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C8 Misunderstanding resolution

Today's events had progressed at a rapid pace. Aside from Luo Qing Ran, the rest of the cast were all finished. He Xiyuan was in a very good mood. He called for the people on the set to go out for supper. Xiao Jiayu, who hadn't left yet, naturally went along with them.

When Xiao Jia Yu returned to the hotel room, Xin Yue was sitting on the bed playing. She quickly felt that there was a strange smell in the room. She put down her bag and went into the bathroom to wash her hands. Unexpectedly, the smell in the bathroom seemed to have gotten stronger. When she came out of the bathroom, she found the window was still open. This large movie city was located in the south, but in December, when the windows were opened, the cold wind was still piercing the bones.

When Xiao Jia Yu saw that the air conditioner was on and the windows were open, she asked curiously, "Xin Yue, do you feel hot?"

Xin Yue quickly put down the tablet in her hands and explained, "I just smelled a strange smell in the room the moment I entered. I don't know if it's because we often don't open the window, so I opened the window to smell the smell in the room."

Xiao Jia fish agreed on the surface, but the suspicions in her heart grew even more. Although she had never been in a relationship before, she still felt that it was related to that kind of thing as soon as she smelled it. She then looked at Xin Yue who was leaning against the headboard, unable to see any flaws. She could only let her thoughts run wild. Only she herself knew what she was thinking.

The smell in the room was really unpleasant. Xiao Jia Yu had left the window open and was sitting by the window. Even though the cold wind was uncomfortable, it was more comfortable than smelling it.

Xiao Jiayu picked up the tablet and logged on to Weibo. The Weibo post she posted last night to help Shen Feng talk was actually forwarded by many people. She also had a lot of comments below, but most of them were from Chen Jianyan's fans who came to scold her. Xiao Jia Yu looked at the two of them and saw that they were being scolded in a way that was too unpleasant to listen to. Thus, she decided to block the comments and let the one who was scolding see not to feel annoyed. However, she started to worry about Shen Feng. She felt that Shen Feng seemed to be severely injured, but he did not have any intentions of clarifying the matter, allowing others to curse at him.

If Shen Feng really broke up with Chen Jiayan a year ago, then there wouldn't have been a big deal about Shen Feng at that time. Thinking about how he hugged her, it was really funny, he and Chen Jiayan weren't red when they were together, but after they broke up, she became red, no matter how I look at it, Chen Jiayan didn't seem to have helped him at all?

Xiao Jia Yu had a slight headache as she rubbed her forehead. It seemed that other than the people involved, no one from the audience could understand what was happening.

While Xiao Jiayu was being filmed in seclusion, Mu Chen was busy all day in the capital with Tianchen Entertainment and the Starlight Hotel.

It was not easy to meet a Sunday, he decided not to go to the Tianchen Company nor to the hotel. He had to wake up naturally, but he did not expect to be awoken by the phone call in the morning. He had intended to press the phone and continue sleeping, but when he saw that the caller was Song Qingying's home phone, he hesitated for a moment before answering.

"Uncle, are you really still sleeping?" The voice that came over the phone was soft and childish. It sounded like a child's voice.

Upon hearing Ning Zhiheng's voice, Mu Chen sat up and leaned against the headboard, asking with a smile, "Sha Sha, when did you come back?" Song Qingying had given birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes the second year after her marriage with Ning Jiayang. The boy was called Ning Lingfeng, the girl was called Ning Zhiheng, and because she had always liked to make "Sha Sha" sounds when she was young, Song Qingying had given her a homonym for "Sha Sha".

Ning Zhiheng hurriedly replied, "I came back with mom and dad last night. Big bro has a fever. Mom and dad are both very worried."

Mu Chen was a little speechless as he said, "I already told your mother to bring the two of you along when your father went back to C Province. Mu Chen was a bit speechless as he said," I told your mother to bring the two of you along when your father returned to C Province. The Ning Family had always believed in the pampering of girls and the crudeness of boys. Therefore, every time Song Qingying left the capital, the child she would leave behind would always be Ning Lingfeng.

Ning Zhiheng took the initiative rather sensibly. "This time, I won't go with mother. I'll let her take my brother. "But I'm so bored now, Uncle. Can you come and take me out to play?"

Mu Chen hurriedly smiled and asked, "Is there no one in your family right now?"

Ning Zhiheng replied, somewhat wronged, "Of course there are. However, Big Brother's fever has just subsided, and Mom and Dad are both guarding him. There's also no one to play with me."

Mu Chen jokingly scolded, "Little ghost spirit." He quickly promised that he would come over, hung up the phone, then went into the bathroom to wash up. He quickly changed his clothes and went out.

When Mu Chen drove to Ning Jiayang's apartment in the city, there were many people at home. However, it was indeed just as Ning Zhiheng had said, they were all circling around Ning Lingfeng.

When Ning Zhiheng, who was playing with a Barbie, saw Mu Chen come over, she threw the toy in her hand and ran over to hug him. "Uncle, I haven't seen you in a long time. I really miss you." Her small mouth was as sweet as if it had been smeared with honey.

Mu Chen picked her up and pinched her nose with a smile. "A little ghost spirit is best at persuading people."

