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C14 Dad What's Wrong with You

A doctor rushed over and sent Bai Luowen to the emergency room for emergency treatment. After some rescue, he finally managed to save his life. Afterwards, he was sent to the intensive care unit to observe the treatment.

Bai Qingyi, who was outside the emergency room, blamed herself in her heart.

When Qin Yan rushed to the emergency room, she saw Bai Qingyi squatting on the floor. Without saying a word, she pulled her up.

"Why are you here? Who told you to come?" Why was your father in the emergency room? Was it because of you? "You're really a jinx, unlucky!"

When Bai Luowen's attending physician came out of the emergency room and saw the two of them, he said helplessly, "Please do not make such a ruckus. It will affect the patient's condition. The patient's condition has been controlled, and when he wakes up, the family can go visit him. "

"Thank you, Doctor. I'll be troubling you."

Bai Qingyi did not care about what Qin Yan said. In her heart, there was only her father's illness.

"Why are you pretending to be soft and kind here? Isn't your dad sent to the emergency room by you? I really don't know if you still have the face to stay here."

Bai Qingyi no longer had the strength to explain anything to Qin Yan and could only glare fiercely at her.

"Have you said enough?"


Qin Yan did not say anything else. After all, she was going to see Bai Luowen later on. She could not show that Bai Qingyi was annoyed, and needed to act like a good stepmother.

The doctor said that he had woken up and family members could go to visit, but they must not provoke the patient or their lives would be in danger.

Bai Luowen opened his eyes and looked at his daughter, his eyes filled with pain.

"Yiyi, Daddy won't let you trade with me. "Go break off the engagement with the Yin family and listen to dad, okay?"

Qin Yan, who was standing at the side, had long guessed that Bai Luowen would stop the marriage. She would not express her opinion in front of Bai Luowen, lest she bring disaster upon herself.

When Bai Qingyi heard her father's words, she cried.

She knew that her father was doing it for her sake. Since he was young, his father had never let him suffer any grievances. But now, his father had encountered such difficulties. As his daughter, she must definitely help him overcome them.

However, she knew that her father would definitely not agree to this. However, if she resolutely told him about it, it would definitely provoke his illness.

Bai Qingyi changed her angle and told Bai Luowen, "Father, the two of us truly love each other. I did not do this just because of family matters."

"It's not like you don't know your daughter's temper. If I don't like it, then I definitely wouldn't do it. I love Minqing. I hope Daddy can help us. "

Bai Qingyi understood her father's temperament very well. She knew that if she were to use this method, he might agree to this marriage.

Qin Yan, who was standing at the side, did not expect Bai Qingyi to say this. However, she did not care at all. As long as she could get through this crisis, she would not cause any trouble.

Bai Luowen looked into his daughter's eyes, still feeling uneasy. He kept feeling that something was wrong.

Besides, this was his precious daughter, how could she be married so easily!

"Yiyi, dad naturally hopes that you can find someone you truly love. But I still feel a little worried. If you want Dad to agree, then bring Yin Min Qing over. I want to see how charming he is. "

Bai Qingyi knew that Yin Min Qing would never agree to her request. Therefore, she could only reject Yin Min Qing's busy work as an excuse.

If he promised his father now, and if he didn't come later, there would be no way to end this matter.

"If he really loved you, he wouldn't even have the time. You bring him here and explain all this in front of me. Otherwise, I will not agree to your marriage. "

Bai Liuwen's resolute attitude made it impossible for Bai Qingyi to refuse.

Bai Qingyi was afraid of provoking her father's illness, so she could only do as he said.

But she didn't know how to get Yin Min Qing to help her.

Bai Qingyi walked out of the hospital and looked at all sorts of people. She believed that she would definitely get through this crisis.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Just as she was about to walk forward, she saw Bai Suwen.

Bai Qingyi felt that this was a narrow path for enemies. She immediately turned her head and pretended that she couldn't see it, but she was stopped by Bai Suwen in the end.

Actually, Bai Suwen had already been waiting for her at the hospital entrance. He had too many grudges in his heart, and now that he finally saw his brother in trouble, he let out a sigh of relief.

However, this was not enough to vent his anger. He wanted to make his brother's most beloved daughter suffer as well.

Therefore, this was only the beginning.

"What, you don't know your uncle anymore?" "You didn't even say hello and even pretended not to see. Uncle really doted on you for nothing when you were young."

Bai Qingyi felt nauseous as she heard him speak such hypocritical words. She had watched her uncle put on an act since she was young, and she was used to his appearance.

But she didn't want to have a direct confrontation with him, and she didn't want to burst it all.

"Sorry, I really didn't see it just now."

However, Bai Suwen refused to let Bai Qingyi go. He kept saying that he wanted to use words to anger her over the matter between her and Yin Min Qing.

Bai Qingyi did not want to have a falling out with him in front of the hospital. She did not want to alarm her father again, so she held herself back, gritted her teeth, and greeted him with a smile.

She didn't want to do anything now. She just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

She was going to call a taxi and leave so she wouldn't have to swallow her anger here.

Just as she was about to make an appointment for a taxi, Bai Suwen started to gossip.

"How can you take a taxi when you are engaged to be married to the Yin family? You don't even have a private car? What a pity! "

According to Bai Qing's previous temper, she would not leave any face for others. However, ever since such a huge thing happened in her family, she had matured overnight and learned how to endure it.

Bai Qingyi didn't want her uncle to look down on her, nor did she want him to look down on her father. She would definitely get her uncle to not dare to use such a tone towards her father again.

Her car had been mortgaged long ago, and the only one who could help her now was Yin Min Qing. She didn't know how she should reply to him. In her heart, she seemed to understand that Yin Min Qing wouldn't help her.

However, in this situation, he could only call her and give her a try. He hoped that the Yin family would send a car to pick her up and leave this dangerous place.

"Thank you for your concern, uncle. The car will pick me up soon."

Thus, under all the confusion, she gathered up her courage and dialed Yin Min Qing's number. Listening to the beeping sounds coming from the other end of the phone, her heart started to race.

Bai Suwen, who was at the side, saw all of this. He seemed to have seen through Bai Qingyi's mood and the situation she was facing.

"Uncle, it's all for your own good. You should cancel the engagement with the Yin Clan. "Say, aren't you afraid of others making fun of you, a girl who spends time with the Yan family?"

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