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Xiao Jia Yu arrived in front of He Xi Yuan's room. After ringing the doorbell, there was someone who opened the door. She did not expect that the person who came was the movie emperor, Luo Qing Ran. For a moment, she didn't know how to react. Her hands didn't seem to know how to let go.

She said, "Little lady, you don't have to be nervous when you see me. You can also see that I'm the same as you, with only a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth. So you don't have to keep looking at me in secret."

She didn't know what to say. He Xiyuan's voice came from inside the room, "Qinggran, if Jiayu came, then you should hurry and bring her in."

Only then did Xiao Jia Yu completely understand the reason He Xi Yuan called her over.

He Xiyuan was currently sitting on the sofa, reading a script. When he saw Xiao Jia Yu come in, he hurriedly waved at her, "Jia Yu, your movie was slightly altered, so I specially came over to talk to you about it. The most important thing is to let you get to know Qing Ran better. This time, most of your scenes will be in a direct confrontation with Jing Jing. He's like a madman when he comes to act, and a lot of people in the circle won't be able to take his part. Don't be nervous when I say this, your teacher is already praising you in front of me, he's already used to being strict, other than that calm back then, this is the first time I heard him praising a student like that, your talent is definitely enough, you're also born into a department, just try your best.

Xiao Jia Yu looked at Luo Qing Ran in surprise: "I didn't expect Teacher Luo to be my senior brother."

Luo Qing Ran was currently looking down at the script with a gentle expression. She raised her head and smiled, "Don't call me teacher. Zhou Jinglin is also my teacher. You can call me senior brother."

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly nodded her head with a smile. She looked pure and kind like this, but her small face was also pure and beautiful. Her smile was so beautiful that it was hard to look at.

As He Xiyuan changed the script brought by Xiao Jia Yu, he also began to look forward more and more to the performance brought by the little girl.

By the time Luo Qing Ran and Xiao Jia Yu left He Xi Yuan's room, it was already midnight. Luo Qing Ran looked at the watch on her wrist and said, "It's getting late, I'll send you back first."

After getting along for a while, Xiao Jia Yu no longer felt dizzy like before when she talked to Luo Qing Ran. She quickly waved her hand and replied: "Senior Brother Luo, I think it's better if we don't. Xin Yue, who is in the same room as me, said that she was hungry and asked me to bring some takeout food back. I am also hungry."

"I see that this is the first time you've been here, so I don't know where you're going to find something to eat. Since I'm also hungry, I might as well go with you.

Xiao Jia Yu looked into Luo Qing's deep eyes and could not help but feel her heart speed up, her complexion turning slightly red. She wanted to refuse, but Luo Qing Ran had already walked a few steps in front of her, and when she saw that she was not following her, he turned his head and called out to her: "Hurry up, otherwise you'll lose your temper tomorrow morning if you don't wake up."

Xiao Jia Yu hurried to his side, her heart pounding faster and faster.

It was a day in October and the night was rather cold. Luo Qing Ran brought Xiao Jia Yu out of the hotel and asked, "Can you eat spicy food?"

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly replied with a smile, "Although I'm from the capital, I can still eat spicy dishes."

Seeing that she was still restrained, Luo Qingran smiled and said, "There's a barbecue house here that tastes pretty good. Usually, it won't close until three or four in the morning. I'll take you there."

The place Luo Qing Ran was talking about was an old courtyard. Before even entering, he could smell the fragrance coming from within the courtyard. There weren't many guests at this time, so it was obvious that the Lady Boss was very familiar with Luo Qing Ran. She smiled as she led the two of them to an inconspicuous corner before teasing them, "I don't know how long it has been since I last saw you bringing people here, and it's even girls."

Luo Qing Ran glanced at Xiao Jia Yu, who was still feeling uneasy. She smiled and said to the Lady Boss, "She's the new little sister from the crew. The first time I came here, I brought her out."

The Lady Boss ambiguously blinked her eyes and smiled. "I've never seen you so passionate before."

Luo Qingran shook his head and laughed, "I've never seen you so gossipy before."

The two of them ordered some food and the Lady Boss didn't forget to carefully look at Xiao Jia Yu before she left. She smiled and said, "This little girl is really good-looking, just like someone from a painting." With that, he left with a smile.

Luo Qing Ran helped Xiao Jia Yu pour a cup of tea. Seeing that she still pursed her lips and didn't dare to speak, she took the initiative to say: "Jia Yu, don't always treat me as a celebrity. If you continue to act like this, I'm afraid that tomorrow you won't be able to compete with me."

Xiao Jia Yu was not usually like this. She had always been regarded as a model student by her teachers. Since she was young, her only idol was this person in front of her. It was understandable that she would not let him off the hook. She took a sip of her tea, smiled, and said, "I've seen Brother Luo's movies over and over again, but I never thought that I'd be able to sit face to face with you and have a midnight snack like this. I've fallen in love with your movie fans for ten years."

Luo Qinggran was smiling the entire time because her words sounded even funnier. "How old are you to say you like me for ten years?"

