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C4 Chapter 3

The room was quiet as Vittore looked over my body with his pitch black eyes. I was in a dirty and tattered t-shirt and shorts that were a little too big on me so I had tied them at my waist. He gave nothing away. No sign that he would keep me, which I silently begged him to, and no sign that he would sell me. I hated not being able to read him. I could read everyone in this room. Matteo was tapping his side, he was nervous. The guards' eyes were glancing at me from time to time, they were curious. I was kneeling on the floor, my body motionless. I was dead inside. Had been since the "safe house" will be for the rest of my life. There are just some things you go through and never come back the same.

"I'll take her on one condition," Vittore finally stated. A wager. Smart.

"What is it?" His father asked.

"Give me my mother," Vittore stated calmly and Matteo chuckled.

"No," he responded and Vittore easily pulled a gun from his waist and pointed it at his father's head.

"I'm not here to banter old man. I want the girl and my mother or I'll put this bullet straight through your skull," he threatened and I knew he would but I hoped he didn't. Matteo was mine to kill.

"Fine," Matteo relented through gritted teeth. He got his phone and started speaking Italian to the person on the other side, telling them to bring his mother in and yes I knew Italian. I also knew Russian, French, German and Spanish. I had to learn them. Most mafias were centered around those languages.

It took a few minutes but soon an elderly woman with dark chocolate hair and a slim figure was brought into the room. Her dark eyes, similar to Vittore's searched the room until they landed on her son. They lit with joy and I could sense she wanted to hug him but she just went and stood by his side. Her eyes met mine and her brow frowned in confusion, worry clouding her features. I stared back, emotionless.

"Never a pleasure Matteo," Vittore mumbled before leading his mother out of the room. Two new men who were standing outside came and picked me up, dragging me outside. For God's sake I could walk! I tried to do that but my legs crumbled. They had long since fallen asleep. I tried to get feeling in my legs and walk but the two men dragging me made that difficult.

Vittore got into a black car with his mother and I was pushed into the car that followed behind them. I scowled at the two men who avoided my gaze. I let out a small sigh as my wrists ached where they were bound. I looked at the man in front of me, a card peeking from his pocket. An idea came to mind. I reached forward and slowly slid the card out. I made sure to only do it when we came across speed pumps or potholes. Finally, I had gotten the card. I put it close to the ropes that bound me and slowly started cutting the rope with the blunt edge.

"Turn up the radio," one of the men suggested and the other did as asked.

"... everyone. It is 10 p.m on Tuesday 14th May, 2021...." I looked at the radio. I couldn't believe it. I had been gone for four years. I suffered in the "safe house" for four long years. I was eighteen now. I was an adult. I thought back to the days when I yearned for this time. For when I'd get old enough to feel like I controlled my life.

What would have become of my future if my father hadn't sold me? I shook my head trying to rid myself of such questions. They hadn't helped me before and they certainly wouldn't help now. I continued trying to get out of my binds. After a long time, I had finally managed to cut through the rope. I watched the two men in front of me carefully as I tried to undo the rope. Fate wasn't in my favour because at that moment, we arrived at our destination. Metal gates swung inward to reveal a large mansion. To be honest, I was impressed.

When I was the daughter of Andre Gates, I saw a lot of mansions in my time but this... this was a bloody fortress. I saw guards hiding in the shadows, just waiting to pounce and a kennel far in the compound. Only the Lord knows what kind of vicious dogs they keep there. We drove up the long driveway that was surrounded by perfectly pruned bushes to the front of the house. When the cars stopped, I saw Vittore get out before one of the men slipped out of his set and pulled me out of the car. I held on tight to the ropes at my writs to make sure they didn't look loose.

They grabbed my arms and led me up the stairs but I broke out of the ropes and grabbed one guy's head, bashing it into my lifted knee. The sound of something breaking was so satisfying. The other guy tried to punch me but I dropped, using his weight and mine to pull him down and over my back. I let him go as I turned and tried to make a run for it. That was until two strong arms wrapped around my waist. I was pulled into a hard chest and my arms were bound in a painful position behind me.

I struggled in my capture's grasp but didn't wince at the pain I was in. I'd felt worse.

I was dragged up the stairs, wiggling and kicking as much as I could. We entered the beautiful mansion and I loved it inside. It was all light and dark colours like multiple shades of gold, grey and black. The chandeliers glittered from the roofs and the place smelt like baked cookies and gun powder. A weird combination. I was thrown on the ground and rolled, turning to see my captor. It was Vittore. He looked at me with his dead onyx eyes but I could tell he was angry.

"Non mettermi alla prova (Don't test me)," he said darkly and I knew I couldn't escape. I wouldn't even make it three steps out of this mansion. I was trapped until I could collect enough information to escape. I stood up, brushing off my dirty clothes. I straightened out and gave Vittore a challenging gaze. He turned, making his way inside.

His mother turned to me and gave me a smile. I gave her a blank stare. She didn't seem fazed as she followed her son. I decided it was best to follow too. Looks like my time in this mansion was going to be interesting.

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