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A few days before New Year's Eve, Xiao Jia Yu drove back to the Xiao family's old mansion. When her aunt saw that she had come back, she immediately revealed a joyful smile and pulled her hand: "Your grandmother is currently at the small garden at the back. The Yun family's wife has come over. She is probably here to discuss the marriage between your third uncle and the Yun family's young lady."

Xiao Jia Yu quickly replied, "Auntie, I know everything now. I'll go look for Grandma a bit later."

The aunt immediately smiled and said, "It would be embarrassing for the others to disturb me at this time, but you are different. When you come back, go to your grandmother's place first."

Xiao Jia Yu nodded her head and walked towards the back of the house.

The Xiao family had existed for many generations, and their relationship was very complicated. However, in the two or three generations before Xiao Jiayu's father, Xiao Shixian, the Xiao family's development was not good. It was back then, when Old Madam Xiao withstood the pressure and raised the outstanding head of the Xiao family, Xiao Shixian. Although Xiao Shixian was currently the head of the family to the outside world, Xiao Shixian's mother was the most important person in the family. She was the eldest wife of the Xiao family and was also in charge of matters of other branches, including the three families Xiao Qinghe and Nanqiao.

Xiao Jia Yu quickly approached the flower room in the backyard. Even though it was winter, it was still as warm as spring. Although Old Madam Xiao had always doted on her, whenever she thought of the matter with Nan Qiao, she couldn't help but feel some uncontrollable fear towards her. Perhaps some people were born without anger and might, but this grandmother of hers had learnt a hundred percent of the attitude of a strong woman from her great-grandmother.

Xiao Jia Yu took another deep breath before opening the door of the flower room and entering. The two old women were in the middle of a conversation with a pot of scented tea on the table. Smoke lingered in the small space.

Old Lady Xiao replied and looked over. "I'm not saying ?" When she saw that it was Xiao Jia Yu, she quickly changed her tone: "Jia Yu, why didn't you call earlier when you came back?"

Xiao Jia Yu sat beside her and hugged one of her arms as she said in a spoiled manner, "I was afraid that grandmother would not want to see me. If by some chance you call ahead of time and don't let me come back, then I'll brazenly come back."

Old Lady Xiao raised her hand to pinch her face and pretended to be angry: "You were the one who disobeyed and did all those ridiculous things. It wouldn't be wrong for Grandma to teach you a lesson even if she saw you. "Little girl, you're so weird that I didn't even dare to say anything to teach you a lesson. Instead, you've made it so hard for me to say anything."

Xiao Jia Yu acted as if she was about to cry and quickly replied: "If Grandmother really doesn't like me that much, then I'll leave on my own."

Old Lady Xiao quickly pulled her hand and glared at her. "You've stopped acting for me. You really know how to use it. We'll talk about your matters later. I still have a lot of things to discuss with your Grandmother Yun right now."

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly smiled at Old Madam Yun and said: "Granny Yun, if Aunt still hasn't found a bridesmaid, I can reluctantly become one."

Old Mistress Yun shook her head and laughed, "Just like how you were a few years ago, you are just a rascally little girl."

Old Lady Xiao also looked at Xiao Jia Yu as she jokingly scolded him: "You change your words as quickly as you can, even aunts have been called."

Xiao Jia Yu stood up and helped the two old ladies fill their cups with tea. She smiled and said: "Third Uncle is getting married in March. It's not too early for me to change my words." The Third Uncle that Xiao Jia Yu spoke of was Old Lady Xiao's second son, Xiao Xu Rui. However, the size of the Xiao family's younger generation ranged from the main house all the way to the third house. In the past, when the Xiao family had yet to bring Xiao Qing He back to the country, Xiao Jia Yu had always called Xiao Xu Rui "Little Uncle".

Old Madam Yun couldn't conceal the smile on her face when she heard Xiao Jiayu's words. Her words had clearly hit deep into Old Madam Yun's heart.

The two old ladies then continued their discussion of the March wedding, not avoiding Xiao Jia Yu at all. After the wedding was over, Old Madam Xiao suddenly changed the topic to Xiao Qing He. Xiao Jia Yu's ears perked up as she listened attentively.

"My dear family, you also know that our Qing He is no longer young, it's just that there was an older Xu Rui who still hasn't gotten married, that's why I wasn't in a hurry to do this. Now that the matter with Xu Rui had been resolved, I could be considered to have let go of a big burden in my heart. Qing He's parents left early. I already treated him as my own son, so you should help me keep an eye on the right girl. Qing He's the son of our Xiao family. He started his own business a few years ago, and now, his business is getting bigger and bigger. "

Old Lady Yun quickly nodded her head and said, "I am aware of your Qing He. Your conditions are top-notch, so I will help you take note. "I'm pretty much like you now. Once I settle Yun Qing's problem, I'll have the energy to help you look for her."

The two old ladies each took a sip of tea.

Xiao Jia Yu at the side heard the words of the two of them, and when she thought of the lonely and lonely Nan Qiao in the United States, she could not hold it in any longer. She did not care about the presence of Old Lady Yun and turned to Old Lady Xiao, "Grandma, even if you want to help Little Uncle with his topic, you should at least let him know beforehand."

Old Lady Xiao put down her teacup and turned to look at Xiao Jia Yu. The warning in her eyes was obvious. Old Lady Yun was also someone who knew a bit of inside information. She lowered her eyes slightly and pretended that she didn't hear Xiao Jia Yu's words.

