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C4 Program

"Angel, are you okay?" Aunt Elisa told me. We both looked at grandpa, who still didn't wake up.

I thought deeply about the man who kissed me inside the elevator. After the kiss, he also opens the elevator and quickly exits. I can still feel how he kiss me. I can still feel the warmth of his lips on me. I could feel how it bit and sucked my lower lip. Nor did I protest after a few minutes of him kissing me. I even got gripped tight in his t-shirt! I want to tweak myself! I'm going crazy thinking about who my first kiss is!

"Angel?" Aunt snapped me up again. Her forehead furrowed. "What are you thinking?."

I smiled and shook my head. "Not aunt. I'm wondering when grandpa will wake up. Besides, do we have money? This hospital is private, isn't it?"

Auntie bent down and took a deep breath. "I plan to pledge our land first." she seemed to have second thoughts when she told me.

My eyes widened.

"Auntie, no! That has sentimental value to grandpa. His ancestor inherited it, didn't he? Surely grandma won't allow it either."

"Your grandmother agreed. Besides, it's just a mortgage. We can also get that back."

"How? Where are we going to get big money, aunt?"

She fell silent at what I said. I can see the stress on her face. "We didn't buy papa's other medicine anymore. Grandma looked for someone to borrow money and went to the captain for help."

"I'll make a way, aunt."

She nodded and touched me on the cheek. "You're a sensible child." A chisel passed in its eyes. "You're beautiful and smart. Don't neglect your studies, huh? That's all we can give you."

"I'll try, aunt. I'll be a teacher one day too."

The next day I went to school. I immediately saw Kaira.

"How are you taking care of Ariana?" she asked, adjusting the glasses.


"Or why do you look sad? Sister Celine gave you money, didn't she?"

"Yes..because it's for my grandfather."

The students in the alley stared at us and whispered. I know they don't like me. I knew they didn't want me from how they looked and treated me.

Kaira's face lit up. "Tomorrow! Sister Celine is leaving. I will take care of Ariana if you need more money, so you can! "

My heart beat fast. I remember the man who kissed me. If I go there again, will he still be there? Why should I look for him again? I don't want the kiss.

I nodded to Kaira. We entered our room together. Like the old times, we were very head-turners. My male classmates smiled. They sighed.

"They're still together, huh?"

"They both nerd."

"You both look like witches."

"Shut up, students, and go back to your seats!" Prof Ruiz told them. So they fell silent.

"Let it go. I think they ate a lot of bitterness. They are bitter with our beauties." Kaira smiled. Because we are side by side, Seth and Karina are in the other row.

I pulled up the chair and would have sat down. But when I sat down when someone pulled my chair! Feeling the pain while still sitting made me close my eyes tightly. Our classmates laughed.

"Hey! Why did you do that ?! "Kaira shouted at the man who pulled my chair back.

"I didn't pull it!"

I could feel my body heating up with anger. I stood up slowly and adjusted the skirt of my uniform.

"Hey! Your legs are smooth! The panty is pink!" The others laughed. I closed my eyes sharply and looked at the man who had made it. Without saying a word, I punched him in the nose. Blood flowed immediately. I saw him pale and touched his nose.

"Stop it!" Miss Ruiz grabbed my elbow.

"It's not like you're a man; I won't hit you!" my tears rolled down.

"Your witch's!" My classmates were furious with me and wanted to hit me, but Seth stopped them.

"I saw you..you pulled the chair." He shouted to our classmates and looked at me with concern.

"Seth! Don't join right there!" Karina hissed.

Miss Ruiz rubbed her forehead as if troubled. "I will not tolerate such behavior in this school. Two of you! Go to the principal's office!"

Because of what was done, not one of us survived the penalty. Tonight the school has a program. All sponsors, teachers, and principals of various schools will attend. That's why other teachers were busy fixing up our gymnasium earlier.

As punishment, we had to serve drinks and food at the gym later to make up for it. We also have more points when we come back later tonight.

"The bullies here at school should be charged." Kaira scolded after we got ready to go home.

"That's why we should be able to graduate as teachers. Let's teach good manners to the children. I want the next generations to be different from our generation today. There are many corrupt and deceitful people. So as we teach, we will understand what is right and wrong. "

"Wow! Very well said, Ma'am Batungbakal!" she laughs. "You're wonderful, but your last name is a stunt!"

I just laughed at what she said. "You have a nice name, but you're ugly!" I laughed at her, and she pulled my hair.


"That's not funny!"

I signed peace with her. "It's just a joke!"

"I know!"

It's already six o'clock. Cars are entering the gate that are the sponsors of our school. Some participants attend. They will probably dance later.

"Are you going back to school? Why?"

I was already dressed when Aunt Elisa saw me. She arranges fruit and food to be taken to her grandfather in the hospital.

I nodded and adjusted my gray dress. "There's a program."

"All right, be careful. Besides, your dress is too long." Grandma pointed to my knee where my skirt was up to.

"It's okay. We're supposed to serve there. Besides, I'll be there for a while."

"But it's night and dark on the road." There was concern in his voice. "Come with me on the tricycle. I'll take you to school."

"Thank you, aunt."

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