Promising Star/C6 Red in person and many in dispute
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Promising Star/C6 Red in person and many in dispute
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C6 Red in person and many in dispute

In the following period of time, Xiao Jia Yu would help Shen Feng fight against each other almost every day, and would also point out some parts of his performance that were not quite right. Luo Qingran also knew about their base. When he wasn't busy at night, he would come over to take a look. It was obvious that he admired Shen Feng, but that was only for his music.

Like this, Shen Feng's performance improved very quickly, and even He Xiyuan, who felt a headache from seeing Shen Feng's performance, gradually relaxed.

When Xiao Jia Yu and Shen Feng had finished their match, Shen Feng called her out to have a midnight snack. Since Shen Feng was not a spicy person, the two of them went to a nearby porridge shop.

After getting along with her for a while, the relationship between the two youngsters who weren't too far apart in age was getting better and better. In front of her, Shen Feng no longer had the same taciturn attitude towards her.

"Jiayu, when this movie finishes, I will also be planning for the new album and concert tours. I recently wrote a song about the female lead in the story behind it, and if possible, I hope that you can find time to act as the female lead in the MV." Shen Feng drank two mouthfuls of porridge before he suddenly said to Xiao Jia Yu.

Xiao Jia Yu was slightly surprised and jokingly said: "If you speak like that, I will misunderstand what you think of me."

Shen Feng smiled shyly and said: "I know you understand what I mean, so don't joke around. I was very serious about this matter with you."

Xiao Jiayu hurriedly smiled and said, "You are so popular now. The reason why I was able to act as your female lead in the movie was all because I wanted to hug you. Of course I was willing. My roommate, Xin Yue, would definitely be jealous."

Shen Feng suddenly stopped laughing and said: "Jia Yu, you should pay a little more attention to Xin Yue. That day, my assistant told me that he saw Xin Yue get into a car in the middle of the night."

Xiao Jia Yu was more aware of Xin Yue's presence in the hotel room than anyone else. She had her doubts, but it was not her own business. She could only turn a blind eye to it, but she still enjoyed Shen Feng's reminder. She nodded and smiled. "We don't care what others do for the sake of Hong. It's already good enough for us to be able to protect ourselves."

Shen Feng smiled, "That's why I said we are of the same kind."

Xiao Jiayao and him finished their porridge and walked out of the store. It was already November, and the night was as cool as water. The wind was blowing. It really felt like winter had come.

Xiao Jiayu recalled their conversation tonight and reminded him before saying, "When I'm done shooting your video, I won't be polite about the salary."

Shen Feng recalled another matter and pointed out to her, "Rather than thinking about these things right now, why don't you think about who you're looking for as your manager, or sign an entertainment company first. Although I am not particularly familiar with the inner circle, I know He Xiyuan's position in the domestic film industry. This time, the movie is a male movie, so you and Xin Yue can still be reluctantly called the new source girls. After the movie is released, you will definitely receive a lot of attention, so your starting point is quite high.

Xiao Jia Yu smiled and nodded her head. She also began to understand that no matter how much Shen Feng did not care about the matters within the circle, he was not someone who did not understand the rules of the game. He was merely a person who did not like to talk.

After Xiao Jia Yu and Shen Feng said their goodbyes, and just happened to see him answer a phone call. He was speaking Cantonese all the way, and she could only understand some of it, but seeing Shen Feng's increasingly solemn expression, she guessed that the situation must be serious, so she did not leave immediately.

When Shen Feng finished answering the call, Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly asked with concern: "Shen Feng, what happened?"

The corner of Shen Feng's mouth raised slightly in a mocking smile, and he quickly replied: "It's not a big deal, it's just that there are too many people around, that's all. You go back first, I will go back too, tomorrow we will both be filming."

Xiao Jia Yu looked at him for a while and saw that he really did not seem to care, so she turned around and returned to the hotel.

When Xiao Jia Yu opened the door to her room, it was rare for Xin Yue to be there early in the morning. Seeing her return, she angrily said: "Jia Yu, Shen Feng's matter has spread. Whether it's the gossip forum or Weibo, it's all his headlines now."

Xiao Jia Yu thought about the phone call that Shen Feng just received and immediately frowned and asked: "Xin Yue, what exactly happened?"

Xin Yue still had a dissatisfied look on her face, "The tabloid in Hong Kong has reported that Shen Feng had dated Chen Jieyan before, but after he became very popular he shook off Chen Jiayan. Chen Jiayan rarely came out with her works recently, and she was shot by the puppies and suddenly became very thin. On the internet, a large group of people began to criticize Shen Feng for his improper conduct and conduct. Some people even say that it was Chen Jiayan who made Shen Feng famous, and Shen Feng is simply ungrateful for his actions today. "

Xiao Jia Yu was momentarily stunned, she did not understand how Shen Feng could be related to Chen Jie Yan. Chen Jieyan's style of doing things was the same as many celebrities in Hong Kong. She was a double star, and after many married Hong Kong female celebrities, she was considered the most popular female celebrity in Hong Kong in the last two years. She was also a few years older than Shen Feng. Even if Shen Feng had become famous in the past two years, he still could not be compared with Chen Jiayan. Even if Shen Feng had become famous in the past two years, he still could not be compared with Chen Jiayan.

