Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C6 You Exist Just to Repay Your Debt
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Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C6 You Exist Just to Repay Your Debt
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C6 You Exist Just to Repay Your Debt

Remember, your existence is only for repaying debts!

Inside the car, Su Rao, who was sitting in the back seat, thought about the cold words she had said. Su Rao, who was in the back seat, thought about the cold words, thought about it.

For some inexplicable reason, a feeling of humiliation arose involuntarily. She swore that she would pay back the humiliation she felt today a hundredfold in the future!

"Miss Su, we're here!" The driver's gentle voice pulled her back to reality.

He couldn't help but sneer. If he was not mistaken, this should be the Wealthy Class area where Dechuan resides at the edge of the lake, and not just any rich person could buy all the houses here. More accurately, not all of the wealthiest people with the highest level of Dechuan could buy their own houses here.

Su Rao had just entered the luxurious villa when she saw an old woman with a stern expression, seemingly waiting for her.

"Miss Su, you can call me Nanny Lee. From now on, I'll take care of you until the end of your production!" Nanny Lee spoke to her arrogantly, with disdain in her eyes.

Su Rao smiled disapprovingly. "Sorry to trouble you. May I ask where my room is?"

"Second floor, second room on the left!"

She gracefully turned around and walked up the stairs.

At dusk, Su Rao walked downstairs with sleepy eyes. Nanny Lee had already prepared a sumptuous dinner for her at the dining table. She rolled up her hair and started tasting it one by one.

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

A black shadow slipped out from in front of her eyes. Su Rao raised her head and a black card representing noble aura appeared in her line of sight. Before she could say anything, a mocking voice came from her head.

"This is the black card that the young master gave you!"

Su Rao hesitated, but from Nanny Lee's point of view, she wanted to capture him. Someone who could make her young master call her personally and take care of her was not an ordinary person. With the black card in her hand, she was still pretending to be innocent.

Money? His family's young master had plenty! If they kept pestering their young master, it would just be money! This kind of woman, he had seen many of them!

Nanny Lee mocked him while she was thinking, "Why aren't you taking it? Didn't you already get the money!? What are you still pretending for! "

Suddenly, Su Raovo stopped the cup of water beside her, stood up, and fiercely splashed over. Nanny Lee, who was caught off guard, would never have thought that she would be splashed with water all over.

Bang –

She angrily put down her cup of water, pointed at Nanny Lee and said, "You better clean your mouth!"

She did not owe anyone, so no one could treat her like this!

So what if he was taken in? Was this what it was like to be reared like this? Relying on the power of a man!

"You actually dare to insult me?" An incredulous voice rose up. The smell of the fire in the living room was getting stronger and stronger, as if it would explode at any moment.

"Even if it's spilled, what's impossible?!

"You're looking for a beating!"

No one had ever dared to treat her in such a manner, even within the Soong Family.

Angry, Nanny Lee raised her hand. Su Rao reacted quickly and stopped Nanny Leeyang's wrist. One of them refused to let go, while the other refused to let go. In the end, the two of them came to a stalemate.

At this moment, a clear voice came from the door — —

"What are you doing?"

The two of them looked towards the source of the voice. Soong Eryi, who was wearing an Armani suit, appeared in their sight. Nanny Lee retracted her hand and walked forward with a wronged expression on her face.

"Young Master, please let me go back to England. This Miss Su is too difficult to serve!"

What a great "disgusting" first to complain! Su Rao gritted her teeth, wishing that she could tear Nanny Lee's fake appearance to shreds immediately.

Soong Eryi raised his eyebrows and looked at the sullen Su Rao beside him. He pursed his lips and waited for her explanation.

"Nanny Lee, it's a pity you're not going to be an actress. Otherwise, you could have gotten an Oscar for yourself!" The country has nurtured you for so many years, yet you refuse to return the favor to the society and instead waste such a talent! " Su Rao's words were sharp as she gave a sarcastic sneer. The tone of her words contained a fierce ridicule for Nanny Lee.

After that, Su Rao didn't want to argue anymore. Even though Nanny Lee pretended to be pitiful and compassionate, she pretended not to see it and calmly went back to her room.

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