The Cold CEO is My Husband/C1 The Game be a Bit too Big
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The Cold CEO is My Husband/C1 The Game be a Bit too Big
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C1 The Game be a Bit too Big

"Mo Yanann, your cousin is pregnant with my child. If you still wish to save face, then stop pestering me. Your cousin is the one I love, not you. Besides, we're now together. It was only your wishful thinking and delusion. So, please go away!"



Those harsh words pierced through Mo Yanann's heart. After five years of hard work in their relationship, she had never expected her boyfriend to treat with such an attitude.

Back then, her family already disapproved of this relationship. Despite the fact that the others treated her like a source of money and a slut, she nevertheless chose to be with her boyfriend.

And what did she get anything in return?

A boyfriend who cheated on her with her cousin. What was worse is that she even had a child with him.

The continuous pain caused by this messed up situation led her heart and mind into disarray. Her tears were about to flow down from her eyes as she fell on her knees, disheartened and broken.


11 PM at the bar.

Mo Yanann had drank a lot tonight.

"Hey, An An. Stop drinking and let's play a game." Ceng Xiaoxing, who was sitting next to Mo Yanann, pushed her playfully with a smile on her face.

"Game? Sure. W-what game?" Mo Yanann said in voice indicating that she was drunk.

Ceng Xiaoxing shook the dice in his hand, "How about this? The loser will drink."


"Haih, what's the point of only drinking? Let's play something even more excited. The loser will have to promise the winner's request, it can't be rejected no matter what's the request. What do you think, Mo Yanann? Do you dare to play?" A man beside Mo Yanann interrupted her once she finished talking.

Mo Yanann's heart, already broken, did not care much for anything else. "Come...let's do it! Do you think I'm scared?!" she proclaimed after the provocation by her friend.

"Three threes."

"Four fives!"

"Five sixes!"

"I don't believe you have five sixes. Open it!"

"Really?" The man smirked cunningly. He seemed rather confident in his certainty to win.

"Open it!"

The moment she saw the dice, Mo Yanann regretted. No, it is impossible.

Two ones, three sixes, and one five.

She lost. "I-I lost. Say, what do you want me to do. I, Mo Yanann, am a man of my words."

"We should play something even more fun today. Stand at the door and count to ten. Pounced towards and kiss that person immediately no matter it's a man or a woman, pretty or ugly." The man pointed at the door after some thoughts.

Mo Yanann stunned and remain silent. That man really knew how things worked even Ceng Xiaoxing failed to save her.

Mo Yanann was certainly not afraid, but what if the person who walked in was ugly or an old man?

"Jian Hua, you've gone too far."

"What do you mean? A bet is a bet. We've agreed on this beforehand. Otherwise, she can kiss me too. Haha, in case she runs into a wretched old man later." The man stared at her and said lewdly.

Mo Yanann looked incredibly enchanting with her tipsy blushing cheeks, captivating eyes and feminine features that could bewitch all men alike.

Just as Ceng Xiaoxin was about to pull Mo Yanann, Mo Yanann stood up all of the sudden, as if she was unafraid of dying.

"I'll go!"

"Wow! A heroine!"

The words immediately elevated everyone's spirit, resulting in revelry within the club.

"Then we'll count them for you."

Mo Yanann staggered towards the door in her drunken state. Perhaps also due to the breakup, she had become bolder than before.

Mo Yanann lowered her head, not daring to look at the by-passers and began counting.

1, 2...



He had finally arrived.

Mo Yanann saw a pair of black leather shoes passing by her feet. It was him.

I am giving everything I have!

Mo Yanann lifted her head and she saw a charming handsome man with eyes seemingly of a black pearl, a tall nose, and perfect thin lips standing before her. Every of his existence continuously shown God to be unfair.

However, the chilling aura emanating from his being made it difficult to approach him.

She should be glad that she met a man of perfection rather than an ugly man or someone with the same gender.

However, she could felt that this man was very dangerous and he was not someone she could mess with.

Ceng Xiaoxing had been wiping off her drool on her seat, "Damn! He's so handsome! I'd have volunteered myself if I've known earlier!" In the meantime, she waved at Mo Yanann desperately, hinting her to kiss him.

I cannot miss out on such a handsome man!

Mo Yanann squinted her eyes and grab on that man as if she was ready to die at any moment.

The man finally turned around, without saying anything but only gazed at her with a disgusted look. His indifferent gaze was frighteningly cold. Looking at him felt as if she was in a blizzard.

Mo Yanann was slightly terrified because she had never been so bold before. Other than his ex-boyfriend, she had never taken any initiative to approach another man.

However, she had no way out now. A bet is a bet, if she did not do what she had promised, she would have to kiss Jian Hua that pervert. This is definitely not what she wanted!

Therefore, she would rather take the risk to kiss that indifferent man even if she might be treated as a pervert. It does not matter.

Mo Yanann lowered her head and pounced on to him. "It's just a kiss," she muttered within herself.

"Get out of the way." The man ignored Mo Yanann's existence. Just as he was about to walk past her, he noticed that she was pulling onto him even tighter. He stared at her beautiful blushed face, listening to her vague and unclear words. He could not help but startled for a moment. A trace of astonishment flashed through his eyes, but they turned stone-cold immediately.

"Give me a kiss, and then what?" The man spoke with a deep manly voice. His calm tone, though clear, failed to produce any emotions.

Mo Yanann thought that he would reject her or treat her as a lunatic. However, she did not expect him to ask such a question.

"Then…" Mo Yanann lifted her eyes hesitantly, staring into his lackluster eyes.

"Then are you gonna stripe? and sex? " It was hard to imagine that he would actually say such embarrassing words in such a manner as if he was talking about how good the weather was today.

Mo Yanann did not want to have any further conversation with him, so, she gave him a kiss just to complete her mission. However, she was provoked by his words, as she had heard the conversation between her ex-boyfriend and her cousin saying that she was a conservative woman who did not want to have sex with him. Therefore, she raged immediately when she heard him saying that!

"What else can men do other than having sex!" Mo Yanann yelled angrily and pulled on his arm with even more strength. Meanwhile, a trace of anger appeared on the man's stern face as he felt like he had met a lunatic!

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