Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C15 What's the Matter with You?
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Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C15 What's the Matter with You?
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C15 What's the Matter with You?

Su Rao walked along the shore with her eyes red and swollen. Even without Soong Eryi's company, her heart was empty; even in the beautiful scenery, she had no time to appreciate it. Not far away from her were a few servants standing around, watching her every move without any hesitation.

Su Rao bent down with great difficulty to remove her shoes. She slowly walked towards the sea, but before she could take two steps, her arm was firmly grabbed. She turned around and saw the servants' faces filled with anxiety.

"Miss Su, Mister has instructed you that you are not allowed to approach Hai Shui!"

Her nose was sniffing and her eyes were burning. She shook off the servant's hand and a mocking smile appeared on her face.

"Who told you I'm committing suicide?!"

The servant was stunned. He was obviously looking at her with a sad expression as he walked towards Hai Shui. Usually, the first thought that came to people's minds was to live a peaceful life. Could they be mistaken?

Hearing her say so, the servant followed closely behind until the seawater had passed her knees. Su Rao then stopped and lightly sobbed into the breeze.

The cold, bone-piercing seawater spread from her feet to her entire body. As she wiped away her tears, she thought about the grievances she had suffered during this period of time and felt even more sorrowful.

On the shore, Soong Eryi received a servant's call and rushed over. He stared at her back with a pale face, then quickly walked to her side while stepping on a pair of black handmade leather shoes. Seeing this, the servant hurriedly retreated to the shore.

Soong Eryi pulled her arm roughly and roared with a cold face, "What the hell are you doing?!"

Su Rao rubbed her burning eyes as she struggled to get rid of her arm. She said stubbornly, "I don't need you to care! Let me go! "

"Come up here, do you hear me?!" Soong Eryi pulled Su Rao's arm towards the shore without any hesitation.

It was so cold in the morning, and she had been soaking in the sea for so long. Did this woman really want to die!?

Su Rao clung onto the sea stubbornly, but she refused to go out. Soong Eryi didn't care about that, even if he had to drag her along.

"Ah …" At that moment, Su Rao, who was squatting in the sea, cried out in pain.

Soong Eryi exerted a little strength and turned around to see her squatting in the sea with her upper body soaked. She bit her lower lip and used one hand to cover her calf.

"What's the matter with you?"

Soong Eryi let go and saw Su Rao hugging her leg in pain.

"Pfft." "Crack." She struggled to get the word out of her throat.

"Su Rao, stand up quickly. We need to get on shore as soon as possible!" Soong Eryi squatted down anxiously and tried to pick her up.

Unexpectedly, Su Rao angrily pushed his hand away, and Soong Eryi walked to the shore angrily, ready to ignore her. Unexpectedly, her cramped leg did not manage to squat properly, and she fell straight into the bone-chilling seawater, gulping down a few mouthfuls of water under the struggle of her hands.

"Save …"

Hearing the sound of splashing water, Soong Eryi's heart tightened. He turned around and ran into the sea. With his big palm, he picked her up and carried her while she was unconscious. Then, Soong Eryi yelled towards the shore —

"What are you all blanking out for!?" Hurry up and come over! "

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