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C1 Blind

"What the heck! Are you blind? "A beautiful woman shouted at me. We crowded into the school gate, but I stepped on her foot.

"I'm sorry. I did not mean it." I apologized.

"What can your patience do with my shoes? Hey! You're such an ugly fool! My god! Look at my boots, Elly! It's dirty! "

Her female companions whispered. I was nervous! Maybe that is what they would do to me because they looked furious.

"Oh! Isn't she the one living in the old house? The hunted house!" One said and pointed at me until they all looked at me.

"That's her! The one with the grandmother who looks like an old witch? Maybe she's a witch too? Why did she come in here?"

I was hurt by what they said, but I tried to reassure myself.

"Sorry again. "I said softly to them, and I ignored their insults.

"Hey! You're at fault for me, so you have to pay! Wipe my shoes, quick!" The woman said. I stepped on the glowing shoe. I looked at my shoes; they were muddy from walking compared to her boots, which were super shiny and new.

I took a deep breath and looked at her without emotion.

I held out my hand to her.

"What ?!" she shouted.

"Give me your handkerchief," I said. She looked at her handkerchief.

"And why?"

"I'll wipe your shoes. I'm in a hurry. Can you see them?" I pointed to the students who were watching us.

"They are waiting for our scene to end; if you can't accept my apology, give me your handkerchief so I can wipe your shiny shoes. I am late. I'm here to study, not to wash your shoes. "

Her mouth was gaping, and her eyes were already burning with anger.

"Why?! You think I will let you have my handkerchief?"

"I told you sorry, but you don't want to accept my apology. "I looked at my old watch and looked at her, who was about to pull me.

"Karina, that's enough! Today is the first day of class, and you're making a shame for yourself!" A man pulled her and restrained her. The woman named Karina is now in tears.

"Seth, can't you see my shoes? It's dirty! It's that woman's fault! That's a witch!" she's crying.

I closed my eyes with annoyance. I nodded and bowed. It was a grand entrance to my first year of college! I didn't know It could be this worst. I came from a public school and passed the Mayor's scholarship, so I attended a private school here.

"Okay, miss. You can go now. "Said a man named Seth.

I smiled sparingly at him. "All right, I'm sorry."

Every step I take makes me feel like an alien to them. Someone is watching my every move. There are whispers every time I pass them.

I carefully adjusted my glasses and entered our classroom. I am taking BSED. Before I entered earlier, I even sold fish to have money. My grandfather was fishing while my grandmother was selling my grandfather's fish. On the other hand, Aunt Elisa has a small income from manicures and pedicures.

So I want to graduate so I can help them. I always knew they weren't my real family. I also know they only saw me at church when I was a baby.

Even so, I did not cultivate anger. I help them to give back the help they raised me. They are my family, and I love them very much.

I survived the first day of school when someone noticed me.

"Hello!" she smiled at me and held out her hand. I stopped and looked at her.

"We're classmates. You didn't notice me because you're always serious. I'm Kaira! Isn't you, Angelica? "

I smiled at her and nodded.

"I didn't notice you before."

I was tall for her. She is well-dressed and has big glasses like me. The only difference between us is that she has a brace.

"I saw your scene earlier. Karina is really like that! She's an attention seeker! Ever since high school, she was a spoiled brat! And the man Seth? She likes him. He was the campus heartthrob. "

We walked as she spoke, and I nodded.

"Earlier, I wanted to approach you. I was taking the timing; you look so serious. I saw how you answered Karina earlier! And I'm correct! You're so beautiful! Your eyes are green! You have contact ?"

My forehead furrowed at what she said.

"I don't have a cellphone."

She burst out laughing and even slapped me on my shoulder. We are already outside our school.

"Ay! You're nice but slow! Joke! I mean, eye contact lenses! Not cellphone contact!"

I grinned and scratched my head.

"Ah, that's it! I grinned and scratched my head.

"Nothing! I don't have a phone."

She gasped with disbelief. "You mean! That's really real? Your eyes? And your curly hair? Did you color it?"

I took a strand of my hair and looked at its brilliant orange color. "Not either. It's been since I was a kid."

"Oh! I already know why Karina is mad at you because she's already seen her rival in you! You're beautiful! You look like a living doll! That's why I want you to be my friend! It's nice to be kind!"

"Oh no! Not really. You are even more pretty than me. "I joked here, and we both laughed.

We stayed a few minutes in the school's waiting shed and talked. I feel like I'm happy to have a friend. My whole life, I have had no friends because they fear me. They were afraid of our family because we were witches.

Someone came after Kaira on a tricycle. That's what she said. He came home early, so I was left in the waiting shed.

I felt hungry when I was alone. I saw street food on the school's side, so I approached it.

I even passed a black car and was dashing. I stopped because I seemed to feel something strange. I'm nervous. But I ignored it because I had nothing to worry about.

I skipped that and went straight to the food seller.

"Two orders, please!" I say it enthusiastically.

My smile faded when I saw the strange look on the face of the man selling the street food. Instead of looking into my eyes, He looked at my chest.

"I will give this all for you. Just come with me." He said. "You're a beautiful girl."

"Ah, just two, please."

"No! It's all for you. Come with me. I have a lot of food at home; come on?"

He grabbed me by the wrist to pull. But I stepped back and pulled my hand away. I swallowed and shed tears. I can not talk. With trembling feet, I ran!

My tears were already streaming down my cheeks as I ran. It's a bit dark because Kaira and I enjoyed our talk earlier, so there are only a few students.

I stopped running to hear the crash and noise of the car. I also heard people shouting!

I looked back at where I was because that's where the noise came from.

My eyes widened when I saw the bloody street food vendor who had just molested me lying on the road! The street food was scattered on the road! The black car ran over the man who molested me!

I was stunned because that was the car I had seen earlier!

I got stuck as the black car quickly left. When it passed me, the car window opened.

I got cold when I saw the man whose face I could not clear because it was dark inside. I only saw his cigarette. Even in the dark, I knew he was looking at me significantly when the car slowed down.

I saw how a man was grinning inside an expensive car. On my nerves, I ran quickly away from that black car.

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