Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C12 She must be Very Happy Very Happy
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Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C12 She must be Very Happy Very Happy
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C12 She must be Very Happy Very Happy

After dinner, Soong Eryi led her along the brightly lit alleyway, where hawkers were hawking their wares. Su Rao walked up to a shop selling jewelry and pointed at a string of shining necklaces hanging on the wall. The shop owner smiled sweetly, took them off and placed them by her side.

Soong Eryi walked over and put his arm around her shoulders. He glanced at the exquisite necklace in her hands and asked lightly, "Do you like it?"

Su Rao nodded subconsciously. She saw Soong Eryi take out his wallet from his pocket and say in fluent English, "how muchisis?"

The shop owner made a gesture and sincerely said, "135 euros."

Then, Soong Eryi took out a 500 euro note from his wallet and passed it to the shop owner, "Keepthechange!"

Su Rao swallowed her saliva. Was this the legendary rich man?

After wrapping up the jewelry, the shop owner enthusiastically sent them off before the two of them returned to their residence.

As soon as he returned to his room, Soong Eryi unbuttoned his shirt. Without a care, he took off his clothes and took out his pajamas from the wardrobe. He looked at Su Rao beside the chuang and said lightly, "I'm going to take a bath!"

She nodded. Soong Eryi walked into the bathroom without looking back, and after a while, there was the sound of water splashing. Su Rao took out her wrapped jewelry from the box, walked to the mirror, and slowly put on the necklace.

Su Rao turned around gracefully in the mirror and opened the door. Soong Eryi walked out with his wet hair hanging on his head. She walked forward with a smile and displayed her necklace.

"How is it, is it beautiful?"

Soong Eryi wiped his hair and glanced at her. Then, he walked to the side of the bed and said calmly, "Not bad!"

Su Rao pouted, looking unhappy.

That's a bad mouth. Praise her, what can you do?

"I've been tired all day. Hurry up and take a bath!"

"Oh!" She reluctantly walked into the bathroom with her pajamas in hand.

In the pitch-black room, Su Rao had difficulty breathing as she leaned against the bed. She looked at the figure with her back facing her and asked softly, "Are you asleep?"


Hearing his voice, Su Rao smiled warmly. Turning around, she saw him lying flat on the floor.

"Young Master, who do you think our children will be more like in the future?"

Perhaps when he arrived, they were more like a complete family, at least a happy and blissful family. With the children making a racket in the room, Soong Eryi was helplessly picking up toys from behind the children, while she was sitting on the sofa, watching with a smile.

"I don't know!"

Su Rao pouted and poked his arm, feeling wronged. "Aren't you expecting your child to come?"

"Mm, I'm looking forward to it …" But I want to sleep more now! "

"Alright!" She answered magnanimously, then Soong Eryi pulled on the blanket and fell asleep.

Su Rao lay down with a smile and stuck close to his broad back, her arms subconsciously hugging his waist.

She had to be very happy, very happy to go on.

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