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C7 Near-occurrence

Bai Qingyi felt helpless. She did not want to answer this question, and cheating was even more impossible.

But for the sake of her mother, she knew all this herself, and no longer wanted to talk about it.

Bai Qingyi had always felt that those were all fiction. In her heart, her mother was also a beautiful existence, even if she died very early.

"I don't have any tricks up my sleeve. I truly admire you. That's just the reason."

Bai Qingyi pretended to act like a bewitching girl in an attempt to fool him, but Yin Mingqing did not think so.

The marriage had a purpose, or rather a reprisal.

"You are as lowly as your mother."

To Bai Qingyi, this didn't matter at all. She had been enduring the entire time. For the sake of this engagement, as long as the Bai Clan could revive, what was a little insult to her?

Yin Min Qing's face turned dark. He had seen too many of these tricks, it made him feel nauseous.

He moved closer to Bai Qingyi, locking her up against the wall. The two were so close that they could hear each other's hearts.

Bai Qingyi's eyes flickered with panic.

Facing such an attack, she had no way of dealing with it. Furthermore, she had just fixed her hymen, so it was impossible for them to have a relationship so soon.

"You're right, I have no objections."

Bai Qingyi did not refute his words. For a man as high and mighty as him, as long as he was not angered, it would be fine. Even if she was dissatisfied with what Yin Mingqing had said, she was still relying on someone else.

However, on the contrary, the more Bai Qing followed along, the more Yin Min Qing felt that this woman in front of her was even more disgusting. His generous hands directly trapped her hands and fiercely pinned her against the wall.

Her pair of beautiful eyes seemed to contain a ball of fire. Her pure white teeth were tightly clenched as she was filled with resentment.

"Do you think that I will inject capital into the Bai Clan just because of this?"

In Yin Min Qing's eyes, Bai Qingyi was just a joke. Promise or whatever, it all depended on one's feelings.

"What do you mean? Are you going to go back on your word? "

Bai Qingyi frowned and said angrily.

"I said I didn't promise you." His face was expressionless, and he didn't look like he was joking.

She suddenly pushed Yin Min Qing away. Her originally repressed temper instantly broke out, and her voice became even louder.

"Then what do you want!? "Why not keep our agreement?"

Her clear eyes were filled with indignation and anger after being tricked. She didn't understand what Yin Min Qing was planning and what she wanted from her.

Yin Min Qing tidied up her clothes at random. A contemptuous smile was displayed on her handsome face, as if all of this wasn't important.

"I only said that before eight o'clock, the engagement will be cancelled, but I didn't say that once you arrive, you will fulfill it."

When he said those words, he was like a scoundrel, as if everything made sense, and the reasoning was something he had set himself.

Yin Min Qing crossed her arms in front of her chest as she condescendingly looked down at Bai Qingyi. He wanted to see how this woman would react.

"You're really unreasonable. We've already made it clear that as long as I arrive at 8 o'clock, I will fulfill the engagement. Is it considered as reneging on my promise now?"

Bai Qingyi raised her voice. She thought that Yin Mingqing was deliberately playing with her family, not to mention that the Bai Clan was almost at its end and needed the Yin Clan's help. Now, it was like a joke.

"It's merely your own understanding. You're still wearing your wedding dress. Disgusting. You really hate marriage."

Yin Min Qing looked at her mockingly, belittling her for nothing.

He had never seen such a shameless woman before, and this made him hate her more and more.

It was like a psychological pleasure to torture her, to watch her meet.

"I followed our agreement and broke it. There's no need for me to continue discussing with you."

Bai Qingyi widened her beautiful eyes. She did not want to argue with the person in front of her. Even if she continued speaking, she would have suffered greatly from humiliation. She had had enough for the sake of the Bai Clan.

Bai Qingyi walked around the man in front of her and angrily walked away. But who would have thought that a long skirt was not convenient and she didn't pull it well? She stepped on the hem of the dress and her body fell down.

Yin Min Qing stood there looking at the woman in front of her. She didn't intend to stop her, but she still stood there expressionlessly.

"Ah …"

Just as he was about to fall to the ground, Bai Qing instinctively reached out and grabbed Yin Min Qing's clothes.


Time seemed to come to a standstill, this scene was too embarrassing.

Bai Qingyi fell to the ground, and the man was also pulled down, pressing down on top of the woman.

The tip of their noses were only a centimeter apart, so they could feel each other's breath.

Bai Qing entered Yin Min Qing's nose with her light body fragrance of milk. It was somewhat seductive and familiar.

"I'm sorry."

She quickly pushed Yin Min Qing away. Her clear eyes were filled with panic. Her fair cheeks were flushed. However, she didn't expect to see the top button on Yin Min Qing's chest the moment she got up.

Bai Qingyi fell into the man's well-built chest once again.

His soft body tightened the man's body. Desire was about to overcome his rationality. In the eyes of Yin Min Qing, it was as though she wanted to capture him but didn't.

Bai Qing's heartbeat sped up at a rate of fifty steps, and she quickly untied the veil covering his clothes.

"I'm leaving."

She quickly stood up, tidied her clothes in panic, and started to walk towards the door.

The moment she turned around, her slender arm was forcefully pulled back by the man and thrown onto the bed.

Yin Min Qing trapped Bai Qingyi under her and pressed a hand on her arm, preventing the woman from moving.

Bai Qingyi did not dare to look into Yin Min Qing's eyes. She felt a little guilty and kept on dodging.

The man's hand caressed her white and tender cheeks. It was as clear and translucent as a snow lotus, and his long and curling eyelashes trembled slightly. It was obvious that he was somewhat nervous.

Yin Min Qing bent down and slowly approached her lips, kissing it with all her might.

Bai Qingyi had no strength to refute. She breathed into her ear, causing her to blush.

"Don't do that."

Bai Qingyi's voice was weak and weak. Her strength was unable to compete with the man in front of her.

Even so, she struggled with her arms, not expecting this to happen.

"Isn't that your plan? "Then I'll satisfy you."

He tore open Bai Qingyi's clothes and threw her to the side.

The woman's delicate skin was revealed to him. Although Bai Qingyi looked very thin and weak, her figure was very good. There was meat where there was meat, and there was even skinnier places. She was simply the best in the world.

Yin Min Qing's desire was so strong that it made her dizzy. She tightened her body and her desire to get Bai Qingyi filled up.

Bai Qingyi struggled with all her might and wanted to protect herself, but she was pressed down by the man time and time again.

She was like a doll without any power of her own. Bai Qingyi was a bit scared when she saw the hungry eyes of the man in front of her.

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