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C18 Goodbye to the wedding

It was almost New Year's Eve. Song Qingying had also brought her son, Ning Lingfeng, back to the imperial city in advance. Naturally, she had first tried to establish a relationship with her daughter, Ning Zhiheng.

On the first day of the new year, Mu Chen's family returned to the Song Family to pay their respects. When Song Qingying saw him, she immediately pulled him to a corner and eagerly asked: "Little Chen, have you dated Jia Yu?"

Mu Chen looked at her speechlessly, before replying in an impatient tone, "Don't listen to Sha Sha's nonsense, you talk all day. Your daughter is about to be the same as you. Brother-in-law came back in the middle of the night last night. I'm guessing that the two of you are getting married together, so you should spend more time with him.

Song Qingying stood on her tiptoes to pat the back of his head and said unhappily: "You stinking brat, you know how many things you did to frame me when you were young, I never bothered with you and I even worried about your marriage, you actually said I was nosy."

Mu Chen bit his lower lip, but he still looked impatient: "You were the one who asked me to take care of Xiao Jia Yu last time, so I took her matters seriously because of you. How could I have any other intentions towards her?

Song Qingying saw that he was really angry, and immediately stopped joking, saying sternly: "It's time for you to find a girlfriend, I feel that Jia Yu's looks and character are not bad, and her family background is even better, she is indeed a good choice, if you have any ideas, you can really try it, otherwise according to Jia Yu's conditions, who knows how many people are fighting for her."

Mu Chen glanced at her and asked, "Since it's that good, do you want it?"

Song Qingying glared at him for a while. Suddenly, Ning Jiayang called out to her from behind. She quickly replied and said to Mu Chen: "Next time, I'll deal with you." With that, he ran off.

Song Qingying followed Ning Jiayang into the Song Family's bedroom. As soon as she entered, she was carried into his arms. Song Qingying speechlessly hit him a few times, "Bro, I thought you really wanted to call me over for something?"

Ning Jiayang lowered his head and leaned in front of her. He felt wronged and said, "It's already midnight since I came back from last night. I have two children in my bed, so I can't do anything."

Song Qingying raised her eyes and looked at him, laughing, "You're already in your thirties, and yet you still act like a little kid."

Ning Jiayang kissed her and answered with a slurred voice, "That's how it is." Then, she realized that Song Qingying despised him because he was old, so she did even more. Not long later, she rolled onto the bed with her.

After the two of them made love for a while, Song Qingying comforted Ning Jiayang a little and said, "Brother, I really think that Little Chen is interested in Uncle Xiao's daughter."

Ning Jiayang was stunned and asked, "Are you talking about Xiao Yun's little sister?"

Song Qingying bit his neck and asked, "Who else could it be other than her?"

Ning Jiayang asked doubtfully, "How did they get into a relationship?"

Song Qingying then told Ning Jiayang the whole story.

"It would be a good thing if Little Chen could be with Uncle Xiao's daughter. My family wasn't able to get married with the Yun family in the past. Although Grandfather didn't say it out loud, he was still regretful in his heart. If he could get married with the Xiao family, that would be even better than the Yun family."

Song Qingying immediately became unhappy. She lay on top of him and looked down at him condescendingly. "From what you're saying, you're rather regretful that you didn't get to be with Yunqing before?"

Ning Jiayang nodded seriously and replied, "It is indeed a pity. If I had been with her then, I wouldn't have been tormented by you and the two little ones."

Song Qingying rode on top of him and started hitting him. She cursed, "Ning Jiayang, you bastard."

Ning Jiayang waited for her to hit him before hugging her and pressing her down. He laughed and said, "You're already an old couple but you still care about the past. Isn't it already long gone? Yun Qing and I weren't together at the time, we pretended to be dating just for the family to see. It's not like you don't know. Furthermore, Yun Qing only had one brother, Xiao Xunrui, in her heart at that time. She has chased him for so many years and now, she has finally succeeded. "

Song Qingying pouted and sighed, "It's all because of you. You always make me feel insecure, and we're about to reach the seven-year mark."

This time, Ning Jiayang was nervous. "What are you talking about? Not to mention seven years, even seventy years is too short for me to spend with you. "

Song Qingying hugged him back and glared at him, "Slap him and give him a candy."

Ning Jiayang kissed her again and asked with a smile, "Is this sugar sweet?"

Song Qingying's face was rarely red as she did not dare to look at him.

Ning Jiayang no longer joked around with her as he embraced her and said seriously, "I have to leave tomorrow. I can't leave that place. You and your two children should stay until after the wedding ceremony with Yun Qing. I'll go back and get my aunt to help me with the school matters. The two children will be attending primary school in the second half of the year, so I'll let them study at the secondary school where my aunt teaches. "

"Fine, I know these things even if you didn't say it." Song Qingying quickly replied.

Ning Jiayang smiled and said, "Since you think Little Chen might be interested in Xiao Yun's little sister, then bring him along to the wedding and give them a chance to meet. The two of them being together is for the best."

Song Qingying closed her eyes and said, "Brother, I feel that you're really unlucky right now."

