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C3 Kiss

I was stunned as I looked at grandma and aunt Elisa, who didn't bother caring for grandpa. Grandpa has oxygen in the nose and a gaping mouth.

"Elisa, the medicine is expensive. Angel sold some fish earlier, but it's not enough."

I took a deep breath and kissed my grandfather's hand. We are in a public hospital, and the people here can't hear each other because many patients are in the same room.

I saw Aunt Elisa looking at me when she saw me looking, and she avoided it.

"Auntie, I can skip my class tomorrow. I'll take care of grandpa."

"Don't be Angelica. Your grandmother and I can handle it, can't we?"

"Yes. Besides, your teacher might scold you."

I took a deep breath and looked at grandpa beside me. Grandma and aunt continued to total grandpa's medicines. Five thousand pesos have been reduced with five thousand left. Then where else will we get the money?

The next day I couldn't sell fish because I had nothing to sell. Grandma and aunt are in the hospital watching over grandpa.

Since I didn't have enough money, I just walked to school and got up early. While walking, a gray car pulled up beside me. Its window went down, and I saw Seth smiling.

"Angelica, right? We're classmates. Have a ride with me. "I looked around and was about to be late because the sun was high.

"No, thank you. "

"It will make me feel guilty if I don't let you ride. We'll go to class and then pass you, and I will wait to take you with me. It's a pain in my ego, especially since you're a woman. Go ahead, and I'm harmless. "He smiled at me and opened the other car door.

I was gripped tightly in my bag. "I don't have any money. "

He chuckled amusingly.

"You're darn innocent. Only some have a payment. Let's say there's a replacement even if you give me a drink, even next year! "

He is even more handsome 'with his smile. Eventually, I got along with him. I would have liked to complain about the cold aircon but was embarrassed.

I saw him looking at me once, so I bowed down.

"I'm sorry for Karina's behavior, huh? She's just like that. She loves the spotlight so much. That's why. She's an only child, so spoiled."

"It's okay, but I hope I'm not always her flavor of the day because I don't want trouble."

"Don't worry, and I'll take care of it. I'll talk to her."

"Thank you."

I exited Seth's car without anyone seeing me because we went through the back gate.

In our class, I catch a glimpse of Seth staring at me. I also noticed that Ma'am Ruiz was kind to me.

"Your grandfather is unfortunate. I still have money here. You may want to borrow it. I still have something left."

I immediately shook my head at Kaira even though she hadn't finished what she was saying.

"If I borrow, I don't have a way to pay it, so don't be. Just help me get a job. "

Her eyes widened. "Oh, right! My cousin has a child! She's looking for a babysitter for her child from three to eight in the evening. I know it's a lot of money to give Angel so that you can apply there!"

I suddenly felt a sense of relief. "All right! I'm not going to enter one of our subjects this afternoon. I need to help grandma and aunt. It's for grandpa. How old is the baby?"

"Two years old. Do you know how to watch it? She's just going to a party. They will have a walk later. "

I smiled and nodded. Only a tiny amount can be given to me because it is only a few hours, but that is a big help in addition to buying my grandfather's medicine.

At three o'clock, Kaira accompanied me to her cousin's condo unit.

"Are you the one to watch over Ariana? Oh, my baby is so naughty! It's only now that my mom and Kaira can't protect her. They are busy, so I need someone who can babysit whom I can trust. Food is in the fridge, and Ariana's needs are already prepared in the box, so there's nothing to do but watch her. "

I nodded and glanced at her two-year-old baby on the sofa. I won't have a hard time with free food!

"Angel, I'm going with my sister Celine huh? Besides, she'll give you money later so there's no problem. "

"Yes, Angel. Besides, you're beautiful."

I think my cheek is red.

"Oh no! Not really. "

They both laughed at me because they might have seen my blush.

"You're still smart! Maybe next time!"

I nodded enthusiastically. "No problem! You can count on me. "

Then they left. I sat on the sofa while cuddling baby Ariana while we watched tv. I was holding a tuna sandwich, and the juice was on the table. The food is free.

A strange smell stopped me. "Oh, come on!" I smelled Ariana's diaper and smelled her popo!

I slapped my forehead. Damn. I forgot this one!

After I took off Ariana's diaper, I took wipes and wiped her ass. I need to practice, too, because I'm also a woman. Of course, I will also have a family in the future, so this is a significant advantage of my extra job now.

At eight o'clock in the evening, Ate Celine made me eat dinner with them first before sending me home. She even offered to request a Grab Taxi, but I refused. I can do it.

Because Ate Celine's condo unit is on the 16th floor, I even took the elevator down.

While in the elevator, I held the money of two thousand that sister Celine had given me earlier. She even gave me some food. I will give it to grandpa later.

I kept the money at the same time as the elevator opened. I was nervous when a very tall man entered. The smell of his body spread even inside the elevator when he entered.

He is wearing a black cap and a black t-shirt. I can't see his eyes because he's wearing a hat. All I could see were his stubbles and his lips. His body has the right muscles.

I took a deep breath as the elevator closed because we were on the 10th floor. I tightened my grip on my bag. I averted my eyes as he looked at me. I almost choked my heart because of my nervousness. Darn!

What kind of a man is he? Why can he make my heart beat like this? Tsk!

"Oh my god!" suddenly, the light in the elevator went out, which I cursed!

The man crossed his arms to the side and didn't seem to bother. Until the elevator stopped going down and the lights went out!

"Ahhh !! No !!" I shouted and let go of the bag of food. In my stupidity, I ran to the man and hugged him! What the heck?

Not in the dark! I am afraid of the night! Shit! It's so dark! Why am I still with a stranger?

"P-Please, don't let me go. I'm scared." My tears are welling up. I'm so close to him. He was already gripping my waist tightly and, at the same time, leaning my head on this man's chest!

I could feel his breath in my head. I shivered as he gently stroked my back.

I could see nothing but darkness. I'm scared. I pressed my body even closer to him. His breathing became heavy.

"Fuckin 'shit," He cursed under his breath. I gasped when he grabbed a handful of my hair, so I looked up at him. I couldn't see anything, but I could feel his breath.

"Ahh!" I was stunned when he violently leaned against the elevator wall and touched my jaw.

"Uhhmmmpp-" He kissed me savagely on the lips. I could feel the softness of his lips. I could feel the heat of her body so close to me. His body nailed me to the wall as his hand clenched my wrist upwards.

The nervousness mixed, and I felt inexplicable emotions.

This is my first kiss. A stranger took my very first kiss. I also want to beat myself up because a part of me likes it.

I do not fight because he is too strong. "N-No p-please hmmm-" I spoke as he stopped, but he kissed me again.

His kisses with tongue. Kissing is addictive. Kiss that I first tasted. A kiss from a stranger. Shit!

"At last." he drawled huskily and kissed me again.

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