Quenched Flames/C5 Chapter 5
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Quenched Flames/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

"After a lot of thinking, I have decided to move in under two conditions. This will strictly be a staff and boss relationship. My side of the apartment is out of bounds except at emergencies. Do we have a deal?" She questioned.

"Now I'm confused. Who's the boss again?"

"Maybe coming here was a mistake. Forget I said anything."

"It was a harmless question calm down. I agree. I intend to keep it that way. I'll show you around."

"Mr James, I work here. I know the nooks and cranny of this house. All you have to do is show me my room."

Halfway through packing some of her stuff down here, she was starting to have second thoughts. She was going way out of her comfort zone for his recovery. His family had always shown her so much love especially his mother. While growing up, he was always there to fight off bullies from disturbing her. So much had changed. He even shut out his family. She hopes he fulfils his promise of going to see a therapist. Something strange was going on among the other staffs and she could tell easily. The side glances and the whispers. She was just about to enter when she heard May gossiping about her. She quietly hid by the kitchen wall to listen to what she had to spill from her mouth.

"I still can't believe he let her into the house to stay with him. He never even lets us stick around till one minute past six. You remember Anna right? She stayed till twenty minutes past six and when he came down and found her loitering around, he sacked her instantly. I don't believe in voodoo but this whole situation has me thinking twice. She may have cast a spell on him. Don't you see the way his outrageous display of anger dies down when she shows up? You know how you advised I should unbutton my first button to show enough cleavage when I bend down to serve him? It is shameful to say as enticing as my boobs are, he told me to button up my shirt when I bent to serve him and told me that if I ever appear before him dressed like that, he would ask that I be thrown out of his house. Something tells me he is gay. He has never looked at any other female staff twice."

Rachel felt she had heard enough and decided it was time to make her grand entry. Now that she finally discovered the reason for the whole fuss, she decided to act like she didn't know what was going on. Immediately she waltzes into the kitchen and May sees her, they quickly change the subject acting like they didn't just stand there gossiping a few seconds ago. It was obvious he needed company. She could tell from the whole experience of that night. If her presence could help a little bit, then the workers could gossip till forever because she was staying still when he didn't need her anymore.

Took a lot of heated arguments with Brian before he finally agreed with her staying in Aiden's apartment. It's not like she could bring him into her boss's house before maybe she would say that the reason for his fuss was that the arrangement will ruin their privacy. It's not like she was asked to come and attend to his sexual needs. Brian of all people should be the first person to trust her.

Do you trust yourself around him? Let's not forget your last encounter with him. If Brian's call didn't come in, we both know you were heading in for a kiss. Her inner man said.

Her conscience was starting to prick her. She was grateful for the perfect timing of his call. She would have hated to look him in the face and tell him 'I may have kissed my boss'. She quickly buried the memory of that night and continued with her unpacking. She was finally done with moving her things when her phone started ringing. She ran towards the phone and saw from the caller I.D that it was Aiden's mum calling to find out about her son's welfare as usual. She remembered clearly that her mum had once told her that the reason he gave for partially shutting his family out was that he didn't want a situation where he would never be able to save or help them when they needed his help. He hardly visits them. Phone calls and gifts were all he had been doing with them lately. The fire accident damaged him physiologically. She was starting to wonder if any of her efforts could do anything at all to his healing.

"Hi, Mrs Jane. Trust your day went well." She said.

"Hello, darling. Yes, it did and yours?"

"Just a little bit stressful from moving in." She replied.

"Rachel, I cannot thank you enough for all the sacrifices you and your mother have made for this family. I don't know how else to show my gratitude. You don't have to work for Aiden to pay for your college fee. I want to help you but I don't know why you keep on refusing the offer." Mrs Jane said.

"You have done so much for my mum and I just count this as a way of saying thank you. I'm grateful for the gifts you give me ranging from clothes to shoes, jewellery and not to mention the recent car you sent. Words can't even express my gratitude."

“It's nothing. Did you say recent car?”

“Yes, ma. Aiden said the Audi a4 2018 model that was sent to me was from you and that you strictly warned that I shouldn't thank you for it. Are you still there ma?"

"Yes, I am. Are you sure about this? Maybe you should confirm from Aiden properly because I haven't sent anything to you in recent times. There's a mix up somewhere. It's nice to hear your voice and thanks for taking care of my boy. Words can't tell the depths of my gratitude."

"It's nothing ma. Do have a pleasant night."

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