Ning Zhiheng hugged his neck and kissed her cheek, then smiled. "Sasha isn't lying. Sasha loves Uncle the most."

"So does Sasha like Grandmother?" It was unknown when Lu Kewei walked over, but he happened to hear her fawning on Mu Chen behind her. He intentionally pretended to have a dark face as he asked.

Ning Zhiheng hurriedly replied fawningly, "Sha naturally likes Grandma as well. I really like her."

Lu Kewei shook his head in amusement, then looked at Mu Chen, "I heard that the hotel has been quite busy lately. If you really can't handle it, then tell your uncle, don't take it head-on."

Song Zixiu had initially wanted Song Qingying's husband to manage the hotel from the start, but when Song Qingying and Ning Jiayang got together, Ning Jiayang was busy and his identity made it impossible for him to manage the hotel. In the end, Song Zixiu was still unwilling to hand over his family's business to others, so he let Mu Chen take over the hotel. At that time, he and Mu Fan were very unhappy about this matter, but it was Mu Chen himself who said that he would take over both Tianchen Entertainment and Starlight Hotel.

Mu Chen quickly shook his head. "I am very busy, but I can still handle it. "Uncle is too old now, he can rest whenever he wants. Even if he can get my cousin back here to help manage the hotel, it will definitely be a lot easier for me."

Song Qingying just happened to come downstairs. Hearing Mu Chen's words, she said unhappily, "You have so many capable people. If I were to manage the hotel, it would definitely be a mess."

Mu Chen curled his lips and replied, "I think you won't be able to leave Brother Jiayang for even a moment. I'm just afraid that if you're not with him, he might mess around outside without even this bit of trust."

Song Qing Ying snorted disdainfully, then said: "You haven't found anyone you like yet. If you ever meet her, maybe you will be even more ruthless to her than I will to your Brother Jia Yang."

Mu Chen carried Ning Zhiheng into the toy room, not forgetting to reply, "I won't accept your curse." Who knew that it wouldn't be long before it turned out to be true, but he was still willing to accept it.

Not long after, Song Qingying came in with a bowl of milk and a cup of tea. She called Ning Zhiheng to go drink some milk, then said to Mu Chen, "Last month, Xiao Yun called me and told me to ask you for a favor. I thought that I would also be returning to the capital soon, so I decided to delay a little bit to tell you personally."

Mu Chen picked up the tea and took a sip, then sat opposite to her and asked, "Xiao Yun, you're Uncle Xiao's eldest son?" He was somewhat familiar with this name, but he didn't feel that this person needed his help in any way.

Song Qingying saw Ning Zhiheng finish her milk, found a tissue to wipe her mouth, and replied, "He's Uncle Xiao's son, the eldest son of the Xiao family. He's been sent to France to work."

When Mu Chen heard this, he became even more confused. "What exactly happened?" The Xiao family was a family whose foundation was deeper than the Ning family, and there was no way to compare the Song and Mu families. Mu Chen would be willing to give the other family a favor if he could.

Song Qingying put down Ning Zhiheng and let her continue to play with the game, smiling, "It's about his sister. I know that her sister went to the Imperial Capital Academy of Drama previously, and we even met her last year when she went to the Xiao family to pay respects to the new year. I thought she was just playing on tickets, but I didn't expect her to really like acting. Xiao Yunzhi was also worried, and insisted that I ask you to take care of her. "

Mu Chen's eyelids jumped. It was no wonder that he felt that Xiao Jiayu's name was so familiar the first time he heard it. He asked back, "The movie you're talking about couldn't be He Xiyuan's' Meeting with Love ', right?"

Song Qingying smiled and raised her brows, "It looks like you've already met her before. That girl is really pretty, she's the prettiest I've seen in the past few years. If you've really met her, you'd definitely remember her."

Mu Chen's heart sank as he glanced outside the window. He whispered, "I should have left a good impression on her as well, but I doubt it's a good one." Only now did he understand that Xiao Jia Yu's performance in front of him back then was not intentional nor was it an act of capturing her, but a misunderstanding. How could a girl from a family background seduce him or Chen Yue, who looked like a pig and had no real power?

Song Qingying just happened to lower her head and say a few words to Ning Zhiheng. When she raised her head again, she said in a strange tone, "Little Chen, I didn't hear what you said just now."

Mu Chen retracted his gaze and looked at her. "Cousin, if I ever call you again from Xiao Yun, you tell me about Xiao Jiayu and I'll take it to heart. Just let him be at ease."

Seeing how he rarely bothered with outsiders, Song Qingying blinked her eyes and smiled, "Looks like I've really seen it. If you can get the girl from the Xiao family, your aunt and uncle will definitely be happy."

Mu Chen glared at her and replied, "Stop talking nonsense in front of Sha Sha."

Ning Zhiheng, who had been playing happily with her head lowered, immediately raised her head and asked when she heard the two of them mentioning her name, "Mum, what are you guys talking about?"

Song Qingying quickly replied, "I'm talking to your uncle, tell him to quickly find a beautiful aunt for you."

Ning Zhiheng exclaimed in surprise. She got up and walked in front of Mu Chen, hugging him. With a squint, she smiled and said, "Uncle, if you really want to find Auntie, you have to find Sha Sha's lover."

Mu Chen rubbed her head, unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

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