Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C9 One Day Is Not Narcissistic Every Day Is Flawed(1)
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Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO/C9 One Day Is Not Narcissistic Every Day Is Flawed(1)
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C9 One Day Is Not Narcissistic Every Day Is Flawed(1)

"Eat more!"

Soong Eryi, who was sitting at the table, kept eating into Su Rao's bowl. Seeing that the bowl was about to fill up, he started to eat with satisfaction.

Staring at the bowl full of dishes that she especially hated, Su Rao's entire face fell. She held the chopsticks in her hand and very slowly brought them to her mouth.

Soong Eryi glanced at her and said lightly: "What, you don't like it?"

Su Rao forced a laugh and winked mischievously at him. "Hehe, right, right!"

"Nanny Lee!" Soong Eryi called over Nanny Lee, who was standing not far away, and pointed at the dishes that Su Rao didn't like, gesturing for them to move closer.

Su Rao was overjoyed. She thought that he was going to remove the dishes that she did not like on the table. Who knew that Soong Eryi's next words would instantly break the beautiful thought in her heart.

"Nanny Lee, if Miss Su doesn't like it, then squeeze all these dishes into water and give them to her three times a day! Do you understand? "

The corner of Su Rao's mouth twitched. She cursed at him eight hundred times in her heart.

Nanny Lee nodded her head respectfully. She would definitely follow the instructions of her young master and serve Miss Su well. Thus, she left the restaurant with an evil smile.

Su Rao lowered her head and grudgingly bit down on the rice in the bowl. Soong Eryi was in an excellent mood as he looked at her sullen expression, yet, she didn't dare to say anything.

"Song..." Oh No... Young Master, let's talk about something. I want to go out for a walk. It's so depressing! "

"No way!" He rejected her idea without a second thought.

Hmph, if you don't agree, I'll drag you down! No matter how he looked at Soong Eryi, he was just being stingy!

Su Rao put down her chopsticks gloomily. Unexpectedly, another infuriating voice was heard.

"Who owes you hundreds?" Who should I show an ugly face to? "

Nani? Shameless? You are the one who is ugly, your whole family is ugly! Wrong, you are the ugliest! He was ugly and annoying!

"Let me show you!" She spoke faintly, unafraid of death.

Sure enough, Soong Eryi put down his bowl and chopsticks, changed his hands, and looked at her thoughtfully.

"Don't you know that the more ugly a person is, the more they become, the uglier they will become? You are so ugly, how can I, who sat by the side and was so handsome, endure it? "


There was a saying, "One day is not narcissistic, but every day has its own flaws!"

Sure enough, he couldn't have a good dinner with him!

For the first time, he looked at his watch. He put down his book and kept his eyes on the still bathroom.

Forty minutes! Just how many layers of skin should this be possible?

When he was about to go down to take a look, the bathroom door slowly opened. Su Rao walked out wearing a yellow bathrobe, Soong Eryi followed his line of sight, his bright red face gave people a kind of intimate feeling. Droplets of water were still left on his sexy collarbone, and his breathing quickened.

"Come here!" Soong Eryi waved at Su Rao with his raspy and charming voice.

Su Rao swallowed her saliva and subconsciously gripped her bathrobe tightly as she carefully walked towards him. Song Yi waved his hand and pulled her into his embrace, looking at her closely. Su Rao's face became even redder as she avoided his gaze and spoke weakly.

"I... Huai... "She's pregnant!"

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