Psychological Wolf CEO/C2 Humiliation
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Psychological Wolf CEO/C2 Humiliation
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C2 Humiliation

Bai Qingyi immediately lowered her head to pick up her bag when she saw Yin Min Qing's momentary lack of confidence. She turned around and ran in panic.

"Eh? "Miss Bai!" The nurse looked at her in surprise. "You haven't gone to the ward yet!"

Bai Qingyi could not care less if she went to the ward or not. She wanted to run far away from Yin Min Qing!

Yin Min Qing turned her gaze and saw Bai Qingyi running away. Her face slightly sank and she frowned. "Bai Qingyi?"

What was she doing here?

Could it be following him?

Bai Qingyi turned around and ran. She didn't care where she could run to, she just ran straight into the fire escape. As long as Yin Min Qing couldn't see her, she was willing to do anything!

Confusion was written all over her fair face. Once she entered the passageway, she heaved a sigh of relief. Her small hand patted the location of her heart as she muttered, "My god, it's a good thing he didn't see …"

"Someone, come!" The moment Yin Min Qing saw Bai Qingyi's back, she immediately recognized her. Looking at the order she dropped on the ground, she frowned slightly. "Block all the fire escape routes for me and send people to guard the exit!"

Humph, you want to run after me, it's not that easy!

I want to see what you want to do.

Bai Qingyi, who was hiding in the fire escape route, had her face change. Damn it, Yin Min Qing is a lunatic!

She ran down the fire escape in a panic, hoping to escape in front of these bodyguards. If she really got caught by Yin Min Qing, it would be terrible. The only way now was to get out as a hospital staff, otherwise, she would definitely be caught by Yin Min Qing's men.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified Bai Qingyi became. In her panic, she ran into a doctor's office and casually grabbed a white coat and put it on, hoping that she could get out. When she walked out, she found that it was already surrounded by bodyguards.

Her expression changed and she frowned slightly. She saw with her sharp eyes that there was no one at the elevator, so she hurried over and pressed the button.

"Hey, is there something wrong with you?" In order to get into the elevator faster, Bai Qingyi did not notice Chu Lingyin at the side. In the end, she accidentally bumped into her and immediately heard her shrill voice.

"Sorry." Bai Qingyi lowered her head in apology. She wanted to avoid Chu Lingyin and run, but in the end …

"So what if I apologize?" Chu Lingyin stretched out her arm to stop Bai Qingyi, "You stepped on my shoes. This is the newest model of the C family. Can you afford it?!"

Bai Qingyi only wanted to apologize quickly and tell Chu Lingyin to shut up. But who knew that this stupid woman wouldn't give her the chance to show off her pair of shoes and wouldn't let her leave? She even apologized.

Chu Lingyin stretched out her hand to grab Bai Qingyi, "Did you hear that? You broke my shoes."

Bai Qingyi frowned. A trace of annoyance flashed across her fair face. Was this Chu Lingyin crazy!

Seeing that Yin Mingqing was about to come over, Bai Qingyi became extremely anxious. She shook off Chu Lingyin's hand and ran out.

"Hey, who's that? Hurry up and go to the operation room. The patient over there needs to pay attention to his blood pressure. What are you still hanging around here for!" Before Bai Qingyi could run out two steps, she was caught by the doctors in the operation room.

"The intern still dares to run around. I'll learn a little later, understand?"

Bai Qing did not even dare to run. She could feel a scorching gaze behind her, staring at her back. She felt as if it was about to pierce her. It was too terrifying …

She did not give up and slightly shifted her gaze. Sure enough, she met Yin Min Qing's pair of ice-cold eyes.

Instantly, Bai Qingyi felt a chill down her spine, and her forehead couldn't help but twitch.

"Bai Qingyi." Yin Min Qing snorted coldly and strode forward, "It really is you."

"Ugh …" Bai Qing felt like she had been caught. She felt really awkward. "I …"

"Are you that shameless?" "You'll follow me wherever I go?" Yin Min Qing snorted coldly and looked at her disdainfully. "What are you eavesdropping for again?"

"I... Actually, I just wanted to see what you were doing here. " Bai Qingyi pretended to be infatuated with Yin Min Qing. Since Yin Min Qing thought so, he could pretend to be what he wanted as long as he wanted to see it.

"Stay away from me!" Yin Min Qing raised her hand and gripped Bai Qingyi's chin tightly as she warned with a deep voice. A sinister look flashed across her carving-like face as her eyes turned terrifyingly gloomy.

Bai Qingyi pretended to look sad and bit her lips, "Yin Min Qing …"

"Scram!" Yin Min Qing reprimanded him coldly.

Bai Qingyi heaved a sigh of relief. She quickly left without looking back. She did not want to stay at all!

Looking at her leaving figure, Yin Min Qing suddenly thought of the list that she dropped on the ground. She suddenly felt a little puzzled. He turned his head to the person behind her and ordered, "Go and get that list that fell on the ground."

After a while, the assistant came back to report, "Yin Liu, that list is missing. It might have been cleared away. Do you need me to investigate?"

Yin Min Qing's eyes were indifferent as she said coldly, "No need. Let's go. There's no need to waste time on someone we don't know."

Did that woman really come to the hospital to visit him?

Or was she hiding something else from herself?

Bai Qingyi, you better not hide anything, or we'll see!

He managed to avoid Yin Min Qing's attack with much difficulty. As soon as Bai Qing arrived, she saw the butler of the Yin family standing in the living room.

"Miss Bai, I've come to inform you. Tomorrow, you will move to the mansion and I will let you pack your things today." The butler of the Yin family looked at Bai Qingyi as he said in an indifferent tone.

Move to the Yin Family? Bai Qingyi was stunned. Just like that? No wedding, no ceremony?

They didn't even publish any news about the marriage?

She was just like this … Not worth anything? He went to the Yin Clan so casually?

Besides, for Bai Qingyi, the most important thing was that he had just finished the operation. How could he possibly stay in the same room?

She slightly frowned as she looked at the butler of the Yin family. "In a few days, this will be a little too fast."

"Miss Bai, this is what the Young Master ordered." The steward did not even give Bai Qingyi a chance to reject him. "You should come tomorrow on time."

Bai Qing's pretty face sank. What did she have to say to delay it for a few days?

"Aiya, I say, why are you still hesitating? Sooner or later, you're going to be the wife of the Yin family. If you go earlier or later, you have to go sooner or later!" How could Qin Yan know what Bai Qingyi was thinking in her heart? She felt that if she let Bai Qingyi go there earlier, she would be able to solve the Bai Clan's problem earlier.

Bai Qingyi really wanted to slap Qin Yan to the wall right now. She was simply a pig of a teammate!

Since when was he forced into the Yin family?

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