Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C11 Take You to the Most Beautiful Sunset
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Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C11 Take You to the Most Beautiful Sunset
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C11 Take You to the Most Beautiful Sunset

Seven months later

The Sea of Love was a romantic place for lovers on the Greek peninsula. It was said that one could see the most beautiful sunset on earth while living in a fairy-tale windmill. At this moment, a white private plane was slowly flying over the azure sea.

When she thought back to the four months of endless begging and the unbearable memories, she really did not want to remember them anymore. The bitter days had finally come to an end.

Inside the plane, Su Rao was quietly lying inside the window, admiring the irregular pattern formed by the islands above the sea. The pleasant image immediately made her forget her worries.

Su Rao couldn't wait to support her stomach as she walked down to the side of the plane. Soong Eryi, the gentleman beside the plane, reached out his hand to help her down, and the breeze gradually blew up, lifting up her waist-length hair, a green skirt that reached past her knees, and her belly that was protruding high above her head. With the support of the wind, she unsteadily walked down to the seaside.

"So beautiful!" Looking at the deep blue seawater splashing against the rocks on the shore, Su Rao couldn't help but praise.

"If this can be considered beautiful, then I'll show you how much more beautiful it is!"

Soon after, a sightseeing car slowly drove towards them from a distance. Before she could even react, Soong Eryi carefully led her into the car and drove against the wind, the sun was already setting along the road.

On a side road, the tourist car stopped. Soong Eryi pulled her out of the car and warned gently, "Be careful!"

Soong Eryi patiently pulled her along the rocky road until a long white table and two white leather chairs were in his line of sight.

"Sit!" Soong Eryi carefully pulled out a chair for her, then the two sat side by side.

In the evening, as the sea breeze blew, the light of the setting sun gradually dimmed and became gentler. Like a big red lantern with gentle flame, it shone on the human body as if it was coated with a layer of gold. Slowly, the deep blue sea lost its original color, and like drinking wine from a rose, it became drunk and overflowed with light and color.

As the sky gradually darkened, the white lines by the sea suddenly lit up. There were a few western waiters who came with plates and placed them on the table one by one. Su Rao smiled affectionately at Soong Eryi and suddenly moved her abdomen.

Soong Eryi was puzzled. He saw Su Rao point to her moving abdomen with her index finger at the corner of her lips. Her stomach was sometimes protruding and sometimes falling. The child was playfully kicking left and right.

With a rare smile, he laid a napkin gently for Su Rao and quietly cut the steak on her plate. Su Rao's gaze shifted to Soong Eryi as she looked at his handsome face and his skilled movements. For a moment, her heart thumped in her chest.

He had never felt this way before. It seemed that ever since she was pregnant, Soong Eryi had been extremely gentle towards her, as if they had been in love in the past.


Su Rao was really shocked by her own thoughts. She fell in love with Soong Eryi?

No, I don't think so!

"Have a taste, this steak is pretty good!" While she was still immersed in her thoughts, a gentle voice pulled her back to reality.

Su Rao looked down and found that the steak on the plate had indeed been cut into a small piece. She picked up the fork and started to taste it slowly.

Just as he had said, it tasted especially good when combined with the black pepper juice.

Soong Eryi raised the glass of red wine in his hand and indicated for her to clink it.

"Do you like such a candlelight dinner after watching the sunset?"

"I like it!" She blushed and shyly nodded her head.

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