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Protect What's His/C5 For Grandpa
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C5 For Grandpa

I arrived at school at eight o'clock. Miss Ruiz and I bumped into the faculty.

"Oh! I've been looking for you! Barcelona didn't even come! I'll drop him! "

"Go to the gymnasium, and don't make a mess ." She adjusted her blue dress.

"Yes, Miss Ruiz."

I looked out of place because of what I wore while they wore lovely dresses.

"Hey! Angelica, please give me some juice." I was shocked to hear Karina's voice. She sat in the chair and stared at the stage where teachers talked about the school's achievements.

I gave her some juice.

I looked at the whole gymnasium and saw the man with his arms outstretched. The complete suit he was wearing was elegant. He wasn't looking at the stage but at me. I blinked, and I bowed nervously.

This is so a foreign feeling. He seemed familiar to me. I looked back at where he was. He was still there, and his dark and mysterious eyes were staring at me. He's like an illegal Greek god. You don't look at him because he is surrounded by power. He has a dark appeal. He was so handsome that you would think that even a wonderful woman would not fit into him. Even from a distance, I knew he was big.

But why am I focusing on him? I turned away and returned the saucer to the table. I was so caught up in my heart that I was so nervous. He was very familiar, his body and jaw.

"Is that him?" I asked myself. Suddenly he stood up and adjusted the coat. Almost everyone looked at him. He grabbed attention, especially with the accompanying four bodyguards.

They go out to the gym. My foot seems to have a mind of its own. I quickened my pace and followed him.

I did a walk into the corridor of the school where I last saw his bodyguards. The surroundings are dark; the only light is the rooms with moving lights, so the beams are only minor.

I want to know if he is that man. I want to know why he did that. Why did he kiss me?

My heart was pounding as I ran, but I didn't see the man who was stirring in my heart. Except for the distraction in my mind, my heart was disturbed by it.

An idea flashed through my mind. "Yes!" I ran into the school parking lot.

One by one, I looked at the brand of the cars, but I needed to remember something like his car. One by one, I inspected them. I approached the black vehicle. It was very tinted and had a horse branded on the front. Expensive.

But he's not here. I failed to recognize the man who first kissed me! Even his name or face! But I don't know, and it looks like he is. I can't be wrong.

I almost scratched my hair in annoyance and turned forward.

"-Fuck!" I was just disappointed to face him when a man pushed me. He pressed my hand to the side. My eyes rolled when I saw this man I was following!

"What are you doing here, young lady?" My heart also fell because of its sensual and hoarse voice. The same goes for the man who kissed me in the elevator.

I blinked and couldn't find anything to say.

"Uhh ..." I swallowed as he pressed me harder against his body. I felt the cold of his car behind me.

"Don't make me repeat myself, young lady," he warned, tightening his grip on my body. I could feel the slap of his breath on my face.

. I like the warmth of his body. I don't know, but I'm very nervous, but I like the feeling of my nervousness.

"You Are ... "I was stopped by his tight grip on me. He almost hugged me. My hand is very loose. My hand seemed to have a thought of its own and clung to his suit.

His lips came even closer to my ear and whispered. "Tell me ..."

My chest is high and low. So much nervousness and a strange sensation engulfed my being.

"Are you .... the .."

I was startled when his lip landed on my ear. "The?"

The night wind blew. I shivered as the cold wind hit us. "Who kisses me in the elevator?" I asked shamelessly.

He chuckled. Damn! Even his simple laugh is weird. He is familiar to me very much. I can't explain it now, but I feel it. I feel like I'm connected to him. He is entitled to me. From the moment I saw him, my mind seemed to be enchanted, and my daily life changed utterly.

The black car came back to my memory. Back in my memory, the man in the elevator. His lip and jaw. The man in front of me is the man who kissed me. I can't be wrong.

"aren't you?" I said. Darkness covered his face, but I knew he was looking at me. "Answer m-me."

"How did you say that it is me?" his playful answer.

I bit my lips and looked at his lips. I blinked as his stare at me became more dangerous.

"Kiss me ..." I said boldly. I did not see him as shocked as I expected, but anger and resentment I saw.

"Kiss me--"

"If I kiss you again today, I can't promise to take you to my bed and claim you repeatedly..."

My eyes rolled at what he brutally said and at what I realized.

"You-" I pushed him, but he just made me back, so I was sent back to my previous position. He wrapped me in his arms.

"Will I still kiss you? Hmm ..." He whispered in my ear.

"Huh, Angelica?" I bit my lip at another find-out. This mysterious man knows a lot about me. I do not understand why. But I feel we're connected. I can feel it.

I was confused, trying to look at him. I gathered all the strength to say it. This man took my first kiss. I'm completely exhausted.

"I'm willing to go with you.." I was startled when his piercing eyes turned into the slit. The danger registered on his face.

"I-I need -money for my grandfather..." I bowed in embarrassment.

But his thumb pulled up my chin to meet his gaze. "I'll pay even a billion more.."

My heart was pounding. This is for grandpa.

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