Ning Jiayang kept silent and agreed.

March soon arrived. On the weekend, there was going to be a grand wedding at one of the branch stores in the Starlight Hotel. Since both parties had families, Mu Chen was afraid that something bad would happen and personally followed up on this matter.

The day before the wedding, Song Qingying called. Mu Chen just came out of the hotel, and his tired voice sounded tired. He picked up his phone and asked, "Sis, what's the matter?"

Song Qingying quickly replied, "Tomorrow, you and I will attend the wedding between the Yun and Xiao families."

Mu Chen had already arranged the wedding in advance. He originally wanted to take a break tomorrow, but was immediately displeased when he heard Song Qingying's words. "I didn't receive any invitations from the Xiao family. How am I qualified to attend the wedding?"

Song Qingying replied with some annoyance, "If I tell you to go, then go. I just need an invitation. The main thing is that I'm bringing two children with me. I want you to help me watch over them, otherwise I won't be able to leave for even a moment."

Mu Chen didn't even think before asking in annoyance, "Who told you to bring two children?"

Song Qingying's temper flared up. She immediately asked, "Then do you think you'll come?"

Mu Chen: "... I'll do it, I'll do it. " After hanging up, he couldn't help but shake his head. The mother and daughter pair were one and the same, both coming to harass him.

Mu Chen arrived at the Song Family early the next morning and helped Song Qingying wash up with the two children. He then carried Ning Zhiheng downstairs and waited for Song Qingying and her son to come down.

When the four of them arrived at the wedding site, it was neither early nor late. There were already a lot of people coming. A family like the Xiao family would naturally have a lot of people attending their wedding. However, because Xiao Xunrui was not involved in politics, the Xiao family tried their best to keep a low profile.

When Song Qingying arrived, she first greeted the groom, Xiao Xunrui, before going to the dressing room to look at the bride, leaving Mu Chen alone with his two children feeling quite helpless. At this moment, he finally understood the purpose of Song Qingying's call today. It was from a senior nanny. She had to take care of the family of three as well as the children. This boy Ning Lingfeng was always well-behaved and sensible, but not the other one.

Mu Chen had a face that was more beautiful than many celebrities, and also a pair of extremely cute and adorable phoenixes. Even if he sat in the corner, it would inevitably attract a lot of attention. He sat there for a while and saw that some of his company's celebrities had also been invited to stand up for them. It wasn't surprising that the host of the wedding was also a famous program host in the country.

Cheng Lan from Tianchen Entertainment was the first to see Mu Chen. Even though he had no intention of greeting them, she still took the initiative to welcome him.

"Director Mu, I really didn't expect you to be here." Cheng Lan was the leader of the new batch of small flowers. His TV series had all seen a great victory, and he occasionally attended a movie. His box office was pretty good, so he could be considered one of the few small flowers that could support the box office. However, there was also a rich backer behind her and her background was not small.

Mu Chen lowered his head and knew that Ning Zhiheng could not run around today. Hearing this, he raised his head and replied expressionlessly, "I also did not expect you to be here. Fortunately, reporters are not allowed here today."

She knew Mu Chen was reminding her that if she followed the person behind her, she had to keep a low profile even if there were no reporters. Otherwise, it would really be difficult to expose her on the internet, as her image had always been turned into a pure and inspiring spokesperson by the company's PR department.

Cheng Lan quickly left, but Ning Zhiheng still did not stop. It was probably very rare to see such a big scene, she could not help but want to take a look around. With one hand, he picked up Ning Zhiheng and the other, held onto Ning Lingfeng as he led the two children to the back. There was also an open air party set up at the back of the room, and there were many food and drinks placed around. Mu Chen was prepared to take the two children over there, and guessed that there wouldn't be more people inside.

Mu Chen had just reached the back when he saw Xiao Shixian conversing with some people beside him. Xiao Jiayu, who wore a pink dress, was obediently standing not far behind him.

Ning Zhiheng had seen Xiao Jia Yu even earlier than Mu Chen. She hurriedly hugged his neck and said, "Uncle, Auntie Xiao is over there, and Grandpa Xiao as well."

Mu Chen brought his two children over to Xiao Shixian's side. They were too eye-catching. Xiao Shixian quickly saw them and asked with a smile: "Xiao Chen, why are you alone with two children?" As he spoke, he couldn't help but stroke Ning Zhiheng's small head in his arms.

Mu Chen let the two children call for the bride before he smiled and replied, "My young mistress is going to look after the bride, so I can only stay and look after the child."

Xiao Shixian nodded with a smile, "I thought that Qing Ying had followed Little Yang back to C Province. I was a little surprised to see you guys come over. You've really troubled yourselves with today's wedding."

Mu Chen quickly smiled, "Brother-in-law is busy with work, so Big Sister will definitely not be absent. As for today's wedding, it was originally a job for our hotel."

Xiao Shixian then continued to converse with Ning Zhiheng. Seeing that there were still a lot of people around him who needed to greet him, Mu Chen quickly found an excuse to leave with the two of them. As he walked out of the encirclement, he saw Xiao Jia Yu waving at him with a smile.

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