Seeing that Xiao Jia Yu was silent, Xin Yue could not believe what she had heard. "Jia Yu, you don't believe what those people on the internet are saying, right?"

Xiao Jia Yu did not understand her words, "Of course I believe that Shen Feng is not that kind of person." As she spoke, she ignored Xin Yue. Recently, she hadn't been as friendly with her as she was at the start. She then leaned back on the sofa, picked up a tablet and started to run Weibo.

Sure enough, on Weibo, the news had exploded, there were 3 in the top 10 that were related to Shen Feng. Shen Feng was actually a trash of a man, he cared deeply about Chen Jiayan, and he was the Chen Shimei of the entertainment circle. Xiao Jiayu opened the first topic and entered the room. The host uploaded all the pictures of the tabloid's news, along with evidence of Shen Feng's dregs. Chen Jiayan had a lot of fans in the Mainland, so this topic was quickly forwarded tens of thousands of times. Many of them were cursing Shen Feng. Of course, Shen Feng had a lot of iron fans, but they could not compare to Chen Jiayan. Furthermore, it was also clear that there were a lot of people supporting Chen Jiayan's side. However, this was to be expected. Almost all of these scolding battles involving celebrities had the participation of the troll army. It did not seem like anyone was concerned about the authenticity of their words.

Xiao Jia Yu saw that the words scolded Shen Feng was getting more and more outrageous, there were even some that were purely personal. She watched for a while longer and finally couldn't help but post a message on her Weibo account.

Fish swimming in the water: if you are Shen Feng's true love, you should choose to believe him at this time, rather than blindly follow him and join in the scolding battle. At such a time, when the truth is unclear, label Shen Feng.

As soon as Xiao Jia Yu's Weibo was posted, the bottom of the screen began to flash non-stop. Some comments were forwarded to her, while some private messages were sent to scold her. She decided to leave Weibo without feeling annoyed at all.

Xin Yue, who was browsing on Weibo, suddenly looked over at Jia Yu and said in surprise, "Jia Yu, I just found out that you're Shen Feng's brainless fan. You're even more agitated than me. I really didn't expect you to hide it so deeply."

Xiao Jia Yu kept her tablet and replied expressionlessly: "Shen Feng and I have been on the same film crew for almost two months now. I naturally believe in his character, but I don't know who exactly is blackening him, judging from the news, even if he and Chen Jiayan have dated before, it's already a few years ago." After saying so, she took her pajamas and entered the bathroom. She didn't notice that Xin Yue was giving her a malicious look.

Xiao Jiayu finished his shower and looked at the script for a while. When he was about to sleep, he looked at his phone, but didn't expect to receive a WeChat from Nanqiao.

Nanqiao: Jiayu, I just saw you speaking up for Shen Feng on Weibo. When did you fan him? It couldn't be a fake movie, could it?

Xiao Jia Yu first sent a shocked emoji and quickly replied: Sister Nan Qiao, stop joking with me. Even if I'm really into acting, the one who likes it should be Luo Qiu.

NANJO: That's right. If you can really deal with Luo, I'll be back for your wedding even if I have to sneak in.

Xiao Jiayu: "Sister South Qiao, your bullsh * t skill is getting deeper and deeper."

After sending this message, Xiao Jia Yu instantly became emotional. Nan Qiao was sent to America by Xiao Jia Yu's grandmother, afraid that she would run back to Xiao Qing He herself. She even found some people to monitor her. Xiao Jia Yu would occasionally contact her just to see if her tone of voice was normal. She made up her mind that if she was South Qiao, she would have already gone mad. However, with the Xiao family being such a wealthy family, they couldn't tolerate the scandal between South Qiao and Xiao Qinghe.

Nanqiao: Jiayu, I think you are just steeled to be an actor. When I first started as a model, I was quite popular. At that time, I wanted to sign a contract with Tianchen Entertainment, but there was no chance for those things to happen. When I saw you signing a contract with this company, people in the industry told me that the boss of this company was a more upright person and had less loose ends.

Xiao Jiayu: I think I should finish this movie first and then think about these things later. Besides, I haven't graduated yet and I still have to do my graduation. You must have heard that everyone is scared of Zhou Jinglin.

Nanqiao: It's good that you have your own plans. I'm also afraid that you'll fight by yourself. I don't even know what to do even if something happens.

Xiao Jiayu: "Sister Nanqiao, thank you for your concern. I know what I'm doing."

After that, there was no response from Nanqiao. Xiao Jiayu was originally ready to log off, but she never expected to send another message.

Nancho: I know everyone in the family is against you being an actress. Yun Qi, who protects you the most, has gone to work in France. If you really have something to do, you should go find your uncle.

Xiao Jia Yu saw how she spoke of Xiao Qing He with a seemingly ordinary tone, but the time interval between the two messages was enough to see the struggle in her heart. Xiao Jia Yu could not help but sigh in her heart. Then, she bid her farewell and laid her phone on the side.

In this world, there were too many men and women who loved each other. It was very difficult to love each other, but what was even more difficult was not being able to be together despite clearly loving each other. Xiao Jia Yu did not know what kind of feelings the cold and eccentric Xiao Qing He had for Nan Qiao, but she felt that he had feelings for him. However, Xiao Qing He didn't have a choice as to how to act as the siblings of an outsider.

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