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C6 Handkerchief

I am now inside a fancy car. It smells good, and its interior designs are beautiful.

I was stunned by his face. It seems like a beautiful sight I have only observed so closely.

When he stopped, he looked at me. My cheeks grew hot when he saw that I was stunned by him. His jaw and lips are familiar to me. He is!

I coughed and looked at him. The nervousness I felt I could almost touch. Will I give myself to him?

"You're the man in the elevator, aren't you?" I confirm.

He ran his tongue over his lower lip and avoided his gaze. "It's me."

My lips parted, and I sat up. He admitted! "Why did you kiss me?"

"You were the first to hug me. I hugged you, so in return, I kissed you." He smirked and tilted his head cockily.

He's rude!

"A-Ah, okay." I was embarrassed. My face got hot. To my surprise, we were right in front of our old house!


I was stopped when he handed me a calling card. "I know you're not ready for this. Call me if you need anything."

Gradually I accepted the calling card. "B-But how did you know that I live here? When will you give me the Money? My grandfather is sick-"

His sigh stopped me. I don't want to say much. "When there are many questions, many kisses."

I desperately nodded for my grandfather. "At least five thousand pesos per kiss," I said desperately.

He nodded coldly at me and pulled a check out of his pocket. He wrote and signed something there.

"Not now; just call me if you need anything."

He handed it to me. It was still a long time before I got down there. I was impressed with his caliber. My heartbeat seemed to speed up.

"Thank you," I said as I exited his fancy car. When it left, my eyes just followed it.

"Did you see that? She was delivered by a fancy car!"

"She's ugly."

"She looks like a nun."

I just closed my eyes tightly and entered our house. No one is here because they are in the hospital.

Somehow I already have Money. I sat on my bed and looked at the check. I was shocked and almost threw it away.

"Fifty thousand ?!" I covered my mouth.

I can't believe what I see. I immediately shoved his calling card into my pocket. I searched for my cell phone and realized I didn't have one!!! Ugh!

I blushed and just hid the calling card in the cabinet. "I wish I could say thank you. He's very sensible."

I woke up nicely the following day. I'm getting ready to go to school. I'm going to withdraw the Money this lunchtime.

"Oh, what's up? You're going to Celine's condo later?" Kaira asked me as we sat down. Our teacher entered the first subject in the morning, so I nodded. She thumbs up to me.

Even though Leon Monasterio gave me a lot of Money, our hospital bill is still more significant. We've been there for two weeks, so when there's a chance to have an extra job, I'll grab it right away.

Yes, Leon Monasterio is the name of the man I first kissed. The man gave me a shiver and a butterfly in my stomach—the most handsome man I had ever seen.

Even though he was tall and stiff, his impact on me was different. Maybe because he was my first kiss?

Our Algebra teacher took a quiz.

I got the highest score, but our classmates ranted about it.

During the day, I was in the locker and putting all the books in my locker. I couldn't withdraw the Money this lunch break because we did a thesis in the library after a quick meal in the canteen.

When the book poured into the locker, I closed it. It's three o'clock today. After withdrawing, I will take it to the hospital and go to Celine's condo.

I took the check out of my pocket. I am so happy that after all the hardship, I can still find a way to earn Money and give this to my grandfather.

"Hey! What's that? Love letter ?!"

I was stunned when Karina suddenly appeared with her two friends.

"Hey, give that back to me! That's for my grandfather!" I said to her when she was about to split the cheque!

Damn! She just split it into two! It's a considerable amount of Money!!

My lips parted, and the fall of its piece to the floor seemed to be in slow motion.

"Oops! Sorry!"

"You bastard!" I grabbed her hair and pushed her to the floor. I was startled by the screams of her two friends.

"Do you know what that is ?!" my tears fell in regret and miscellaneous emotions.

"That's a huge amount of Money! "I cried and pulled her hard. I want to separate her head from the neck. "That's for grandpa!"

Someone grabbed me suddenly and separated me from Karina, who lost consciousness. Seth immediately attended to her.

"What are you doing?!" He is mad at me.

I adjusted myself and wiped away the tears. "Ask her friends. Check the CCTV because I know those are liars too." I pointed to Karina's friends.

"There's CCTV; you can ask about it in the monitor room. If you want to hear, there's a speaker. I don't believe that I'm at fault. Look at the evidence. I hope she's happy."

Before the new tears fell, I turned around and looked at the cheque. Little by little, my tears welled up.

I never went to the hospital because I was so sad. The Money is torn. What will Leon tell me? That I just ripped his fifty thousand? Where can I earn it again?

I went straight to Ate Celine's condo and watched over her child.

I am also very grateful that she gave me three thousand. She got back home at seven o'clock.

"Thank you, Celine."

"Thanks for watching, too. Arianna is fine with you. Can I ask for a favor again, if ever?"

"Of course."

I know she noticed my puffy eyes, but it keeps me from asking. I mourned the loss of my Money.

I used the elevator. I also did not notice the man who entered. I remained quiet. I didn't even see my tears.

"I think you need this." someone handed me a handkerchief.

I slowly looked at the owner of the hand. My lips parted.

"L-Leon?" I stuttered. Suddenly, I wanted to cry.

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