Quenched Flames/C4 Chapter 4
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Quenched Flames/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

“Jason, Jaaaay, Jasonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn." He screamed.

"Aiden it's alright, I'm here now. It's just a dream. It's okay. Shhh...." In her sleep, she was hearing muffled sounds that were gradually building up. She knew it wasn't from her dream so she opened her eyes as fast as possible to locate where the noise was coming from and finally detected that the scream was coming from Aiden's room.

"It felt so real. He needed me. They needed me and there was nothing I could do. I'm useless, I'm a hopeless father." He said.

"No, you are not. You tried to save them. You would have if the burning wood didn't fall off and land on you."

"What are you doing in my room and why did you put off the light? I never put off the light when going to bed. You cannot just come into my home and do as you please. You are not my wife so you have no rights. Do not forget so quickly that you are nothing but the help!"

"I jus--, you were not feeling too we-- I didn't know you never put off the lights to sleep. I just wanted to monitor your health but I guess with you everything everybody does is always wrong. You don't need me. I'm a fool for even thinking that just maybe I could ---- you know what just forget! I hate that you make me feel this way." She said as eyes started to tear up.

"Pack your stuff and close the door on your way out."

"I was going to do just that jerk! You need help." So maybe she was tired of him. This time she was really tired. What's with men and their ego? It was so evident that he needed someone around. He wasn't even man enough to look her in her eyes and say all those hurtful things. Here she was thinking he saw her as a sister when he sees her as a common help. She just couldn't hold the tears anymore. They ran down her cheeks without any hopes of stopping anytime soon. She cried her way to sleep with one thing on her mind which was getting out of this house for some time.

It's been two weeks and he hadn't heard from Rachel or seen her. She didn't even come for her evening shift. He knew he may have said some very harsh words to her but he didn't mean any of them. He wasn't one to let his guard down or be vulnerable around people and there she was, helping him through his PTSD. Was she ever going to forgive him? She mentioned feeling some type of way. What could that have meant? Did he need help? So many thoughts were running through his mind. He hated himself for calling her the help. He just needed her around and if that meant that he had to go to her school then so be it.

He could see her coming from a distance with some of her friends and a familiar boy he suspected to be Brian. She had a 90's blue jeans jacket on and a white body-hugging turtleneck top that stopped just a few inches away from her belly button. She paired it up with a leather skirt that stopped at her thigh which he considered way too short because it was showing a lot of skin and that didn't sit well with him. She ended the look with a leather ankle-length boot.

He was starting to think this wasn't a good idea maybe he should just drive back home. But how in the world would he have taken his time to look this good and wait in the car park for a good three hours and drive back home? That will be a crazy thing to do.

"Rachel" he called out. The shock on her face was very evident. She had not seen him looking this good in a very long time. He had shaved his beards. Brian was quick to put his hands around Rachel and for some reason, he wasn't too pleased. He could tell Rachel wasn't either. She wasn't looking like she was coming towards him so he had to go to her.

"Hi, I'm Aiden James." He introduced himself to Brian who wasn't feeling too comfortable.

"Brian this my boss and Aide-- Mr James this is my boyfriend. Is everything okay sir?" She questioned.

"Can I see you for a moment?"

After what felt like forever, she finally answered and whispered something into her boyfriend's ears which caused him to give them a little privacy not before staking his claim by kissing her. He wasn't too pleased with the whole PDA.

"So what is it you wanted to tell the help that you couldn't drop a voice message or deliver it to any of the staffs to pass it across."

"Ouch. I want to first and foremost apologize for what I said. I didn't mean any of that. It's just-- I was vulnerable and I wasn't used to having people see me like that "

"Which of them didn't you mean? The part that I should not forget that I'm a common maid or the part that I overstepped my boundaries or should I keep going? I let my guards down around you when my mother died. I know you didn't leave until it was morning when you quietly slipped out. I care about you and so did my late mum. She would want me to be there for you and that's what I was trying to do. " She said.

"Everything, everything. I'm sorry. You haven't been around for two weeks now. Where have you been staying and when do you intend to come home?"

"Home? Mr James, I have no home to come to just a house that you've decided to make a living hell for me. I'm staying at Brian's place and I don't even think I want to come back. I need my peace of mind."

"What do you mean by you have no home? Your mother lived there and you grew up there. You also have me and you can move into my apartment if you feel lonely. What about your job? How do you intend to pay your college fee?"

"I honestly don't know. How would that make Brian feel? And I can always get another job and Brian can assist me with a little money. I don't know, I'll figure something out. I need to go he's waiting for me in the car."

"Brian this, Brian that. I see things are getting serious with both of you. You guys are still in college. What's the rush?"

"Are we talking about my personal life now? If Brian decides to propose now I would marry him that instance. I really should go now." That was a lie and she knew it. She was not quitting her job neither was she moving out. How was she supposed to pay for her final year in college and she had promised her mother. Everything she had said was just a bluff to see if he would care which of course he did. She just needed some time to herself.

"Wait! I may have been seeing a therapist since you left." He stuttered.

"Mr James I know you well enough to know that you stutter when you lie."

"Damn! Ok, you got me there. Please just come back. I-- I-- miss-- my library room being speak and span, those smoothies specially made by you and I miss your freshly baked cupcakes." Was he about to say he missed her when her boyfriend was just sitting some miles away? Was he going nuts?

"Here we go again. Duty calls. It's my work that matters most to you."

"No. You do too. You do matter a lot to me. You are like a sister to me." He said as he gently took her hands in his.

"A sister? Just stop it. We are not even related at all. What's with this sister thing?"

"What do you want me to say?"

"What about a friend or something? I don't know. Anything order than a sister."

"Ok. Here's the thing, If you come back and move into the downside of the apartment, I promise to see a therapist."

"Seeing a therapist is for your good. It's not even supposed to be a thing of negotiation."

"Can you at least consider it? "

"Maybe. I'll try. Bye."

"See you soon." He replied.

"What is it your boss wanted that couldn't wait till you came back and Why were you about to call him by his first name? I don't even like the way he held your hands. Are you sure this is just a boss and worker relationship or is there something you aren't telling me?" Brian questioned.

"It's nothing. He treats me like his sister and we grew up together."

"Why have you never told me this?" He further enquired.

"Because there was never any need for it. Can we go now?"

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