Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C16 Start Preparing for Induction of Labor(1)
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Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C16 Start Preparing for Induction of Labor(1)
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C16 Start Preparing for Induction of Labor(1)


The reflection of the windmill houses in the brightly lit castle reflected the dark sea. From time to time, melodious music would come from bars along the coast, noisy alleys, and at the end of the night, the sounds of the crowd could be heard. Su Rao, who was on the bed, was busy talking while she turned her body over and over before she picked up her coat from the edge of the bed, walked to the window, opened the glass door, and slowly walked out.

The night breeze was filled with the smell of salt seawater. Su Rao sat on the rattan chair on the balcony, quietly watching the scene in a deep daze.

"Cough, cough …" She covered her mouth and coughed out uncomfortably.

After sleeping for the whole day, her body felt sore and weak. She feebly curled up on a rattan chair, enjoying the wind blowing from the Mediterranean Sea.

"Click ~ ~ ~"

The door was pushed open, and the dim room immediately lit up. Su Rao closed her eyes, listening to the footsteps approaching her.

"Miss Su, you are sick. Mister has instructed you not to blow the wind!"

A soft voice rang in her ear. The servant respectfully stood beside her. Seeing that Su Rao's eyes were closed, she bent down and patted Su Rao lightly.

"Miss Su, if you're tired, go to your room and sleep!"

Su Rao opened her eyes, glanced at the servant, and waved her hand. "No need, I'll take a seat and go back to my room!"

The servant looked troubled. He wanted to remind Su Rao again, but when he saw the resolute expression on her face, he couldn't stop himself from looking at her.

The autumn night's wind was getting colder and colder, and the servant shivered slightly. Seeing that Su Rao didn't make any movements, he reminded her, "Miss Su, please return to your room!"

"Cough, cough …" Ever since she choked on the water in the morning, she felt something was wrong with her throat. She couldn't help but want to scratch it. Su Rao coughed at her throat before pulling on her coat and walking in.

This time, the servant locked the window, pulled the curtains, and walked to the bed. He picked up the medicine and water that he had prepared beforehand and handed it over to the servant.

After taking the medicine, Su Rao fell into a deep slumber. The servant checked all the windows before turning off the lights and leaving the room.

Early in the morning, another red sun rose. The servant opened the door as usual, pushing in all kinds of sumptuous breakfasts. When he opened the curtains, he saw Su Rao sleeping soundly on the bed.

"Miss Su, we have brought your breakfast!"

The servant stood by the couch and called out to her in his gentlest voice.

"Miss Su!"

"..." There was no movement.

"Miss Su!"

"…" Still no response.

After a few consecutive shouts, the servant stretched out his hand and probed her forehead. He did not know what had happened, but once he did, he realized that her forehead was burning.

"Don't bother, Miss Su is going to have a fever!" Come in and take a look! " the servant shouted towards the door.

After a while, a few bodyguards and medical personnel rushed in. The nurse quickly hung up the IV, and her hands and feet were all over the place.

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