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C8 Threatened Abortion

Three months later

Su Rao, who was on the stairs, weakly held onto the railing. Her legs were sore and her body had no strength left. She clenched her teeth and walked down step by step.

Damn it! Yesterday, he had once again viciously tortured her! Five times! Five times in one night!

Downstairs, when Nanny Lee saw Su Rao walk down the stairs in a peculiar manner, she said in a mocking tone, "You slept so late and then woke up. Do you really think you're a young miss of a rich family?"

Su Rao rolled her eyes, treating it as if she hadn't heard Nanny Lee's words, because from the moment she had moved in, the old woman in front of her disliked her from left to right. She didn't know how she had offended this old woman, but she saw her as a thorn in her side!

Bang! Nanny Lee threw the bowl full of rice in front of Su Rao without any hesitation. The originally white rice was thrown onto the table due to the excessive strength.

Damn it, how many times has it been?!

Su Rao's cheeks puffed up, but when she thought of Soong Eryi's warning, she could only hold it in.

'Bang – '

Seeing that Su Rao had remained silent, Nanny Lee became even more arrogant. She called over a servant and threw the hot soup directly in front of her. Sure enough, the hot soup accurately sprinkled on Su Rao's white arms and clothes.

"You!" Looking at the back of her hand that was burning red, Su Rao's hatred for this old woman grew even stronger.

Nanny Lee laughed arrogantly as she walked calmly to her side. When she saw the back of her hand being heated and bubbling, she felt that the anger that had been plaguing her suddenly became much easier.

"Isn't it just a burn? Is there a need to make such a big fuss over nothing!? "

"Then I'll pour hot soup all over you and see if you can scream or not!" Hearing Nanny Lee's seemingly indifferent words, Su Rao roared out loud.

Immediately, the hall became silent. A few servants who were originally very close to each other lowered their heads and looked at the two of them, not daring to make a sound. They were afraid that the argument would implicate them, the servants.

"What are you roaring for?" You think you can bully me just because your voice is loud! " Nanny Lee's face darkened as she yelled back, unwilling to be outdone. He could only endure!

Su Rao clenched her fists as she stared angrily at Nanny Lee. Nanny Lee didn't look like she had done anything wrong. She was sure that the hot soup had just been made. The purpose was to burn her!

Bastard! Vicious old woman! She would not tolerate it any longer!

Su Rao glanced at the messy table, then started arguing about food. Nanny Lee was startled, but just as she was about to run away, she saw Su Rao shouting. She then saw Su Rao support her stomach, bending her waist with a pale face.

"Ah!" "Blood!" Nanny Lee covered her mouth and pointed at the blood flowing between her legs under Su Rao's skirt with a trembling finger. She looked extremely terrified.

Su Rao's vision turned black. She let go of the bowl with her hands and fainted.

Maria VIP ward

Su Rao was still unconscious on the sick bed. Little by little, she started to drip fluids for her. Soong Eryi, who was on the sofa had a scary and calm expression. Nanny Lee, on the other side, appeared to be very calm, but her heart was already in chaos.

Precursor abortion!

If she had known that Su Rao was pregnant, intentionally burning Su Rao would not have happened today. Sigh, it was all due to this lowly person's weak body, causing her to stand in the ward in fear.

Su Rao, who was on the chuang, slightly moved. Then, she slowly opened her eyes.

Soong Eryi stood up and walked over. With a questioning expression, he asked, "Why didn't you tell me when you were pregnant?"


Su Rao's eyes widened as she subconsciously slid her palm down to her abdomen. Thinking about the life that was sprouting in her stomach, a warm feeling welled up from her heart. Previously, her period was not very normal, so she didn't mind it.

Soong Eryi turned around and glanced at Nanny Lee, who was still maintaining her composure. "Nanny Lee, you should go back first!"

Nanny Lee nodded and walked out indifferently.

For a moment, only the two of them remained in the room. Their gazes met, and Su Rao smiled awkwardly.

"I don't know why I'm pregnant either!"

Soong Eryi pursed his lips and swept a cold glance at the blisters on the back of her hand. Thus, he sat by the side of the chuang, took her hand and asked, "What happened?"


Su Rao didn't seem to understand. Soong Eryi shook the back of her hand, and then Su Rao retracted her hand, retracting her peculiar gaze.

If he was told that Nanny Lee had burned her, Soong Eryi would only assume that she was the one at fault. Thinking about Soong Eryi's warning, she would rather suffer than admit her wrongs to Nanny Lee's vicious woman!

Seeing her actions, Soong Eryi's expression turned serious. He grabbed Su Rao's hand and asked with a tone that said they could not refuse, "Speak! "What's going on!?"

Su Rao swallowed her saliva and hesitated for a long time. When Soong Eryi's breath was about to break her wrist, she quickly said, "It's hot when eating!"


Soong Eryi frowned. This woman was really stupid. She could be scalded like this even when eating!

"When you get home, be in a better mood. Take care of yourself, don't give me a premonition of an abortion!"

A little better? Of course, how could she be in a good mood after being bullied every day by that vicious Nanny Lee? It was as if he did not say anything!

Su Rao nodded her head in a perfunctory manner.

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