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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C13 Forced Marriage the King of the Southwest
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C13 Forced Marriage the King of the Southwest

In the carriage.

Guan Jiawei got on the carriage first. When he sat down, he paused and looked pale.

Jiang Yong saw it and joked: "Prince was reading the booklet too late last night, did you not sleep well?"

Without waiting for the male lead to say anything, Jiang Yong casually said, "People only have a few years of youth. No matter how busy they are, they still have to give up. From time to time, they have to enjoy life."

Guan Jiawei remembered what happened yesterday. His face had two rosy clouds and he nodded towards Jiang Yong's words.

Jiang Yong was tired from talking to himself. He looked at the scenery outside the small window in curiosity, afraid that he would miss the scene of him entering the palace.

"There's no need to rush. We're still some distance away from the palace. If Esteemed wangfei is hungry, there's a pastry here. If you're tired, you can lie down first." Guan Jiawei patted the seat beside him.

Jiang Yong walked to the male host's side while bowing. He stuffed the pastries into his mouth and said in satisfaction, "Delicious."

"I wonder what wangfei likes, so I picked a few." Now that This King sees the wangfei eating happily, he is satisfied. " Guan Jiawei slightly moved his body.

Where had he seen this inexplicably similar scene before?

Jiang Yong blinked his eyes: "Oh …" It seemed like he had asked the male lead not to wander after he had just woken up, but the male lead had said …

Stop, stop, stop what you shouldn't be thinking.

Jiang Yong ate the pastries slowly without saying a word. At this moment, he was struggling internally.

Seeing him eat so much, Guan Jiawei even passed water to Jiang Yong and wiped Jiang Yong's mouth affectionately. Seeing that he was satisfied with his meal, she felt very happy.

The male lead was so good to him, Jiang Yong felt bad about it. He held out a piece of pastry to the man.

Guan Jiawei looked at the pastries in front of him and was overwhelmed by them. His long eyelashes trembled as he asked, "Princess, is this really for This King?"

He was a prince, why was he so humble? Jiang Yong nodded: "I've already passed it to you, what do you think?"

Guan Jiawei did not make a move. He lowered his head and slowly finished all of the pastries in Jiang Yong's hand, not even sparing the dregs.

After Guan Jiawei licked his lips for the first time, Jiang Yong felt goosebumps all over his body. He trembled a few times and wanted to stop.

Then, the system's voice rang out, "Man man, you can't take it anymore just because of this? "Do you have the nerve to call yourself a scum?"

Jiang Yong: "Did he say he was a scum?"

"But …" "It should be enough." Jiang Yong retracted his hand when the male lead was trying to get an inch closer to him. As if nothing had happened, he used his clothes to wipe his hands.

"It really is as delicious as Princess Hua-Yang had said." Guan Jiawei rested his chin on his hand and glanced at Jiang Yong's hand.

System: "Things seem to have gotten interesting. Damn! The male lead had clearly hinted, "Oh host, could it be that you're not able to make it?"

Jiang Yong, who had only had two dreams, was a bit tired. But he would never admit it. He could only quickly change the subject. He didn't think that the next topic would make him understand that he seemed to be a bit too stupid.

"Prince, how are you?" Jiang Yong's eyes were very clear. He was looking at where Guan Jiawei was sitting.

Guan Jiawei immediately understood what the wangfei was talking about. Blood gushed to his face and his temples throbbed.

Yesterday, the princess is asleep, do not know what dream to accept oneself, so the truth is not to be said. If the princess disliked him, he really didn't know what to do.

"That's right …" That night at the bridal chamber, how was it? " Jiang Yong couldn't even open his mouth.

He then mumbled to himself with the pride of a man, "Am I that powerful?"

Guan Jiawei nodded. Yesterday, Yong was also extremely powerful. However, he could not say it.

At this moment, it was Jiang Yong's turn to blush. He scratched his head in embarrassment.

Don't say, those girlfriends he dated called him scum, that was the truth. However, Jiang Yong's appearance was bad and his heart was pure. He was a young man who would speak shyly and blush whenever he saw a beauty.

Jiang Yong tried to label himself as a scum man. However, the more he tore, the more it confirmed the truth.

"Your Highness, we have arrived."

The driver's words startled Jiang Yong. He lifted the curtain at the window and saw the majestic palace wall.

AHH! He did not see how he entered the palace and how he would brag to his sister in the future.

At a pavilion.

"Family members cannot go to court. Please forgive me, Princess. Please wait here for Ben Wang." Guan Jiawei rubbed Jiang Yong's head lovingly. Surprisingly, he didn't ruffle Jiang Yong's hair.

Jiang Yong was speechless. He nodded obediently, but in his heart, he was cursing himself for being an idiot. "So, what is he doing here? Appreciating the flowers?"

"Esteemed wangfei is willing to come to the imperial court with Ben Wang, and she's also willing to wait for Ben Wang. Ben Wang …"

Guan Jiawei raised his head and put his lips to Jiang Yong's ear. "I'm so happy."

Jiang Yong didn't know what it meant for a prince to not call himself by his name. At the moment, he was just annoyed that he spent his time picking up girls to wait for a man.

Furthermore, the eunuchs who followed him didn't even have a single palace maid. Wasn't this the same as letting him shut himself up?

After the prince left, Jiang Yong helplessly looked at the group of eunuchs with their heads lowered, and felt his heart clench.

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