lit up as she smiled and said, "I remember now. You're Auntie Xiao, the daughter of Grandpa Xiao." As she said that, she suddenly hugged Mu Chen's neck shyly, as though she was too embarrassed to meet him.

Even Mu Chen didn't know what she was doing. A palm patted the back of her head as he asked, "Sha Sha, what are you doing?"

Ning Zhiheng raised her head again to look at Xiao Jia Yu, then narrowed her eyes and chuckled twice. "I saw auntie so beautiful just now. I thought you were Uncle's aunt, but I didn't expect you to be Auntie Xiao."

He was afraid that Xiao Jia Yu would misunderstand something, so he hurriedly opened his mouth and explained: "Jia Yu, don't listen to her blabbering. It's my sister, she got married and has two children, and she started worrying about other siblings' marriages all day long. She didn't even open the door when she spoke, so Sha Sha must have listened to her jokes and remembered them."

Xiao Jia Yu suddenly laughed when she heard his words. "I never expected big sister Qing Ying to be so fun behind the scenes. I never expected that your Boss Mu would also lack a girlfriend."

Mu Chen lowered his head to look at Ning Zhiheng, who was still proudly in his arms. On his face, a line was clearly written: Look at what you've done.

Ning Zhiheng whispered in his ear, "Uncle, I like Auntie Xiao."

Mu Chen was stunned for a moment before recalling what she had previously said about him wanting her to like in order to find a partner. For a moment, Mu Chen felt even more tired.

Ning Zhiheng was a naturally mature person in addition to her looks association. She could not help but like Xiao Jiayu the moment she saw her and insisted that she accompany her in skating. Xiao Jiayu had also liked this pretty little girl, so she naturally would not reject her.

However, after Xiao Jia Yu took Ning Zhiheng's hand from Mu Chen, the little fellow started to complain crazily.

"Auntie Xiao, uncle's palm is very thick, it feels uncomfortable touching it, so tell him not to hold onto me. It's not like I can tell him the truth and hurt him." Auntie Xiao's hand holding hands is more comfortable than Mom's. " As she spoke, she tightened her grip on Xiao Jia Yu's hand.

Mu Chen followed closely behind the two of them. This time, not only did he feel tired, he even said that it was hard to tell them the truth, so it was unknown who she was hurting. When she saw that Xiao Jia Yu had turned her head to look at him after hearing Ning Zhi Heng's words, she became even more embarrassed.

Xiao Jiayi's skating skills were rather good. At the very least, it would not be a problem at all for her to take Ning Zhiheng along with her and play.

Ning Zhiheng probably also knew that she had hurt her poor uncle's heart today. She turned around and called out to him, but very quickly, one of her hands held onto a person as she smiled very happily.

Someone saw the three of them holding hands and couldn't help sighing. "This family of three is really too beautiful."

Mu Chen looked innocently at Xiao Jia Yu, indicating that he was also lying on the ground. Who knew that Xiao Jia Yu would suddenly find it funny and said: "Those people are also there. How could we have such a young child at our age?"

Mu Chen was somewhat speechless, but he soon felt as though he had seen this somewhere before. He just couldn't recall where he had heard it before.

When Ning Zhiheng was tired, Mu Chen took her away from the skating rink.

The three quickly packed up and left. Mu Chen took the initiative to ask Xiao Jiayu, "What do you want to eat tonight?"

Xiao Jia Yu looked towards Ning Zhi Heng, who was being embraced by Mu Chen. "Sha Sha, it's better if you decide."

Ning Zhiheng said emotionally, "Auntie Xiao is the one who truly loves me." Then, she looked accusingly at Mu Chen, who did not care what she wanted to eat.

Mu Chen said expressionlessly: "Since you feel that being an uncle doesn't love you so much, then I'll just leave you here." Ning Zhiheng reflexively hugged Mu Chen's neck tightly, as if she was really afraid that he would throw her down.

Xiao Jia Yu laughed as she watched the two of them interact. She hurriedly added, "I'm not picky with my food, so it's still Sha Sha's choice."

Ning Zhiheng hurriedly said, "I want to eat Japanese food." Her reply was to Xiao Jia Yu, but she looked at Mu Chen.

Sure enough, Mu Chen didn't agree. He even gave her a rare cold face. "Don't forget that you had a stomach ache from eating sashimi in the middle of the night and almost got into the hospital."

Ning Zhiheng raised her right hand and weakly guaranteed, "If we don't eat sashimi this time, then we'll eat something else. However, I just like to eat Japanese food." She was just like her mother, Song Qingying, who liked to eat daily food.

Just like most of the time, Mu Chen looked at Ning Zhiheng's pitiful look, then finally softened his heart and said, "Uncle can take you to eat, but you really can't eat uncooked food. Your stomach isn't good, so you can't play around with this."

The girl, Ning Zhiheng, nodded her head like she was pounding garlic. Soon, Mu Chen could only nod helplessly.

Coincidentally, there was a foodstuffs restaurant nearby that was quite famous. However, there were a lot of people eating there, so the three of them had to wait for an hour or two before they could eat.

When he came out of the grocery store, it was already dark. Mu Chen lowered his head to look at the time on his watch and hurriedly said to Xiao Jia Yu, "It's getting late, I'll send you back first."

Xiao Jia Yu shook her head and replied, "No need, I drove here." Because the grocery store was closer to the mall, she didn't go and drive, instead sitting in Mu Chen's car and leaving.

Mu Chen quickly asked, "Then where is your car parked?"

Xiao Jia Yu replied, "It's in the underground parking lot of that shopping mall."

Mu Chen picked up Ning Zhiheng and carried her to the place where he had parked the car. "I'll drive you there to get your car."

Xiao Jia Yu quickened her steps and caught up to him, refusing: "No need to trouble yourself. That place is very close to us, I will walk over there."

However, Mu Chen insisted: "It's no trouble at all. I'll call you out. I won't be at ease if I don't see you get into your car."

Xiao Jia Yu pouted, but did not insist and followed him into his car.

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