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C6 He Is Angry

"Cousin …"

Yin Fengjun's face turned dark.

"Chu Lingyin, since you've finished eating, you should go back to the guest room to rest."

His words contained an aura that could not be refused. The butler understood his meaning and walked in front of Chu Lingyin.

"Miss Chu, I will take you to the guest room to rest."

Chu Lingyin fiercely glared at Bai Qingyi. She stomped her high heels behind the butler and went upstairs to rest.

There was only the three of them at the table, and the atmosphere was delicate.

Bai Qingyi lowered her head slightly. She did not dare to look at the two of them and only stared at the food on her plate.

After breakfast, they sat on the European sofa in the living room.

"Min Qing, come with me to the study to discuss something."

Yin Fengjun put down the newspaper in her hands and the two of them went upstairs to the study room to discuss some matters. Bai Qingyi was the only person left in the large living room.

She sat there in a daze, not knowing what to do.

Bai Qingyi's eyes swept across the entire living room. It was simply several times larger than her home. Any of the furnishings she saw were all ancient antiques or priceless treasures.

Housekeeper Zhou walked over, "Miss Bai, I will bring you to your room to rest."


She slowly stood up. She had already faced too many great scenes just now, and now it was time for her to have a good rest. Furthermore, she really needed to clean up her clothes.

Upstairs, it was like a castle in a dream. There were too many rooms to count. If she were to leave herself here, she would definitely lose her way.

Although the Bai Clan was not a small business, they were nothing in comparison.

Housekeeper Zhou stopped in front of a room with luxurious decorations, "Miss Bai, please enter."

Bai Qingyi nodded and walked into the room.

The entire room was filled with a noble atmosphere, completely European decorative style, just like a royal family.

The golden floor-to-ceiling windows were decorated with exquisite embroidery. There were also a few lanterns in the shape of petals on the huge palace bed, and a chest of cabinets placed in front of the bed with golden edges.

Bai Qingyi walked over slowly and looked around the entire room. Compared to that, her house was much smaller. She slowly looked around the room until she saw the photo placed on the table.

It was a picture of a boy and a woman together. It was obvious that they were mother and son.

The woman held the child in her arms and revealed a loving smile. The boy in her arms was still young, but it was already obvious that this was Yin Min Qing.

This should be his mother.

Bai Qingyi had heard that Yin Mingqing's mother committed suicide and had mixed feelings about it. However, no one knew who was right and who was wrong. Perhaps only the person involved could truly understand.

Because of their grudges, she had no choice but to marry into the sect. Although she felt a bit helpless, she still wanted to get to know more about what had happened that year.

As she thought about these things in her heart, she stood outside, staring at the photos in a daze.

The door behind him opened with a loud bang.

As soon as Yin Min Qing opened the door, she saw the figure standing in front of the photo.

With vigorous steps, he quickly walked to the side of the woman.

His handsome face was filled with a haze that obscured what he was trying to do.

Her hawk-like eyes stared fiercely at Bai Qingyi, as if she wanted to execute her temporarily in front of him.

"Who allowed you to come in?"

There was no emotion in his words. Just those few words scared Bai Qingyi witless.

"Steward Zhou brought me here just now. I didn't know that this was your room."

Bai Qingyi was slightly nervous. Even though she knew Yin Min Qing was a cold-faced person, this was the first time she saw such a sharp gaze.

"Do you think we're going to live together now that we're married? "What wishful thinking."

Yin Min Qing slowly approached her, her tone carrying a sense of danger.

Bai Qingyi did not dare to make a sound. She just slowly stepped back, not daring to look Yin Mingqing in the eye.

The man's large hand grabbed Bai Qingyi's lower forehead. His fair face was filled with shock, but he could only stare at the furious man in front of him.

"You don't have the right to stay in my room."

Slowly spitting out these words from his mouth, Yin Min Qing's eyes were bloodthirsty. The room was his, how could he allow this woman to enter or even stay inside.

Yin Min Qing's hand increased its strength and gripped Bai Qingyi's chin tightly. Very soon, traces of spots appeared on her white and delicate chin.

"It hurts."

The pain from her chin made Bai Qingyi barely able to utter a word.

The man let go of Bai Qingyi, who was still trembling in fear. Bai Qingyi quickly walked to the side, not wanting to provoke that Yama.

She stood by the door, not knowing what to do, staring at the floor, afraid to look at the crazy man.

Yin Min Qing sneered coldly. Her eyes were filled with disgust. Her slender fingers fiddled with her phone as she dialed Housekeeper Zhou's number.

"Come over at once."

Within 5 minutes, Housekeeper Zhou rushed over and stood respectfully in front of Yin Min Qing.

"Why this room?"

Yin Min Qing sat on the chair as she asked casually.

Steward Zhou knew that he had offended this young master, so he was a little flustered.

"Young Master, this is the intention of the old master, so I brought Miss Bai here directly."

Bai Qingyi stood to the side as if she was waiting for someone to decide the verdict and then accept the punishment. This feeling was really too torturous.

Yin Min Qing looked out the window. He really didn't know what his father was thinking.

Housekeeper Zhou was waiting there, not daring to make a sound, waiting for the young master's orders.

"Arrange a maid's room for her."

Yin Min Qing's tone was cold and indifferent, as if she did not care about the feelings of others. In his opinion, Bai Qing was someone he would never forgive in his entire life. She was the daughter of the murderer who hurt his mother.

This hatred was irreconcilable. He wanted to take revenge on her.

"Yes, Young Master, I'll go make the arrangements."

Housekeeper Zhou knew Yin Mingqing's temperament, so he didn't dare to provoke her. So he still did things respectfully so as to avoid bringing disaster upon himself.

He quickly left the room, not wanting to get involved in this matter again.

When the door was closed and they were alone again, the atmosphere was quiet again.

"You're quite capable and scheming."

Yin Min Qing looked at Bai Qingyi in disdain. Her eyes were filled with disgust.

He had never felt so disgusted and resentful towards anyone before.

Bai Qingyi did not understand what he meant, but she did not want to explain too much. She knew that no matter what he said, Yin Min Qing would not forgive her.

She stood there with her head lowered and her fingers tugging at the corner of her clothes, looking extremely nervous.

Yin Min Qing approached her step by step. He wanted to know the true appearance of this woman in front of him.

"Your methods aren't bad at all. Just how did you trick my family's old man into going over?"

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