Promising Star/C9 It is not easy to make a national husband
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Promising Star/C9 It is not easy to make a national husband
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C9 It is not easy to make a national husband

In the end, Ning Lingfeng was still a boy. Although he had been born at the same time as Ning Zhiheng, he was still much stronger than the pampered Ning Zhiheng. Ning Jiayang was in a very high position now. Being able to walk for a day was already his limit. Song Qingying took her words from Mu Chen's mouth. She decided to bring Ning Lingfeng with her this time. If she waited another year, both children would return to the capital to study at the age of six.

Mu Chen also knew that it was for the sake of both the Ning Family and Song Family's elders, especially the Ning Family, that Song Qingying would always bring a child or a girl. Even though Ning Lingfeng was now the eldest son of the Ning family, he was still the best by old man Ning's side. Moreover, everyone knew that old man Ning wouldn't have much time left, so they might as well leave him some thoughts.

Before Song Qingying brought Ning Lingfeng and Ning Jiayang back to C Province, she specially found Mu Chen and reminded him, "Sha Sha really likes you, and she always mentions you when we're outside. If you're free, you should come visit my house more often. Right now, I can only let my mother bring Sha Sha along."

Mu Chen hurriedly agreed and replied impatiently, "If you want to leave, then leave quickly. With uncle, aunt, and Brother Jia Yang's father and aunt here, they will take care of Sha Sha."

Ning Zhiheng had gotten used to staying by Song Qingying's side. When she suddenly saw her parents leaving with her brother, she couldn't help but cry for a while. In the end, she suddenly remembered the Persian cat that she had helped Mu Chen choose and wanted to see it before forgetting about it.

Mu Chen then informed Song Zixiu and his wife before taking Ning Zhiheng to his place. He still remembered two years ago, when Ning Zhiheng saw that other children in the Ning family's old residence courtyard were raising cats, she insisted on raising cats as well. However, she was only three years old, how could she possibly raise cats? Mu Chen couldn't stand watching on and took her to the pet shop to pick one. In the end, the little girl was happy, but the cat owner turned out to be him. It was also at that time that the mischievous brat knew Mu Chen was completely obedient to her.

When they arrived at the apartment that Mu Chen lived in alone, the moment he opened the door, Ning Zhiheng rushed in and shouted, "Mao Mao, Mao Mao, Sha Sha is here to see you."

Mu Chen hurriedly called out to her, "Sha Sha, slow down, don't run." Although there were carpets everywhere in the house, no one knew whether the spoiled little girl would cry the moment she fell on the ground.

Ning Zhiheng quickly found the cat on the sofa in the living room. The Persian cat was snow-white, and it had been taken care of extremely well by Mu Chen. Its eyes were especially arrogant, just like a noblewoman.

Ning Zhiheng was lying beside the Persian cat, staring into its eyes. From time to time, she would stroke its fur with a loving look.

Mu Chen, who was sitting beside her, watched her play for a while before he said, "Sha Sha, don't get too close to it. If it really gets angry and uses its claws to scratch me, I'll be hurt by it."

Ning Zhiheng pouted. "Mao Mao wouldn't have caught me." She took him in her lap.

Today was a rare day of sunshine, so Ning Zhiheng's sofa was right next to the windowsill. Her entire body was covered in sunlight, and she lowered her head to look at the Persian cat with a very gentle gaze, while the pure white fur of the Persian cat in her embrace seemed to almost glow under the sunlight. Mu Chen took out his cell phone, recording this scene and sending it to his Weibo.

Speaking of his Weibo was also an interesting thing. At that time, he had just graduated and was studying the matters of Tianchen Entertainment. Song Qingying had found him and coaxed him to take over the hotel's affairs. After that, he learned from both sides and spent the entire day running back and forth between the company and the hotel. Song Qingying was also the one who registered his Weibo for him when she saw his daily life was so boring that he didn't look like a young man in his early twenties. She even told him righteously, "Although you are very busy now, you can't lose the vigor a young man should have. In the future, just post it on Weibo."

At that time, Mu Chen was extremely disdainful, "You really want me to post on Weibo, do you want me to post the matters regarding Tianchen Entertainment and Starlight Hotel that I do everyday?"

Song Qingying's face was filled with pain as she coincidentally saw her Persian cat walk past her and hurriedly said: "I wonder how many people like to show off their pets on Weibo now. From what I see, whether it's appearance or expression, your cat will definitely suck in a lot of powder."

After Mu Chen heard Song Qingying's words, he didn't pay much attention to it at the time. However, he took a photo of the Persian cat out of boredom and uploaded it onto the internet. He didn't expect it to become popular very soon. Later on, it was unknown who revealed his identity as the Little Owner of Tianchen Entertainment, and his Weibo followers soared overnight. Not long after, a bunch of women started calling him 'husband' on Weibo. He was not used to these young girls' explicit expressions, but he found it fun to take it out when he was bored. He would not send photos of the Persian cat every day, and many people would leave private messages asking him to pull the grass. Even when he sent photos of the cat but not the person, many people still wanted him to show his face.

What Mu Chen didn't expect was that his Weibo post would be posted on a popular search post the moment it was sent out. The title of the post was: # National Husband Turns out to have a daughter.

