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C4 Over Wall

The security of the villa was very tight, there was no possibility of one of them entering. It was like watching a monitor, but what she didn't know was that her every move outside the mansion was monitored one by one.

He looked at the time. There were still five minutes left. He frowned slightly and said coldly, "Open the dog door of the west gate."

Not even two minutes after the dog door was opened, they saw Bai Qingyi standing at the entrance of the dog hole that was only half a meter tall with a frown.

She knew that it must be Yin Min Qing's doing. He must be able to see her!

Yin Min Qing, this pervert, is trying to get her to crawl into a dog's hole?

She slightly crouched down, wanting to follow Yin Min Qing's perverted state to satisfy him, but …

The pride in her heart had always been opposing her, telling her not to crawl into a dog's hole!

In the end, it was still her pride that defeated her. Bai Qingyi lifted her skirt and ran forward, hoping to be able to enter before 8 PM.

Fortunately, she didn't run too far before she saw a tilted tree extending into the courtyard from outside the mansion.

She held on to her skirt and climbed up the tree trunk. Her hands were worn out as she clenched her teeth and used all her strength to climb up the tree.

Letting out a sigh of relief, she carefully stepped across the fence fence. Suddenly, she heard a cracking sound, and a huge hole appeared in the bottom of the dress.

With a slight frown, she closed her eyes and jumped down from the wall …

It had rained the night before, and the walls were still covered with mud. Bai Qingyi didn't feel much pain, but her ankles felt uncomfortable. When she looked at her wedding dress, it had already turned into a beggar's uniform.

"Eh? "Old Yin, that's …" A voice entered Bai Qing's ears.

He raised his eyes in panic and saw Yin Mingqing's father, Yin Fengjun, and another man walking towards him.

So awkward...

Bai Qingyi lowered her head. Her only thought was to find a hole and hide in it!

Since she had nowhere to run to, she could only grit her teeth and grit her teeth before forcing herself to walk over. "Uncle Yin, good morning …"

Yin Fengjun hadn't expected to see such a scene when she was taking a walk with her friend. She was stunned for a moment before her eyes darkened, "Good morning."

"That …" Bai Qingyi's hands had no place to place them. Embarrassment flashed across her beautiful eyes as she said, "Actually, I was just playing around with Yin Min Qing. It was … it was a bet …"

Without waiting for Yin Fengjun to speak, Bai Qingyi waved goodbye and ran towards the villa with her dirty wedding dress under her arm.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw Yin Min Qing calmly eating her breakfast. The smell of the fried eggs was still fragrant, and in an instant, Bai Qingyi's stomach growled. She was wake up early in the morning by Qin Yan, that pig of a teammate, let alone breakfast, she didn't even have time to drink a mouthful of water!

"Hahaha, where did this beggar come from?" When Chu Lingyin saw Bai Qingyi, she mocked, "How shameless. You entered the house in your wedding dress early in the morning. Do you think you're here to get married?"

She still didn't know Bai Qingyi yet. Although she felt that she was familiar, and she was also beautiful, she still mocked her.

"Yin Min Qing, didn't you tell me to come and get married? Why didn't you let me in?!" Bai Qingyi did not have the time to waste on Chu Lingyin as she stood in front of the dining table and questioned Yin Mingqing, who was leisurely eating breakfast.

"What marriage? You... You are Bai Qingyi? " Chu Lingyin realized that this wretched woman was Yin Mingqing's fiancee. She was stunned. Her shrill voice pierced the air in the dining room as she pointed at Bai Qingyi and shouted, "You really are Bai Qingyi!"

Yin Min Qing's eagle eyes turned slightly and landed on Bai Qingyi, who was in a miserable state. She picked up the milk on the table and took a sip gracefully. Her unhurried appearance really made Bai Qingyi feel like she deserved a beating!

"Cousin, how could she marry you? Are you confused?" Chu Lingyin stood up quickly and frowned at Yin Min Qing.

Yin Min Qing raised her black eyes and scanned Bai Qingyi's body. Her lips curled up into a contemptuous smile.

"This is my choice."

His tone was low, but it carried an irresistible force. It was more like a declaration of sovereignty.

All of this was too unbelievable, but it was hard for Chu Lingyin to accept it. How could her beloved brother become someone else's husband?

Chu Lingyin stared at Bai Qingyi with her beautiful eyes, wishing that she could swallow her whole. "You are simply dreaming. If you don't look at yourself, the Yin family won't accept you!"

Her voice was a low growl, full of anger.

Facing such provocation, Bai Qingyi's gaze fell on Yin Min Qing.

Yin Min Qing was finishing the tableware in her hand. She looked as if she was watching a good show, as if she didn't want to fight against the world.

"I don't have the qualifications to marry into the Yin family. Don't forget that you're his sister. "

Bai Qingyi's expression was calm as she unhurriedly said these words. However, each word pierced the heart and directly stabbed at Chu Lingyin's heart.

It had always been Chu Lingyin's wish to marry Yin Min Qing. Even if a person could see it, it was impossible for her to do so. "Wuwuwu, wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuu …"

How could such a scandal appear in such a large family, so Chu Lingyin was simply delusional.

"No matter what, I definitely can't let you marry the Yin Family. Don't even think about it!"

Chu Lingyin's eyes were wide open and she was still unrelenting. Even if she could not get Yin Min Qing's people, she would not give them up, let alone Bai Qingyi.

"The current situation is that I am already married to Yin Min Qing, and we already have an engagement. This is an obvious fact, what else do you have to argue about?"

When Bai Qing was in the elevator earlier, she could not bear to see Chu Lingyin's arrogant and despotic character anymore. When faced with her provocation, she could not bear it any longer.

Chu Lingyin pointed at Bai Qingyi and tugged at the corner of Yin Min Qing's clothes, "Cousin, did you forget about your aunt's matter?" How can you let her marry you! "

It was not only for himself, but also for her aunt Chu Yu. She would never allow Qiao Wen's daughter, Bai Qing, to marry into the Yin family.

After so many years of hatred, she couldn't believe that her cousin had already forgotten.

"There's no point in arguing about what has already been decided."

How could Yin Min Qing forget?

He had his own plans in his heart. Only by taking revenge step by step would he be able to obtain the consolation of his heart.

"Cousin!" "If she marries over, and is like that slut, it will be the greatest danger to the Yin family."

Chu Lingyin's heart was burning with anxiety. She could not watch Bai Qingyi marry, much less watch her take the seat of the Yin Clan's Young Lady. She even became her own cousin.

This would be the biggest blow to her, and she would fight for it no matter what.

Yin Min Qing remained unmoved. She gently rubbed his temple with her slender fingers as if she was a bit irritated.

However, he didn't have any intention of speaking. This made Chu Lingyin anxious.

"Cousin, she looks too similar to that slut. This way, your uncle must have some ulterior motive in wanting to raise that slut's daughter."

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