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On the first day of filming, the two newbies didn't understand the temperament of the great director He Xiyuan. Although he seemed to be easy to talk to, no one knew what he would look like on the set, so it was best for them to get to the set as soon as possible.

Today, at the beginning of the filming, it was Xiao Jia Yu and Luo Qing Ran's play. At this time, Xiao Jia Yu was playing Ming Lan who was also the little princess of Zhao, yet she unexpectedly became involved in a war at home. She was proposed to be married by a prince of the Qi Kingdom to express the will of the Qi Nation to build a relationship with the Zhao. The State of Zhao had always been bullied and bullied by the other countries. The king had been incompetent, but he had been forced to retreat after years of fighting with the Qi Kingdom. When the king saw this opportunity, he was naturally willing to do so, but he was stopped by the Crown Prince in front of all the officials. This was exactly what Ming Lan did after she found out about what had happened. Knowing that the stakes were high, she took the initiative to ask Ming Qing not to oppose her father.

As soon as Xiao Jia Yu arrived, she let the makeup artist change her makeup and quickly changed her clothes with the help of the makeup artist. Meet Huanhuan was originally a novel adapted from the fire, with an open background, but it was obvious that He Xiyuan liked Han Han's clothes very much, and that Xiao Jiayu was also wearing a flute.

When Xiao Jia Yu arrived at the scene, he was in the midst of filming a scene of Luo Qing Ran. The crown prince Ming Qing was facing his country becoming weaker and weaker, and the royal father was too impotent, his hair almost turning white from worry.

Xiao Jia Yu acted in the next scene. He Xi Yuan knew that she was new, so no matter how confident he was in Zhou Jinglin's recommendation, he was still a bit worried.

Within the majestic and luxurious palace, a young girl dressed in luxurious clothing hastily walked over. She quickly appeared within the great hall. Mingqing, who had been standing by the window and sighing with his head raised, turned around. When he saw Minglan, his tightly knitted eyebrows immediately relaxed. He even opened his mouth to scold her, "You're not taking anyone with you, but you're running around everywhere. If Mother sees that you're out of place, I'll have to reprimand you again."

Because he was too tall, she could only raise her head to look at him. For the first time, her flawless, flawless, white face was completely exposed, and her face still had a childish look. With a frown, she pouted her lips, causing people to immediately love her, "Big Brother Crown Prince, I know you loved me since you were young, but you shouldn't go against your father just for me."

Ming Qing caressed her hair with a hand. With worry in his eyes, he asked with a smile, "Lan Lan, don't tell me you want to marry someone from the Qi Kingdom?"

For the first time, an unswerving determination appeared on Minglan's childish face as she spoke loudly, "Of course I don't want to marry. If I did marry into the Qi Kingdom, I might not be able to see the crown prince again in my entire life.

He turned his head to look out the window at the dark sky under the pressure of the dark clouds. "Lan, you are still too young, and you don't know a lot of things. The wolf in Qi had been wanting to annex Zhao for a long time; it is impossible for them to stop just because of marrying you. Besides, the State of Zhao is more like a man. If the peace of the country really needs to be exchanged with one's daughter, then what's the use of being a man and not being able to protect his country? "

Minglan took one of his hands from behind her and said with an anxious expression, "Big brother, it's not that I don't know the benefits, but the Queen Mother's current pampering cannot compare to that of Gou Yi Palace's. royal father has also become more and more fond of third brother, and if you lose the trust that royal father had in you because of me, your position of Crown Prince ?"

It was true that a child who had grown up in such an environment would understand the filthiness of a child even if it was his own little sister who had been meticulously cared for. A father and son was not like a father and son; a brother was not like a brother.

"Big brother, if I marry into the Qi Kingdom, I can make the State of Zhao peaceful. I can also make you the Crown Prince. I have no regrets." The last two times she called him "Prince" was when her sister was begging her brother.

How could Mingqing not know that there was nothing wrong with Minglan's words. He wholeheartedly wanted to revive the State of Zhao. If he could not even preserve the position of Crown Prince, how could he possibly sit in that position? He once again fell into a daze, and Ming Lan's voice could faintly be heard.

"Big brother, I know that my strength is meagre, but I still want to do my best to protect you and mother." Ming Lan raised her head to look at him. The emotions in her eyes were very complicated. There was adoration and begging, but it couldn't cover up the feeling that was about to burst out. However, she could only hide it in her heart and couldn't say it out loud.

"Ka ?" He Xiyuan's voice could be heard clearly. For a moment, the entire studio was completely silent. Almost everyone was immersed in the performance of Luo Qingran and Xiao Jia Yu just now.

She hadn't been able to film Xin Yue's movie today, but she had been watching from the sidelines the entire time. She and Xiao Jia Yu had been classmates for more than two years, so they were naturally aware of her strength. Usually, when lessons were held, it was one thing to have a play with the movie emperor Luo Qingran, but when she saw him sitting and resting by the side, she could feel that he was secretly suppressing his emotions. It was obvious that he was preparing for a play, and when she began filming his play, it was even more so a game with one eye and one motion at a time. Xin Yue originally thought that Xiao Jia Yu would be intimidated by Luo Qing Ran and wouldn't be able to take part in the play. She didn't expect her performance to be so good that she was on par with Luo Qing Ran. Xin Yue bit her lower lip, unwilling to admit that she couldn't play such a role. She had been suppressed by Xiao Jia Yu in school, but she didn't expect it to be the same.

