Queen of hearts/C2 Drive baby
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Queen of hearts/C2 Drive baby
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C2 Drive baby

Lexin point of view

I finally arrived to the US. Its been 7 years but I still feel heartbroken, I really tried to run away from my past ,but then I can't, because I left my baby with my parent. My baby name is Adriana,she has never seen me in person,but Adriana and I spoke to each other thru the phone multiple times when I was in London ,she is really fond of me.I know that what I did was wrong leaving my baby, only because I was 18 and scared to be a mother and I wanted to follow my dreams of becoming a fashion designer. I was walking out of the airport stuck in thought, then I bumped into someone slim and dropped my bag.'' I am so so sorry'',she said in an angelic voice and picked my bag. I was staring at her because she is so beautiful ,wow she is beyond gorgous, her body .She has sea blue eyes and pump pink lips and blond hair that is long until her neckline and she shaved half on the left side of her hair and her body lean and angular. She smiled awkwardly,''umm.....your bag'',she said.''I want to eat you'', I whispered.She blushed and bit her lower lip,''well..... just tell me when and where i will be on your bed'',she said in a sexy voice . I was surprised by her response,''well...... what if i say i want you right now '',I said seductively. She giggled, ''next time.....I have to go now ......see you around'',she said and wave her hand. I bit my lower lip ,''see you ,I said then salute. As she walked past me ,i checked her out from the back and wow she has a beautiful ass. Finally I am out side ,i waiting for uber now.

Roxanne point of view

What a stupid girl. She dared to insult me like that .How was she able to afford 1st class ?Is she rich?No she can't be rich she has no class at all. ''Mom......mom........mom......moooooooooooooom! I look beside me and i see my daughter.''Why are you shouting , I am next to you!'', I said annoyed. She look surprised then said ,'jeez....I haven't seen you for so long and instead of hugging me you shouting'', she said and tried to hug me.I pushed her gently,''Don't be an emotional fool......and what have you done with your hair, I said. She look at me disappointed ,''Wow you haven't changed.......don't you know what today is''!, she said in dismay.''It is the anniversary of my business ,Roxanne Jewlers it been 5 years''. I said excitedly.She chuckled,'' you are full of shit Roxanne..........and you call yourself my mother.......it my 23rd birthday........it Valentine's day.......and all you care about is money...........I hate you'', she said in a broken voice with tears in her eyes then ran towards the exist. '' DaSilva DaSilva DaSilva, I shouted her name but she did not look back.

DaSilva point of view

I want to get the hell out of here.She made me cry on my birthday.Why am I surprised she made me cry all my life, she never acted like a mother. She hired a Nanny while she chased after money.I hate money.'' Hi..........are you okay, said a lady. I looked at her face, it the same woman i bumped into in the airport while I was going to my mother.Wow i didn't realised how beautiful she is. She smiled sweetly then wiped my tears with her thumb,''All my life have never seen a woman who looks even beautiful when she cries .I tried to change the subject, '' why you are still here?".She rolled her eyes,"well I've been waiting for the uber but luck is not on my side",she said.I look into her beautiful hazel eyes i could tell that she is not making up stories.She click her fingers to bring me back to reality.I shooked my head then said ,"i can drop you home if you don't mind ".She raised an eyebrow then said ,"if only you let me drive". I looked at her in shock then i see my mother in a distance ,"Okay, I said then shoved her in the driver seat then she look at me like I was mad. Then I quickly got in the passenger seat then i said ,"drive baby".She smiled then started the car and drove off fast.

The End
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