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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C10 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 10
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C10 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 10

"Stop looking, there are not only people from the Seventh Marquis' residence here. "Big sister is very skilled in perjury." Jiang Yong was standing behind the male lead with his arms crossed, as if he was eager to see the world in chaos.

King of Southwest gestured for Jiang Yong to quiet down. Jiang Yong said, "Alright, I know."

However, he said even louder, "Why isn't big sister saying anything? Did little sister hit the mark?"

"King of Southwest Fei is really eloquent. How interesting, extremely interesting." A somewhat gloomy voice sounded.

Only then did Jiang Yong look at the so-called Seventh Prince. His appearance was truly average. His eyes were staring at him with an evil intent that made people feel disgusted.

"Seventh Prince is too kind." Wu Tie tilted his head and smiled at him, imitating his tone of voice.

Jiang Yong's pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes. If he were to smile like that, it would be like adding flowers to a flower. He was very beautiful and gave off a feeling of wanting to say something at a time of rest.

Guan Jiawei noticed Seventh Prince staring at his wife impatiently. His body had already shifted a bit and just happened to block Jiang Yong's path.

"Prince …" Seventh Princess clearly noticed it as well. She pulled Seventh Prince and said in a spoiled manner, the tears in her eyes had long since disappeared.

"Seventh brother, the discussion on Peng Cheng is over …" Guan Jiawei's intention to see him off was very clear.

Seventh Prince, who was carrying his wife, looked deeply at Jiang Yong as he passed by the two of them.

The moment Seventh Prince walked out of the backyard, Guan Jiawei pulled Jiang Yong back into the house. Seeing that the prince was about to talk reason, Liu Tie exploded with anger, still trying to reason with him.

"It's not that I don't know etiquette this time, it's because you haven't heard what others say about you. I've tolerated it for a long time, but I still can't stand listening to it any longer."

Just as the male lead was about to speak, Jiang Yong slapped the male lead: "Shut up! "Don't talk first, you have to listen to me."

Guan Jiawei actually didn't have any intention to blame Jiang Yong. He just wanted to say: from now on, you can't smile at others like that, especially towards men. You can't smile so nicely. He will be jealous...

Jiang Yong was taller than the male lead by a little bit. Looking at Guan Jiawei up close, he looked really clean and handsome. His whole face was extremely delicate. His eyes were pretty, and his nose was also pretty.

He also clearly saw that Jiang Yong's long eyelashes would flicker from time to time as if scratching Jiang Yong's heart, which made his heart itch all of a sudden.

Jiang Yong wanted to say something but forgot to. The atmosphere gradually became out of place. The two people's breath wrapped around each other, making it seem like the air was getting hotter.

System: "Get it started!"

Jiang Yong couldn't help himself and placed his hand on the male lead's thigh. Then, the male lead slowly stood at the same level as Jiang Yong.

Guan Jiawei, who was being weighed up by Jiang Yong's leg, swayed unsteadily. This scared him so much that he immediately hugged Jiang Yong's waist, causing the distance between the two of them to get closer.

A man's lips are so pink, it must feel good to kiss them. He wanted to try it out... Jiang Yong leaned close to Guan Jiawei.

Guan Jiawei's heart skipped a beat and he closed his eyes shyly. Was this the first time the wangfei took the initiative to kiss him?

He was a little nervous.

System: "The male lead is too cute. He can cry for so long just by bullying me."

Due to the system's words, Jiang Yong suddenly thought of something that might happen after the kiss and he forcefully stopped.

He was a man, and no matter how good-looking he was, he was still a man. How could a man...

He waited for a long time, but nothing happened. Guan Jiawei slowly opened his eyes and saw Jiang Yong's conflicted expression. His heart ached.

He slowly loosened his grip around Jiang Yong and said in a cold tone, "I will not force your hand."

Jiang Yong scratched his head, not knowing what to do. "I just …"

Then he let go of his own hand. Annoyed expression appeared on Jiang Yong's face.

The air was quiet.

The two of them stood there dumbly.

"There's no need for further words. It's not the first time This King knows that wangfei doesn't like things like this." The tone of the prince sounded very lonely. He slowly walked out of the hall.

Jiang Yong didn't know why he was so confused when the door to the room was closed. The thought of him wanting to kiss the male lead made him feel bad.

Jiang Yong began to doubt himself: Isn't he straight? How could he have such a thought?

System: "Tsk tsk tsk, Host, you will regret it sooner or later. Again and again, we make the male lead sad and disappoint the system. "

Jiang Yong looked at the little thing that appeared from time to time in a daze, "Go away."

"I don't want to."

Jiang Yong walked to the bed and laid on it. Looking at the top of the bed, he rubbed his temples and continued to doubt life.

He thought of a bunch of random things and urgently needed to change the topic.

Jiang Yong took the initiative to tease the system, "Tell me, why are my girlfriends cursing me? After all, I once loved them so much."

The System laughed coldly.

Jiang Yong was forced to close his eyes as he entered a void space.

The room was filled with a strange atmosphere, and it was painted with a bright red pattern. The red liquid was like blood, continuously flowing out from the person sitting in the middle, contrasting with the atmosphere of despair in the room.

Their eyes were closed and bleeding, and they were muttering.

"I curse, I curse Jiang Yong!" They suddenly laughed sinisterly, "You won't be able to get a woman's love for your entire life. You'll be abused by a man until you die!"

Jiang Yong's body turned cold, he looked around to find the system: "Let me leave, this... It's scary enough. "

System: "You said so."

Jiang Yong suddenly had a bad feeling.

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