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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C14 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 14
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C14 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 14

"King of Southwestfei?"

Jiang Yong was in the middle of picking up his legs out of boredom when he heard this voice. This voice sounded familiar, but it was also unfamiliar. It sounded unfamiliar, but she seemed to have heard of it before.

When he turned around and saw the man staring at him, Jiang Yong felt a bit uncomfortable.

Why is Seventh Prince here?

Since they were already walking over, they should at least give a salute. Jiang Yong thought for a long time about how Liu Xiya would salute him. He suppressed his voice and said, "Greetings, Seventh Prince."

"There is no need to be polite, sister-in-law." The man was already standing in front of Jiang Yong with his big hands holding Jiang Yong's white and slender hands.

Jiang Yong frowned. Was this the way the dynasty returned the gesture? In the eyes of others, he was a woman. How could she be so intimate with her husband's brother?

Jiang Yong's palm suddenly started to itch, and he immediately retracted his hand. An indescribable expression appeared on his face: F * ck! Seventh Prince, this damn pervert, actually took advantage of me. He's so ugly, and he dares to take advantage of laozi.

Jiang Yong, who had a lot of scenes playing in his heart, took a step back with a calm expression on his face.

"Youngest brother is currently discussing matters with the emperor. I'm afraid he won't leave the imperial court so soon. As an elder brother, I naturally won't allow my sister-in-law to be alone."

Seventh Prince wasn't very good-looking. He had a long face, like an eggplant, and too much hair.

Jiang Yong endured the discomfort and said, "Younger Sister-in-law naturally doesn't dare to disturb Seventh Prince's time, so it's good that you can wait here alone for King of Southwest."

Jiang Yong took another step back. Unexpectedly, Seventh Prince went up and grabbed Jiang Yong's waist tightly.

Seventh Prince smelled of sweat and rouge. It was obvious that he was mixed with the women. Jiang Yong was on the verge of fainting due to the smell coming off his body. He pushed with all his might, but it was not so easy to push the man away.

"What are you doing?" It was a very unhappy voice.

Jiang Yong, who was controlled by Seventh Prince, secretly cursed.

This time, Jiang Yong exerted all his strength, but who would have thought that Seventh Prince would let him go. Jiang Yong pushed through the empty space and exerted too much force, causing him to lose his balance. Ye Zichen leaped towards Seventh Prince.

After receiving the male lead's cold and unfamiliar gaze, Jiang Yong braked forcefully, lost his balance and fell backwards.

Behind the pavilion was a small pond.

"Yong!" Guan Jiawei teleported over, but he still couldn't catch Jiang Yong.

With a splash, Jiang Yong sank into the pool.

No one had saved him. He had climbed up by himself. His first reaction was to drag his wet body to Guan Jiawei's side, wanting to explain.

Guan Jiawei couldn't hide the pain in his eyes when he saw how miserable he looked. His hand moved but he still didn't move it.

Guan Jiawei looked coldly at his so-called seventh brother, then shook his sleeves and said: "Come back to the house with me."

"Prince …" Jiang Yong followed behind the male lead while rubbing the water off his clothes.

"Shut up!"

It was the first time that Jiang Yong was scolded so harshly by Guan Jiawei. He was stunned. After staring blankly for a long time, he soon lost sight of the prince, and quickly resigned himself to his fate as he ran towards him.

In the pavilion, Seventh Prince sniffed his hand and felt a surge of excitement in his heart.

The carriage that arrived was filled with warmth. The air in the carriage that returned seemed to be frozen solid. It was quiet and Jiang Yong felt very uncomfortable.

"Achoo!" Jiang Yong couldn't help but rub his nose. He took a bold glance at Guan Jiawei. It was the first time he had seen the man's handsome little face so serious, so cold.

A gentle person doesn't even have a voice when they get angry.

Jiang Yong pouted his lips, sneakily approached Guan Jiawei from inside his wet sleeves, then carefully poked Guan Jiawei's knee with his index finger.

"Just now, it really was Seventh Prince who couldn't resist my beauty and wanted to take advantage of me."

Guan Jiawei raised his eyes slightly, that gaze was simply as cold as ice, "You are also very happy, aren't you?"

"I didn't."

Guan Jiawei did not listen. His tone was overbearing, "So marrying this king has wronged you. So when Seventh Brother hugged you, you did not resist at all."

"I'm not …"

"What's wrong? You already had a relationship with Seventh Brother that day. This King did not explain." "But no matter how brazen you are, in this palace, you've given this king such a bright hat …"

Jiang Yong was angered by the male lead's words and stood up, "You're crazy …" "Ahhh …"

Jiang Yong's head was hit on the head by the carriage, causing him to grimace in pain. Surprisingly, he saw that the male lead had extended his hand towards him.

Guan Jiawei saw that he was fine, so he calmly retracted his hand and turned his head away from Jiang Yong.

Because he had feelings for Jiang Yong, he became angry when he saw that Jiang Yong was' hugging 'another person.

In fact, it was mostly jealousy.

The number of times he and the Princess had intimate relations could be counted on one hand. Why didn't he reject Seventh Brother …

"Do you believe me or not? I'm a man, why would I hook up with a man when I have nothing better to do? Isn't it troublesome enough just to have you?" Jiang Yong rubbed his head and slowly sat down.

Guan Jiawei was stunned and his eyes quickly turned red, "Do you dislike me?"

Once again, the prince was so sad that he even claimed he had forgotten about his basic etiquette.

Jiang Yong was helpless: "I obviously didn't mean that. Prince, can you not think so much?"

After a while, the only sound that came from the carriage was the sound of rolling wheels. The atmosphere had once again turned to ice.

Jiang Yong frowned.

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