When it was Xiao Jiayu's turn to film, Mu Chen also came to the scene. Although he was unhappy about the matter of the girl knocking on the door last night, he had to admit that she was indeed talented. There were people in this world who were so perfect, beautiful and gifted, born to hold this bowl of rice.

Xiao Jiayu's first scene was one that shocked everyone present. After all, He Xiyuan was famous for his harshness. Otherwise, he wouldn't have received such praise for every movie that came out. Xiao Jia Yu was called to his side by He Xi Yuan. He looked at the little girl with satisfaction and laughed: "I purposely didn't say anything when I was talking to you before, and I just thought you should experience it yourself. It seems like you understand, the last expression in your eyes was very well expressed."

Xiao Jiayu knew that He Xiyuan was talking about Minglan's secret and forbidden feelings towards Mingqing, so the script wouldn't say it clearly. However, she had specifically looked for this original novel and later found that there were many siblings of Minglan on the internet. This was also the reason why she was able to think more deeply about Ming Lan's feelings for Mingqing. Such feelings needed to be shown during the performance, otherwise, it would all be a failure.

Luo Qing Ran also nodded at Xiao Jia Yu. "Continue to work hard." The expression on his face was still gloomy. Then, he sat back down on his resting spot and closed his eyes to rest. There would still be a play for him in the future.

The remaining scenes today consisted of the crown prince played by Luo Qing Ran and the third prince played by Shen Feng. Because of the rules, Xiao Jia Yu was told that there would be no more scenes for her today.

Shen Feng, after all, was not a professional, and the only movie before this movie did not need any acting skills. Under He Xiyuan's high demand, he frequently asked for NG. Soon after, Shen Feng became a little anxious himself. He Xiyuan's temper was quite good. He found Shen Feng and patiently chatted about the scene for a while before making the filming work stop. Clearly, he gave Shen Feng enough time to experience it for himself.

He Xiyuan was such a director that once he started filming, it would be closed off. There would be no reporters interviewing him, and only the insiders would be allowed to scout the area, not to mention actors who would go back and forth at the same time. So He Xiyuan was a good-natured person, but he was more principled than anyone else.

Seeing that Shen Feng's performance was not over, Xin Yue, this brainless fan, started to worry again. She anxiously said beside Xiao Jia Yu: "Actually Shen Feng's performance just now was already pretty good. If Director He didn't use the acting skills of the Shadow Emperor Luo to request for Shen Feng, then he definitely wouldn't be able to do it."

Xiao Jia Yu tilted her head to the side and smiled at her: "Xin Yue, being able to make a movie with Director He is probably more useful than Shen Feng making a hundred movies. If he really wants a place in the movie industry, his acting skills are the most important."

Xin Yue acknowledged Xiao Jia Yu's words, but her eyes flashed with disdain.

At this time, Xiao Jia Yu saw that the filming had stopped, so she stood up and went to the resting room to continue studying the script.

In the blink of an eye, it was already 5 PM. She stood up and stretched her body a bit, just in time for someone to come in from outside. She hurriedly straightened up and looked at the person who came in.

When the assistant director saw that Xiao Jia Yu's eyes were flashing, he laughed so hard that his eyes were almost disappearing, "Jia Yu, why are you here alone?"

Xiao Jia, with a smile on her face, was extremely vigilant as she replied, "Director Chen, I was just looking at the script here and felt hungry. I wanted to go out and find something to eat." After she finished speaking, she picked up the script and was about to leave.

The assistant director had long since taken a fancy to Xiao Jia Yu, and since there were only the two of them in the resting room, he would naturally not let her off easily. He walked in front of Xiao Jia Yu and blocked her path, smiling as he said: "Jia Yu, I saw that you were a smart girl, and your aptitude is poor too. I have seen so many new people, you are the best one I have ever seen. But no matter how talented you are, it's still the same if you don't have the resources. Don't you see that there are some celebrities in the industry who have looks and acting skills but can only play a supporting role? I really like you, it just depends on what you plan to do. "

Xiao Jia Yu looked at his round belly, fat head and big ears, and then thought that he could be his father's age. He immediately felt disgusted and replied with a fake smile, "Director Chen, I'm really hungry. I want to go out and look for food." She could only pretend that she didn't understand what he was saying.

The assistant director looked a little impatient as he grabbed her hand.

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open again, and the person who had just entered met the two people in the room's line of sight. Xiao Jia Yu took the opportunity to shake off the assistant director's hand and hurriedly hid far away from him.

However, in Mu Chen's eyes, Xiao Jia Yu's actions had a completely different meaning. He was clearly flustered after being caught doing naughty things. However, he would not let a girl like Xiao Jiayu lose face in front of others. Instead, he turned to the assistant director and smiled, "Director Chen, if you were to put all these thoughts into the movie, you would have been righteous long ago."

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