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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C11 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 11
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C11 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 11

The scene changed and Jiang Yong was in another space.

The fog in front of him began to swirl, the red dust cloud started to sway, and the atmosphere started to flicker and blur.

"A little brat who hasn't grown all his hair actually dares to drink it." His voice suddenly rang out, giving him a fright.

Jiang Yong frowned. He lifted the veil and slowly walked in. Suddenly, Jiang Yong seemed to be attracted by something and sat on a stool.

He did not know why he was raising his cup and preparing to finish it in one gulp. After that, his hand was suddenly grabbed. That person looked at him with abnormally serious eyes.

"Do you want to try?"

Jiang Yong couldn't get the wine to his mouth after using three times, so he decided to give up. He raised his eyes and said in a vulnerable tone, "Try what?"

The person in front of him was indistinct, as if he had been deceived. This vague feeling made him feel really unhappy.

That person suddenly approached and whispered in Jiang Yong's ear with a scorching warmth: "Try what you said just now."

Before Jiang Yong realized what he had said, he was stopped by that person, who even had a hand on his waist.

That person forcefully helped Jiang Yong up, and a bed suddenly appeared in front of them.

Jiang Yong gradually lay back down. That person stuck close to his ear and kissed continuously before sinking down on his body. Jiang Yong suppressed all kinds of complicated emotions as he felt that person's heat.

System: "Beep!" The host and male host's body fusion has reached half of the level. Congratulations, host. "

Jiang Yong seemed to hear this when he was drunk to the point of dreaming. However, he was too happy to care about it.

Other than the System forcing Jiang Yong to have a dream, the Prince felt a little uncomfortable just leaving like that and went back to his room.

Seeing that Princess Hua-Yang was sleeping soundly, Guan Jiawei wanted to cover him with the quilt. He didn't expect Jiang Yong, who had his eyes closed, to stop him and drag him down to the ground beside him.

"Yong?" Guan Jiawei was a bit surprised with the wangfei's initiative. He thought that Jiang Yong was once again angry at his approach.

Therefore, he said, "Sorry, This King is just..."

When he saw that Jiang Yong's eyes were still closed, Guan Jiawei's tightened heart relaxed a little. "Are you dreaming?"

"Yes." Strangely, Jiang Yong replied.

Guan Jiawei probed: "What did you dream?"

Jiang Yong replied, "Drink."

His hands started to go against the rules, gently stroking Guan Jiawei's waist.

The hot air that Jiang Yong let out on his neck was too seductive, Guan Jiawei found it hard to endure. In his current state, he seriously suspected that Jiang Yong had drugged him.

"Do you like drinking?" All in all, his princess was also a man.

Jiang Yong nodded and shook his head. He had liked drinking alcohol, but the scene of him being killed due to drinking too much was still fresh in his mind, causing him to panic a little.

Guan Jiawei didn't understand, so he didn't ask. He gently pulled his hand away from Jiang Yong's hand and saw Jiang Yong frown, as if he was extremely unhappy with his actions. He had no choice but to give up and let Jiang Yong take advantage of him.

"Princess doesn't like this?" Guan Jiawei said softly while stroking the hair on Jiang Yong's forehead.

Without a doubt, the sleeping Jiang Yong exposed his true nature, so he hugged Guan Jiawei's waist even more tightly. The moment he turned around, the two of them were already in reverse positions.

Jiang Yong said, "No one dislikes it."

Because of Jiang Yong's words, Guan Jiawei's heart softened and an uncontrollable smile appeared on his face.

In front of him, it seemed as if it was his entire world. When Guan Jiawei looked at Jiang Yong, his face was filled with gentleness: "I really hope that you will always be like this."

So willing to be close to me, not like when awake, avoid me everywhere. Yong, you know, I'm so happy.

"Naturally, this will always be the case. This is my proof. If you feel that it is not enough, then I will verify it like this for the rest of my life." With that, Jiang Yong leaned towards Guan Jiawei.

He gently kissed Guan Jiawei on the corner of his mouth.

"Royal Consort … "Why are you doing this?" Guan Jiawei's eyes were wide open, and his ears were slightly red. Just now, the wangfei had been particularly resistant to his intimacy. Why after his dream, he instead …

"To tempt you."

As soon as Wu Tie finished his words, he bit Guan Jiawei's lips and crazily devoured the small amount of air in his mouth.

Guan Jiawei felt shy and happy after being kissed. He pushed and shoved Jiang Yong, barely managing to open his mouth under the siege. "Princess, Yong, it's not dark yet …"

With a tug from Jiang Yong, Guan Jiawei's sky darkened. After that came the earth-shattering alternations of short moans and gasps.

The System looked at Jiang Yong's dream like movements that were basically identical. The small wings slowly flapped, automatically blocking out the large-scale canine food scene.

Everything was requested by the host, so this didn't count as a violation of the rules.



The next day, Jiang Yong suddenly opened his eyes. His forehead was covered in sweat.

I'm dreaming.

It was good to have that dream, and there seemed to be two of them … He was quite willing. But he should never have seen the face of the hero of the dream except himself when he was about to wake up.

That small, elegant face was even more beautiful than a woman's. If it wasn't a man, then who else could it be?

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