After that, Old Madam Xiao chatted with Old Madam Yun for a while. When Old Madam Yun took the initiative to take her leave, she immediately left her to eat dinner at home before leaving. Old Mistress Yun laughed and refused, "We've discussed so many things just now. There are some things that I need to go back and talk to father Yun Qing about, so I'd better leave early today."

Old Madam Xiao didn't keep her any longer and let her auntie at home see her out.

After Old Madam Yun had left, Old Lady Xiao had Xiao Jiayi carry her back to her room. When Old Lady Yun had left, Old Madam Xiao had Xiao Jiayao help her back to her room.

Xiao Jia Yu was really afraid of this old lady Xiao, but when she thought of Nan Qiao, she couldn't help but say: "Grandma, you know little uncle wouldn't want to get married."

Old Madam Xiao said coldly, "Some things are not things he wants to do. At first, he didn't want to send Nanqiao abroad either. In the end, he sent her out of the country. Do you think that what I said about Qing He being his son was a lie? I wish him well, too. Before your great-grandmother died, her two greatest regrets were that her eldest son died young and that his youngest son would never return from the country. Her youngest son, also known as Qing He's father, adopted the orphan Nan Qiao abroad, and it didn't take long before the two of them died in an accident. Your great-grandmother then sent people to bring back Qing He and Nanjie, but when she was old and couldn't stand the excitement, she went with them. "

Xiao Jia Yu was afraid that Old Madam Xiao would be angered by her, so she hurriedly helped her to sit down. She couldn't help but ask: "Grandmother, what are you trying to say?"

Old Lady Xiao frowned and replied, "I had someone test Nanqiao's birth date, and said that it was extremely uncertain and would bring disaster to the people around her. It is a fact that her biological parents abandoned her, and also a fact that Qing He's parents passed away. I wanted to send Nacho away a long time ago, but Qing He stopped me at the beginning. "But then ?" "I have no choice but to send her away, whether it's for the Xiao family or for Qing He."

Xiao Jia Yu said in disbelief: "Grandma, why would you believe those things?"

Old Madam Xiao looked at her and sincerely said, "Jia Yu, if you sit in your grandmother's position, you will understand how effective these things are. The Xiao family cannot withstand this sort of test, so your uncle's future cannot be treated as a joke."

Old Lady Xiao saw that she still wanted to say something, so she wearily interrupted, "Alright, I'm very happy that you came back to see me. However, if you keep talking about South Joe, then let's go." I was actually quite happy when I thought about your Third Uncle's marriage, but after you interrupted me like this, I really can't be happy anymore. "

Xiao Jia Yu quickly sat beside her and sincerely apologized: "Grandma, I'm sorry, I talked too much." She knew that in the eyes of the Xiao family, Nan Qiao was just an outsider. To choose to sacrifice her was a decision that required almost no hesitation. However, she was about the same age as Nan Qiao and they had often played together, so there was no need to talk about their relationship. Thus, she could always speak from Nan Qiao's point of view, but she didn't want Old Lady Xiao to feel sad.

Xiao Jia Yu accompanied Old Madam Xiao for an entire afternoon and prepared to stay to eat dinner before leaving. She didn't expect the bridegroom to return in the evening.

When Xiao Xu Rui saw that Xiao Jia Yu was home, he was also very surprised. He rubbed her head and smiled: "Luckily you still know how to go home, otherwise I would have gone to fetch you back."

Xiao Jia Yu shook off his hand to prevent him from messing up his hair: "I saw that Third Uncle was busy recently with work as a groom, how could he care about my matters?"

On the other hand, Xiao Xu Rui was in a good mood when it came to happy occasions, so he did not care about it.

Xiao Xunrui had always been Old Lady Xiao's flesh and blood, and his words were sweet. Old Lady Xiao was in a very good mood at the dinner table and even laughed out loud a few times.

After dinner, his aunt accompanied Old Lady Xiao to the backyard to take a walk. Xiao Jia Yu also found a chance to talk to Xiao Xu Rui alone.

"Third Uncle, today I heard that Grandmother asked Granny Yun to introduce him to her young uncle. Do you know anything about this?" Xiao Jia Yu sat beside Xiao Xu Rui and asked.

Xiao Xu Rui nodded and replied, "Not only my mother-in-law, she also asked your mother to help out the Yuan Family. I think she's determined to get Qing He to find a target this time." He also knew what she was feeling conflicted about. He looked at her and advised, "Jia Yu, don't worry about what happened with Nan Qiao. I know that there are almost no girls in this house. Although she is nominally your little aunt, she has always been like you as a sister. That is why you are so worried about her. As far as this is concerned, your grandmother did not do anything wrong. Qing He is not like your Second Uncle Yuanqing, who is from the Second House and his parents are still alive. Even if your grandma wanted to interfere in things over there, it wouldn't be easy. Qing He is different. If your grandmother didn't care, then no one else would care. "

Xiao Jiayu still said with a sad tone, "I just saw that Nan Qiao's heart is in pain right now. It really isn't good for her to be alone outside."

Xiao Xu Rui touched her head lovingly and smiled: "No one is easy, but aren't you the one who isn't? You are only about the same age as Nancho, little girls still hold a lot of illusions about love. In any case, what I saw with my own eyes was that Qing He was in even worse straits than Nanqiao. He was under more pressure and had more things to think about than Nanqiao, so how could I tell who was right and who was wrong? "

Xiao Jia Yu pursed her lips and asked, "Third Uncle, are you feeling happy now?"

Xiao Xu Rui hurriedly nodded and smiled, "Of course I feel happy. With such a silly girl waiting for me for so many years, I don't know how lucky I am."

He was indeed lucky, Xiao Jia Yu thought, but more people would not have such luck.

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