Xiao Jiayu was rarely seen as a child and hurriedly expressed his thoughts, "What I said is all true. I remember every single time I watched your movie."

Luo Qing Ran's expression changed before he smiled. "It seems like this is my real brainless fan." He was already 35 years old, long past the age of fresh meat. His many years of working as a film student had earned him many big prizes, but most of his fans were sane. These words were clearly full of ridicule.

Xiao Jiayu said with a silly smile, "For Xin Yue and I to be able to join the film crew of 'Meeting with Love' not only helps us in the future, but also allows us to meet people we like the most."

Luo Qingran, who rarely gossiped, asked, "Who does Xin Yue like?"

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly replied with a smile: "She is Shen Feng's brainless fan."

Luo Qinggran frowned, somewhat surprised. As long as he wasn't in a good position while filming, he would always find a quiet place to meditate and ponder on his character's moods. He wasn't fond of socializing with others, but once he appeared at dinner, he inexplicably liked to pay attention to the people around him. Tonight was no exception, other than Xiao Jiayu occasionally looking at him, he also sensed that the girl called Xin Yue was paying attention to Mu Chen. He saw Xiao Jia Yu's innocent look and wanted to remind her of some things, but he couldn't say them out loud. After all, she was really that simple and this circle didn't suit her at all.

After Xiao Jia Yu and Luo Qing Ran finished their barbecue, Xiao Jia Yu helped Xin Yue pack some food. After getting the prepared barbecue, she took the snack box and walked back with Luo Qing Ran. She said regretfully, "I really shouldn't have eaten so much just now, but the taste is too good. I can't help it."

Luo Qing Ran appeared gentle and refined in front of Xiao Jia Yu. At this time, he could only smile and say: "It's alright to eat a little more every now and then. You are already thin enough; it doesn't matter even if you want to be a little fatter."

Xiao Jia Yu took his words as a word of comfort, but it also made her heart warm. The time she had spent alone with Luo Qing Ran had changed her view of him by a lot. She had thought that as the current number one movie star in the country, he would be proud and aloof no matter what, but when they actually got along, she discovered that he was completely different. He was clearly a gentle, modest, and elegant gentleman.

Luo Qing and Xiao Jia Yu lived on different floors of the hotel. Xiao Jia Yu really didn't want to trouble him. When the elevator reached her floor, she bade him farewell and told him not to send her any more. Luo Qing Ran didn't force him. She watched as she walked out of the elevator before pressing down on the floor he was on.

Xiao Jia Yu walked to her room and fumbled in her bag for her room card, but she couldn't find it. She patted the back of her head in annoyance. She must have forgotten to bring it with her when she went out, so she could only force herself to press the doorbell.

It was probably because Xin Yue had been asleep for a long time and no one came to open the door. She thought that even if she slept, she would wake up to eat midnight snacks and instantly feel less guilty about waking others up. She found her phone and prepared to press her number.

At that moment, the door was opened from the inside.

Xiao Jia Yu held her phone in one hand and the takeout in the other. Her mind raced, but only one thought remained: Could it be that Song Qingying's cousin, the Crown Prince, had already slept with her classmate?

Mu Chen was knocked on the door by two actresses from the production crew. At this moment, he had already fallen asleep and said that it was not a big deal. When he saw Xiao Jia Yu's pair of eyes rolling around, he felt that this little girl had a lot of wishful thinking, so he opened his mouth to mock her: "What kind of reason is there to knock on my door again?"

At this time, Xiao Jia Yu raised her head and looked at the number of the door, as if she had just woken up from a dream. She awkwardly replied: "I think I knocked on the wrong door."

Mu Chen was truly angered and laughed at this time. This girl was even more hilarious than the previous one, she was too lazy to even think of a reason when she knocked on the door. He cooperated and sized her up from head to toe, smiling as he said: "Your face is still okay, but this completely undeveloped body ?" "It's really not my dish," he said, looking deliberately at a part of her.

Xiao Jia Yu gritted her teeth in anger, but because she did not want to reveal her identity, she did not dare to directly clash with him. She took a deep breath and turned around, ready to leave.

"Hey, is that food you're holding in your hand? If it's food, then give it to me. " Seeing her leave, Mu Chen actually chased after her.

Xiao Jia Yu stopped and walked back. She had to endure for a while before she didn't throw the snack box in his face, forcing herself to obediently give it to him.

Mu Chen took the snack box and immediately closed the door.

Xiao Jia Yu's face was green and white as she stared at his door for a while. She really couldn't understand how Song Qingying, who was such a good girl, could have a cousin that deserved such a beating.

Xiao Jia Yu calmed down before calling Xin Yue. As expected, Xin Yue had already fallen asleep. After opening the door for her, she fainted and went back to sleep. She had probably forgotten about Xiao Jia Yu's takeout. Xiao Jia Yu finally let out a sigh of relief. Otherwise, she really wouldn't be able to explain it clearly to her.

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