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C11 Please Get out

"I will not follow the normal procedure of marrying a famous family's daughter to marry you into our Yin family. I hope you know that. Furthermore, you do not have the qualifications. "

When Bai Qingyi heard that she did not have the qualifications to be married into the Yin Clan, her heart twitched.

She really didn't have that qualification. The Bai Family was currently on the downhill, and looking at the room she lived in now, what qualification did she have to ask Yin Min Qing to marry properly?

However, for the sake of the Bai Clan, she was willing to bear all of the pressure and responsibility.

Bai Qingyi slightly raised her head, her beautiful eyes shining. It was hard to tell if it was tears or light.

Yin Min Qing, who was standing in front of her, was lost in thought.

Yin Min Qing could not help but curse herself. How could he have such thoughts?

The woman standing in front of her was just a lonely woman. She was a woman who would not hesitate to climb into someone else's bed for benefits.

Bai Qingyi did not care about Yin Min Qing's mockery. Her beautiful eyes rolled a few times as she silently calculated in her heart.

"Is that why you're angry? You don't want to marry me according to the procedures of a famous family, and I don't care about these so-called procedures. I have a suggestion for you now."

Bai Qingyi's tone was very gentle. She stood in confrontation with Yin Min Qing, staring at him without blinking.

Yin Min Qing fell into a trance as she looked at Bai Qingyi.

After being together with Bai Qingyi for so many days, he had seen many different sides of Bai Qingyi. He didn't know when it started, but at some point in time, he felt that every word spoken by Bai Qingyi was extremely important.

Even he didn't feel it.

"Hmph, let's see what good suggestions you have. With your current situation, you don't have any qualifications to negotiate with me."

Yin Min Qing glared coldly with a straight face. She did not give Bai Qing any chance to refute because she did not want to listen to any of Bai Qing's suggestions.

Just as Yin Min Qing was about to turn around and leave this small and narrow room, Bai Qingyi seemed to have caught her last lifesaving grass as she hurriedly said, "Didn't you disagree? "Alright, I agree with you. I don't need you to do something useless. If you agree, then let's get married today."

Bai Qingyi silently cheered for herself in her heart. She hoped that Yin Min Qing would agree to her condition. She also hoped that Yin Min Qing would not be able to tell that she was setting up a trap for him!

Before this, Yin Min Qing hadn't promised to marry her.

Yin Min Qing, who had already turned around to leave, stopped after hearing her suggestion. She smiled playfully. Her heart was filled with contempt towards this woman.

For the sake of benefits, he could sacrifice all his happiness.

If so, why should he not go with the flow and ruin all the happiness of this woman?

It's just a matter of getting a marriage certificate, so you can get a divorce later.

"Well, since you're so sensible, I'll agree to marry you."

Yin Min Qing raised her eyebrows as the corner of her mouth curved upwards. She wanted to see how much pain this woman could endure for the sake of benefits.

Bai Qingyi secretly smiled in her heart when she heard Yin Min Qing's answer. However, she said out her request with a straight face.

"But I also have a condition. You must sign an agreement before I can go and get your certificate."

"..." "Alright!"

Yin Min Qing used her other hand to grasp Bai Qingyi's wrist tightly, not allowing her to struggle free.

Bai Qingyi did not know what he was going to do next, so she kept struggling.

The more she struggled, the more Yin Min Qing held on tightly.

"What's the matter with you? "You're hurting me. Let go, I'll leave by myself."

Bai Qingyi lost all her patience at that moment. She could not understand why Yin Min Qing would do such a thing.

Yin Min Qing brought Bai Qingyi to his study room. On the table, there was an agreement that had already been prepared.

"As long as you sign it, we'll go and get it tomorrow."

Yin Min Qing acted like she couldn't allow anyone to refuse. Her eyes were also full of coldness. He leaned against the side of the table and looked coldly at Bai Qingyi as she picked up the contract on the table.

"What kind of agreement is this? Why should I sign it? "

Bai Qingyi became a little wary of Yin Min Qing. She was afraid that Yin Min Qing would try to trick her. If that was the case, then her life would definitely be worse than death.

"Since you want to marry me, this is the price you should pay. If you aren't willing to pay these price, I don't think we need to get married."

It was as if Yin Min Qing was determined to make Bai Qingyi sign this contract. He believed that Bai Qingyi would sign this agreement. No matter how unfair this agreement was to her, she would sign it without any hesitation.

The next morning, just as Bai Qingyi entered the living room, she saw the housekeeper, Zhou Bo, come over to greet her. He stood beside Yin Min Qing and reported respectfully, "Young Master, the girl you told me to check the bar seems to have a bit of an idea."

As the butler spoke to Yin Min Qing, he sized up Bai Qingyi with his eyes.

Bai Qingyi's entire body was uncomfortable. As she heard Zhou Bo's report, her heart trembled, and her beautiful eyebrows furrowed.

However, Yin Min Qing, who was standing in front of her, did not notice these changes at all.

"Let's talk in the study." Yin Min Qing didn't notice her little movements and just raised her chin to signal Zhou Bo.

After the two of them left, only Bai Qingyi remained standing alone in the guest hall. She faintly felt a sense of unease. She could feel that the butler was suspecting her.

If Butler Zhou really did find out that the girl was her, it would be very disadvantageous to her.

After Zhou Bo left the study room, he met Bai Qingyi. He only nodded at her, not saying anything. This made Bai Qingyi even more convinced that Yin Min Qing must know that the girl was her.

Bai Qingyi got into Yin Mingqing's car and soon arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

During this time, her heart was still in turmoil.

It wasn't until the marriage certificate was in her hands that she realized that she and Yin Min Qing had truly married. She had really become Yin Min Qing's only legal wife. Everything had seemed like a dream.

However, there was no joy in her heart. Instead, there was some unease, but this was already an unchangeable fact.

"I need to go to the company. I still have work to do."

Yin Min Qing remained expressionless. It was as if marriage was not important to him and it was just a formality.

Moreover, this was an alliance, not a marriage for love.

Bai Qingyi just stood there in a daze. She had nothing else to say, so she married herself just like that.

Since Yin Min Qing drove her here when they arrived, and now that he was going to work, how was she supposed to go back?

"Then how do I go back?"

Yin Min Qing strode down the stairs and opened the door of the car. Her lips were slightly open and she was extremely cold.

"Go back by yourself."

After saying that, he got into the car and drove away.


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