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C1 Escape!

She quickened her steps and endured the pain as though her body was being torn apart. Bai Qing stumbled as she held onto the torn and messy evening gown and rushed down the stairs.

His ears were still flushed and his cheeks were so hot that blood could drip out.

The tip of her nose seemed to still be lingering around the smell of the man in the room as waves of it struck her consciousness!

The day after tomorrow was the date of her marriage to the Yin Family, and today she had lost her virginity!

She stretched out her hand to cover the kiss mark on her chest with her hand. Her eyes were filled with humiliation.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She gritted her teeth, trying hard not to let them fall as she kept repeating in a shaky voice, "Calm down …" "Calm down …"

She couldn't kill yet. Her body, which she had guarded for 21 years, had been debased by an unknown person. She couldn't even see that person's face!

Her heart ached at the thought of the pale face lying in the hospital bed.

She no longer had the right to be by his side. The wedding the day after tomorrow was the last thing she could do for him.

After taking a deep breath, she put down the saber in her hand and returned home soullessly.

"Have you seen Young Master Yin?"

Just as she entered the door, her stepmother, Qin Yan, rushed over. Her eyes were bloodshot as she stared fixedly at Bai Qingyi with wide eyes.

Bai Qingyi shook her head, "No."

"Then what did you come back for?!" Qin Yan's voice rose up as she pushed Bai Qingyi away with all her might. Pointing at her nose, she cursed fiercely, "Your father has raised you for twenty years. Can't you even do such a thing well?"

"No, I …"

"You still dare to talk back!?" If it wasn't for your dream, how could your father have been tricked into this? The heavens truly do not want to open their eyes! "

After she finished speaking, Qin Yan's eyes caught a glimpse of her kiss. Her eyes widened as she pointed at Bai Qingyi in disbelief: "You still dare to go out and steal people? Are you unworthy of your father in the hospital?"

Here it comes again …

Bai Qingyi frowned. Her cold eyes glanced at her sister, Bai Jinxin, who had just walked down the stairs. She walked around Qin Yan and said, "I'm tired. I'll go up and rest first."

However, before he could even take half a step, Qin Yan had already grabbed his wrist!

Qin Yan's eyes lit up, as if she had discovered a new world. "Yiyi, how about you go out and sell them?"

Bai Qingyi's eyes suddenly turned cold. She lightly pulled her wrist from Qin Yan's hand and looked at her haggard face and asked: "Didn't Yin Min Qing agree to get married and inject capital? What else do you want from me?"

Having been humiliated in front of all the reporters, the grievances of not seeing anyone for the entire day had been swallowed by her, and in exchange for the Yin Family's capital injection, why did Qin Yan still feel unsatisfied?

"What do you mean? Aren't I doing this for our family? Isn't it all for your father? Do you know how much that elder brother Yanzi's medical fees are for treating his illness in Sweden? You … "Oh, stop!"

Qin Yan was prepared to say more, but Bai Qingyi had already went upstairs and locked the room from the inside.

She pressed her back against the door and slid down to the floor, squatting. A low cry escaped her throat.

She knew everything, so she didn't complain.

After calming herself down, she took a change of clothes and went to take a bath. The sound of water splashing in the bathtub continuously surfaced in her mind, producing one beautiful and delicate scene after another when a man knocked against her.

Time and time again, he had been forced to flee, and again and again, he had been forced to go back to his bed, trying to invade even more violently.

Beneath her helpless cry, she heard his slightly hoarse voice. He teased, "Shout it out. I'll lower my voice a little."

The voice was low and seductive.

God damn! She actually believed in his evilness and let out a sound that would make people blush!

F * ck!

That person definitely wasn't her, no!

She grinded her teeth angrily as she thought for a moment before she picked up her phone. Even if she knew Yin Min Qing's real purpose for marrying her, she still had to be prepared for the unexpected.

Bai Qingyi could not help but shiver at the thought of Yin Min Qing's cold eyes.

Kneeling at the door of the villa in order to beg for his help, she caught a glimpse of his figure in the car. Yin Min Qing's face was cold as she looked at her with a mocking smile.

With that glance, she was able to confirm that he was still the same as she had been that year.

That guy who hated her to the bones and hated that he couldn't pull out her tendons and skin, torturing her to death!

And his injection of capital, in the end, was just to take revenge on the bait that she spilled.

Bai Qingyi's expression turned darker and darker. Her soft fingers slid across the phone's screen to protect Yan Mingqing's expressionless face. She pretended to smile lightly, "If my deep feelings can make you feel the pleasure of revenge, I'll be happy to put on an act for you every day."

After all, it wasn't too much to ask her to pretend to satisfy his perverted state of mind, even if it was for the sake of a hundred million yuan in capital.

Thus, to Bai Qingyi, the most important thing now was to do a good job of this operation and satisfy Yin Min Qing.

After all, in this society, money was the only way!

Ever since she used Baidu to repair the surgery, Bai Qingyi had received several advertisements that rendered her speechless. Fortunately, she chose a hospital with a good reputation to perform the surgery.

Three days later, Bai Qingyi, accompanied by a nurse, walked out of the operation room. The rock in her heart had finally dropped to the ground.

At the very least, this would satisfy Yin Min Qing, right?

"Miss Bai, your operation was a success. As long as you take a short rest in the ward and have no other problems, you can go back." The nurse urged Bai Qingyi. In their hospital, there were too many such operations, and she had long since gotten used to them.

Bai Qingyi nodded lightly and followed the nurse towards the ward tiredly.

In front, a group of people suddenly walked out from the elevator. The one walking in front was unexpectedly her fiance, Yin Min Qing!

With a tall figure and long legs, he quickly walked at the front of the crowd. His steps were as dazzling as if he was surrounded by stars that surrounded the moon.

His eyebrows creased tightly as if there was something urgent, and his eyes became gloomy. The woman behind him ran at a fast pace, and said softly: "So … Jiang Luoshen... "Later …"

"Cousin, take your time …" Chu Lingyin almost couldn't keep up with Yin Mingqing's long legs, so she frowned.

Yin Min Qing suddenly stopped and looked at her gloomily, "Enough!"

"Where is she now?" Yin Min Qing scolded him in a low voice, "Speak!"

"It's right in front of the VIP ward." Chu Lingyin pointed to the front and felt a bit sad, but her voice was also a bit muffled.

Yin Min Qing suddenly withdrew her hand from her pocket. She waved her hand and pointed at the group of people behind her as she whispered, "All of you, don't follow me anymore!"

His actions were too extreme, and he accidentally knocked Bai Qingyi's bag away.

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