Although there are a lot of people who say people are cuter than cats, there are also a lot of people who can't accept the fact that Mu Chen is married and has a daughter. However, Mu Chen, as the person in question, didn't care about what happened after he posted on Weibo. He didn't know that he had caused such a ruckus.

On the other side, the filming of the movie 'Meeting with a Joy' had already entered into the story of the crown prince who was played by Luo Qing Ran. Xiao Jia Yu was unwilling to miss any opportunity to watch Luo Qing Ran's live performance.

However, when she saw the title of the search, she was shocked and hurriedly entered to take a look. She didn't expect it to be Mu Chen. After thinking for a while, she suddenly remembered that she should be Song Qingying's daughter. Last year, when she came to the Xiao family to pay her respects, she even brought along a pair of dragon and phoenix children. Furthermore, both of them were very good-looking, making her seem very envious.

Xiao Jiayu looked at the Weibo account again and saw that everyone had misunderstood that Mu Chen had a child. For some unknown reason, they started to gloat at his misfortune. People who liked to misunderstand others deserved to be misunderstood.

At the side, when Xin Yue saw Xiao Jia Yu hugging the board and laughing, she couldn't help but come over and ask: "Jia Yu, what are you smiling so happily for?" There weren't many stars left on the set now, Shen Feng had gone back to Hong Kong with his agent after he finished his part, and he still had to deal with the things that happened to him before. Le Yujia also left early. Since she was invited to a New Year's party, she had to go rehearse in advance. Only Xin Yue and Xiao Jia Yu had yet to leave and wanted to stay and learn more.

Xiao Jia Yu handed the tablet to her for her to look at. Seeing the title clearly, Xin Yue was also surprised. "Director Mu is married?"

Xiao Jia Yu shrugged her shoulders, indicating that she did not know either.

Seeing Xiao Jia Yu's appearance, Xin Yue felt extremely displeased, but she didn't show it on her face at all. She even said in a very intimate tone, "Jia Yu, there's still the final exam this semester. I think it's about time for us to return.

Xiao Jia Yu hurriedly nodded, "It's about time to go back." Although many of the students in their third year had already started to receive screenplays, according to Zhou Jinglin's strict style of acting, they couldn't delay the final exam even if they wanted to. Otherwise, when the time came, he would kill them.

That evening in the imperial city, Mu Chen took Ning Zhiheng to a fast food that Song Qingying wouldn't let her eat before driving her back to the Song Family. On the way back to his apartment, he received a call from Song Qingying.

When Mu Chen saw that it was her calling, he impatiently said, "My dear cousin, if you want to ask me to take care of your precious daughter, you can call her yourself."

Song Qingying smiled and quickly replied, "I'm not calling you for Sasha's sake, you just posted on Weibo and then left. Now that the Weibo is up, they all say that Sa Sha is your daughter, and that you're already married." "Those people are funny too. They can't be your daughter even without looking at Sasha's age. Age doesn't match unless you have an illegitimate child with someone else before the age of marriage."

Mu Chen rubbed his forehead helplessly, reminding her in a good mood, "Sis, if I remember correctly, Sha Sha is your own daughter, and you're the only one who dares to call her own child an illegitimate daughter of another family. I want to tell Brother Jia Yang about this and let him take care of you."

Song Qingying laughed out loud and replied fearlessly, "If he really saw that Weibo, he might immediately rush back to the capital to beat you up. He actually made Sha Sha recognize someone else as her father. He's definitely going to die from anger."

Mu Chen didn't want to continue the conversation with her, so he just said goodbye and hung up.

After he parked the car in the parking lot, he immediately logged onto his Weibo on a tablet the moment he got home. He didn't expect that his Weibo post was so popular that it was even searched.

Mu Chen frowned as he looked at the comments, almost all of them treating Ning Zhiheng as his daughter. There was only one comment that seemed out of place, but it was praised like crazy by people who didn't believe that he had married and had children, and the comments were pushed to the most conspicuous position.

Fish swam in the water: I think it was a misunderstanding, your husband doesn't seem to have such a big daughter at his age.

Mu Chen's lips curled up into a smile. It was rare for someone who understood the situation to silently nod in agreement.

Following that, he quickly posted a statement on Weibo to clarify the situation. After all, it was really not good to let a little girl like Ning Zhiheng be misunderstood.

Mu Chen V: The girl in the photo sent this afternoon is my cousin's child. Please don't misunderstand, and don't cause trouble for the children.

Not long after Mu Chen posted this Weibo message, another commotion broke out. Some expressed that it was a false alarm, while others said that their cousin's daughters were all so good-looking. Their husband must be extremely handsome. In the end, the comment about Mu Chen's photos that comforted everyone became heated again, and the photo of her husband became her second hot search for Mu Chen that day.

Mu Chen tiredly closed the tablet. It seemed that he was more suited to keeping a low profile and flaunting his cats. How could fans like these be so crazy?

Before Xiao Jia Yu went to sleep, she habitually posted on Weibo. She never expected that the comment she gave Mu Chen with her alternate account would be pushed to the very front. What was even funnier was that after Mu Chen posted a clear comment on Weibo, it was the second time that the post had been searched. Xiao Jia Yu felt a kind of red fire in her eyes as she fell into a trance. In the end, she couldn't help but snicker under her blanket. It was truly difficult for her husband, who had been highly praised by his fans, to have such a day.

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