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Psychological Wolf CEO/C5 Maintenance of Yin Fengjun
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C5 Maintenance of Yin Fengjun

The more Chu Lingyin spoke, the more excited she became. She even dragged Yin Fengjun into this. This had successfully provoked Yin Min Qing.

However, this did not dispel the thought of marrying Yin Min Qing into the family. Instead, it became more intense. This way, his revenge would be more interesting.

"Don't say anymore, I've already decided."

Yin Min Qing stood up and tidied up her wrinkled suit. He no longer wanted to hear Chu Lingyin's chattering, so it was rather noisy.

"Cousin, why don't you listen?"

Chu Lingyin hurriedly grabbed Yin Min Qing's arm. She did not want him to leave as her goal had yet to be accomplished.

Bai Qingyi stood there and looked at Chu Lingyin helplessly. She understood what they had said, and she knew that Yin Min Qing would not let her off.

As for why he agreed to the marriage, his purpose was clear.

"Why don't you stop throwing dirty water on me, okay? I'm here today to get married, it's useless no matter how much you try to stop me. "

She knew how shameless Bai Qingyi was. As long as she could survive for the sake of the Bai Clan's business, there was nothing she couldn't do for her father and brother.

Since marrying into the Yin Clan would allow the Bai Clan to revive, she would do it without hesitation. Even if she were to lose face, it would not matter.

Her words successfully angered Chu Lingyin, "You... You bitch! You are a bastard who was born into a slut! "

"What about you?"

Looking at Chu Lingyin's widened eyes, Bai Qingyi smiled faintly as if she was ridiculing Chu Lingyin.

"Get the hell out of here!"

Chu Lingyin raised her voice, grabbed a plate on the table and threw it over.

As Bai Qingyi was wearing a wedding dress, she did not dodge it very quickly. The plate struck her arm and only scratched her skin.

When Chu Lingyin saw that Bai Qingyi had dodged without hitting her, the fire in her heart flared up.

"You actually dare to dodge!"

She picked up the things on the table and was about to throw them again when a man's voice snapped at her.


Yin Fengjun walked in with a serious expression on her face and frowned deeply.

His eyes seemed to be filled with wind and frost, filled with sharpness as they scanned through everything in the hall.

"Uncle, she was the one who started all this nonsense. She has been challenging my limits the entire time."

Chu Lingyin immediately put on an obedient face and hurried over to Yin Fengjun's side, trying to curry favor with her.

Her gaze would occasionally turn towards Bai Qingyi, revealing a look of disgust.

"He is your cousin, and he will be at peace with you in the future."

Yin Fengjun's words were straightforward and she did not give Chu Lingyin any face at all. His gaze fell on Bai Qingyi. That face that resembled Qiao Wen's was truly regretful.

If anything had happened between him and Qiao Wen that year, it could only be considered a friendship. However, rumors had it that the two of them had an improper relationship between a man and a woman. Since then, their family had undergone a tremendous change.

Until the death of Qiao Wen, such a reputation still existed. This was what made Yin Fengjun feel the most guilty about.

Chu Lingyin could not accept Yin Fengjun's words, but she did not dare to say a single word. Everyone had seen Yin Fengjun's prestige, so no one dared to cause trouble anymore.

He walked slowly and steadily. The waiter pulled back his chair and he sat down in the center.

Bai Qingyi lowered her head, her fingers fiddling with her wedding dress, but she didn't know what to do.

"Come sit down and eat."

The moment Yin Fengjun finished speaking, it caused the other two people to be shocked and dissatisfied.

Bai Qingyi felt a little awkward, but she still stood there motionlessly.

"Uncle Yin, I've already eaten this morning, so I won't be eating."

She smiled in embarrassment, looking very much like Qiao Wen from back then.

"Min Qing."

Yin Fengjun called out to Yin Min Qing, indicating for him to bring Bai Qingyi over and arranged for her to sit beside Yin Min Qing.

The man walked towards Bai Qingyi with vigorous steps. His eyes were like torches as he lowered his head to look at the woman in front of him.

His eyes were filled with both disgust and disbelief. Just what in the world could this woman do to make his father so concerned?

Yin Min Qing's thin but sexy lips parted slightly, "Let's go, my wife."

He emphasized his wife, but his eyes were full of mockery.

Bai Qingyi put on a fake smile and nodded slightly. She dragged her wedding dress and followed Yin Min Qing slowly towards the dining table.

She did not want to marry into the Yin family. Even though she was wealthy, she had no status at all.

This life was full of pressure and challenges, but for the sake of their Bai Family, she had no choice but to do this. Only by doing this could she save her father's life, as well as her brother's money to treat his illness.

How much helplessness was there in her heart? All of the pressure fell on Bai Qingyi.

She missed her father and her brother, whom she had not seen for a long time.

"I don't know if the food is to your liking, but if you have any special needs, you can tell it to the butler."

There was no emotion in Yin Fengjun's voice. It was like she was going through an interlude. Although she said those words, she did care a lot about them.

Bai Qingyi nodded slightly, "Thank you for taking care of me, Uncle Yin."

She didn't know if Yin Fengjun was really being nice to her or if she had other intentions or was feeling guilty towards her mother. However, this only made her more annoyed.

Chu Lingyin's eyes were filled with hatred as she stared at Bai Qingyi. She wanted nothing more than to kick her out.

If looks could kill, then Bai Qingyi would have been killed by Chu Lingyin dozens of times already.

Bai Qingyi naturally received the unfriendly gaze from Chu Lingyin, but she simply smiled and ignored it.

Facing Bai Qingyi's disregard, Chu Lingyin suffered a huge blow and put down the tableware.

"Cousin sister, perhaps the Yin family has a big family and has a high standard of living, so when you just married into them, you might not be used to it. After all, you have never received such treatment before."

Chu Lingyin said slowly with a gentle tone. However, his words were full of mockery, implying that Bai Qingyi was not worthy to marry into the Yin family.

"Please rest assured, cousin. I will slowly get used to it and study hard."

Bai Qingyi gently smiled. She had already adapted to this kind of situation. Facing the ridicule of others, she also had her own way of dealing with it.

But how could Chu Lingyin let this go? She must think of a way to make Bai Qing suffer.

"I heard that my cousin was a singer. There are a lot of unwritten rules in the entertainment industry. I wonder if you've heard of them?"

The reason why Chu Lingyin said such words was not only to embarrass Bai Qingyi, but also to make Yin Min Qing give up on the marriage contract.

"How would I know any unspoken rules? Besides, I'm just a not very famous singer and no one cares about me. It seems like cousin knows a lot about the entertainment industry. You should know it better than me, right?"

Bai Qingyi would also not let Chu Lingyin go. She would not let anyone who caused trouble get their way, let alone deliberately discredit her in front of the elders.

Chu Lingyin frowned as she did not expect Bai Qingyi to be able to counterattack one by one. She was indeed a powerful character, but she did not give up.

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