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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C12 Forced Marriage the King of the Southwest
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C12 Forced Marriage the King of the Southwest

Jiang Yong stood up and felt his hands and feet go numb. When he lifted the blanket and looked inside, he saw that his face had turned green.

He couldn't help but want to slap himself: F * ck! It was just a dream. The main character of the dream was a man. Why was there such a commotion in real life? The situation seemed to be a little desperate, as it had been a long time since he last touched a woman.

When the door was suddenly opened, Jiang Yong's first reaction was to wrap his blanket tightly around himself. He looked over with a vigilant expression. When he saw that it was the male lead, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Princess has been sleeping since noon yesterday, right? She's so sleepy, could it be …" The man's voice was unusually gentle. It was unknown what he was thinking about as he chuckled.

Jiang Yong pulled on the clothes on the outside of his blanket and asked, "Could it be what?"

"Could it be that there is a son of This King?"

Jiang Yong's eyes instantly froze and he secretly shook his head: The male owner really knows how to think too much. We do want to, but I'm a boy doll. Besides, you seem to be the one being suppressed.

Guan Jiawei walked over and elegantly held the towel in his basin. He tried to wipe Jiang Yong's face, but Jiang Yong dodged him.

Jiang Yong was actually just feeling guilty, feeling guilty about the condition he was in right now. How could he? The male lead was thinking too much.

Guan Jiawei lowered his gaze slightly with a lost look in his eyes, while his hand was still frozen in midair.

The atmosphere was heavy.

Licking his dry lips, Jiang Yong took the towel from the male lead's hand and said, "How can I let Your Highness do such a small thing?"

"But This King wants to do it."

Jiang Yong did not utter a sound, and pretended not to hear it. He wiped his face and hands. He stood up and threw the towel back into the basin.

When he saw that the male lead still wanted to pull back the blanket, he was flustered, but he still had to remain calm on the surface. Holding Guan Jiawei's hand, Jiang Yong said, "Really, Prince, you can't do these trivial things, lower your price."

Guan Jiawei's bright eyes were like water as his gaze swept across Jiang Yong's body and he said slowly, "Princess, so it turns out that in your eyes, this King's kindness towards you is a discount."

"No, no, that's not what I meant." Jiang Yong was so anxious that he wanted to scratch his head.

He explained, "Yes …"

What is it? He couldn't come up with a reason.

How annoying, even women don't have as many brains as their male counterparts.

"This King only wants to be good to you, there's no need for it."

One of his hands gently lifted Guan Jiawei's chin. Jiang Yong said with deep emotion, "There is no need, I just don't want you to be too tired." "In the future, I will be able to do these trivial things."

The man chuckled, "Princess Consort's hands are white and tender. Can you even do these menial tasks?"

His hand slowly moved down the male lead's chin. Jiang Yong said in a casual tone, "Of course I will."

Jiang Yong was satisfied with his actions, the man's breathing started to quicken.

The door was knocked gently.

Guan Jiawei took a step back and said gently, "This King will go to the court first. "If wangfei thinks it's too stuffy, you can go out and take a walk."

Jiang Yong's eyes lit up when he heard that. In the end, the male lead added, "Don't worry, This King will send people to protect Princess Hua-Yang in the dark."

Jiang Yong chuckled twice: "What's the difference between this and surveillance? He still can't go to the Ten Thousand Flowers House and look at beauties."

"I …" Jiang Yong frowned slightly.

If he went with the male lead, he would see how magnificent the palace truly was. The throne of the golden-lacquered dragon, the emperor who looked down on the whole world …

If he went back in the future, wouldn't he be able to brag when he picked up girls?

Jiang Yong pulled Guan Jiawei's sleeve, and when the male lead looked at him, Jiang Yong's eyes curved, "Prince, can you take me to see the world?"

"Why are you interested in the palace?"

Jiang Yong slowly leaned forward and gently hugged the male host's waist. I am not interested in the palace. I just want to get a deeper understanding of the prince. Your Highness, can you let me follow along? "

How could Guan Jiawei endure such coquettish behavior.


Outside the room, looking at Jiang Lengfei who had been pestering the prince, Liu Xiya bowed and said, "It's normal for the princess to be reluctant to part with you, but the prince will still come back. Don't be too attached to the princess."

Lin'er's beautiful eyes became watery: "Hurry up and stay away from your highness, if you delay your highness from going to court, let's see what you can use to compensate, she's just a mere concubine with Jiang Family."

Suddenly, a sharp gaze shot towards Lin'er. Lin'er blinked and realized that the prince was still looking at her with such warmth. Could it be that there was something wrong with her eyes?

"We're all sisters, be careful when you speak." Liu Xiya said.

Jiang Yong had a special kind of smile, and said to Lin'er: "This time, the Prince will bring along his family. Yes, that's me. "

Hearing it.

Liu Xiya lowered her gaze, but no one could see the hesitation in her eyes.

Lin'er was so angry that she couldn't even speak. She couldn't bear it any longer.

Guan Jiawei, on the other hand, only had a smile on his face as he stared at his consort, regardless of the people around him. Such an arrogant appearance was truly pleasing to the eyes.

System: Male lead you are probably blind due to love.

The carriage had already moved, and Lin'er stood on the spot and stamped her feet. "This is nothing!"

Liu Xiya looked at the horse carriage that was moving further and further away. Her face looked a little unsightly. This was the second time since Madame Jiang had entered the palace, and the prince had assumed that they did not exist anymore.

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