Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C4 Damn It Get out of My Way
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Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C4 Damn It Get out of My Way
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C4 Damn It Get out of My Way

"Su Rao, in this lifetime, I will love you very much!"

"Su Rao, you can only look at me. You can't tolerate other men!"

"Su Rao …"

The oaths that he had once made seemed to be still by his ears, as if they were still clearly visible to him, the man who had treated her with so much warmth and elegance.

She was just in trouble, why did she have to be so cruel as to let her know that her best friend and her most beloved man had betrayed her?

Suddenly, a stream of cold tears fell down his face.

She squatted powerlessly in the middle of the road, hugged her shoulders and cried out.

After a long while, she finally swallowed and said, "Ren Huihui, Wang Hao, you are a man and woman who will be punished by the heavens!"

"Whooosh ~ ~ ~"

Su Rao was shocked by the loud horn behind her. With red eyes, she turned around subconsciously. Not far away, a black business car had hit her with a spotlight. It then stuck its head out of the window and waved at her.

Annoyed, he shouted, "Die! Scram!"

Su Rao bit her lower lip, her eyes burning with tears. Under the intense light, it was difficult for her to open her eyes. She randomly grabbed a large rock at her feet and threw it at the windshield without thinking.

"Push on what!" With a loudspeaker, it was truly amazing! It's amazing to have a car! "

"Bang ~ ~ ~"

Accompanied by her angry roar, the windshield instantly shattered to the ground with a loud sound.

At this moment, the back door of the car was pushed open, and a black figure walked towards her. Before she could react, her wrist was gripped tightly by someone, causing her eyes to widen from the pain.

He had a smooth and fair face with a sharp and handsome look. His dark, deep eyes were suffused with a charming luster. His thick eyebrows, tall nose, and absolutely beautiful lips were all exuding elegance and elegance.

She swallowed her saliva, when she heard a cold voice from above: "Miss, you have guts! You even dare to smash my glass! "

"I …"

"I see you squatting in the middle of the road. It's a pity that your conspiracy didn't succeed! " Without a doubt, her handsome face did not reveal any hint of mockery. In fact, there was even a hint of disgust. The sneer at the corner of her mouth was caught red-handed by her.

Su Rao tried her best to struggle free from her wrist, and was a little angry, "Who dares to touch porcelain? The way is yours? So what if I want to squat in the middle of the road?

As soon as she finished speaking, Su Rao was pulled towards the car by a strong force.

"You dared to say that you didn't care about me after smashing my glass?" There was a trace of anger in the deep male voice, and his expression was as cold as ice.

He couldn't wait to strangle the woman in front of him now. He had encountered all sorts of unfortunate events in a day. First, the hospital had called Soong Qian, who was in dire straits. Ignoring the fact that he often broke anchor and barely made it to the road, he met this woman in the wilderness. Not only did she smash his car, but she was also extremely arrogant. She could have gone to the hospital a long time ago, but now she was forcefully delayed!

He punched the hood of the car with frightening strength. Su Rao, who was standing at the side, trembled visibly, and then she heard his roar in the night.

"Assistant Liu, arrest him!"

What? Catch her?

Before she could react, her arm was fiercely grabbed in the back, causing Su Rao to cry out in pain.

"This is against the law! I want to sue you for molestation! "

He cast a sidelong glance at the screaming Su Rao, and his expression turned colder and colder. "A three million car, I want you to return it to me!"

"Bang ~ ~ ~"

After the angry slam of the door, she was pushed into the back seat, her hands tied tightly.


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