Queen of hearts/C1 Middle class
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Queen of hearts/C1 Middle class
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C1 Middle class

I am on the first class about to head back home to the US when I see a woman who is in her late 30s. She has long beautiful golden hair that touches her shouders, and sea blue eyes and an amazing body for a woman her age. She walks and sits down next to me. I can't help but stare at her, ''didn't your mom teach you that staring at people you don't know is rude, little girl''!, she says coldly without looking at me. I smile at her,''wow....I know you from somewhere....wait i know..., but before I could finish my sentence she quickly put on headphones and closed her eyes. I look at her in shock. One of the waitress comes over with a notebook in hand, ''afternoon ms may i get you something'', said the waitress.I look at her with a guinune smile, ''I will have a cheeseburger with fries on the side with coke please'', I said . The lady next to me looks at me in disgust and shifted her eyes to the waitress, ''I will have a fruit salad and orange juice''. The waitress takes our orders then leaves. I look at her and give her my million dollar smile, ''My name is Lexin but you can call Lex'', I said. She looks at me annoyed then takes out a magazine from her bag then started reading. I don't mind at all that she is ignoring me, ''Do you know what rhymes with Lex ?'', I said.She stops reading then looks at me in shock then continues reading, '' dirtyminded girl, she mumbles. I giggle then touch the back seat of her chair and lean close to her, ''I DID NOT HEAR YOUUUUUUUU!!!'', I say in amusement. She looks at me in anger, ''You little bi......,but before she could finish her sentence the waitress appeared with our food then started serving. I look at the waitress then winked , ''Thank you baby, I said and seductively bit my lower lip. The waitress blushed then walked away. The lady next to me glared at me, ''what you jealous'', I said and laughed. She was about to take a bite of her salad, but was interrupted by me chewing my food like i haven't eaten for days. She glares at me, ''you want some'',I say . She looks away, ''Disgusting..... how did a middle class girl like you get to fly in first class?'', she said coldly. I looked at her then laughed loudly,if only she knew that i am billionaire then she would definitely keep quiet. I laughed until I felt satisfied then i looked at her, now she is looking at me like I am a mad woman, but I don't mind. I look straight to her plate l see she did not even take a bite,'' mmm........yummy....let me taste your salad''. I say then take one piece of orange with my fingers from her plate.She glares at me, '' What the fuck........disgusting!Do you know who I am......I am Roxanne Johnson !!! '', she says in a high voice that everyone heard her. She stands up and calls the waitress.''Change my seat right now'',she says loudly.Then she was gone with the waitress.

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