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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C16 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 16
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C16 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 16

Jiang Yong, you really make me sad.

The person who covered his face was Guan Jiawei. He was familiar with his princess's hobbies, which was why he chose to dress up as a woman. But the unexpected results made Jiang Yong very happy.

"Young Master, I'll pour a bar for you." Guan Jiawei pulled his hand away and walked to the table.

Jiang Yong's face was flushed red. He followed her and sat on the stool. He rested his chin on his hands as he stared at the beauty.

"Does the young master know what his eyes are saying?"

Jiang Yong curled his lips and smiled unrestrainedly: "I'll do it for you."

Guan Jiawei's hand paused for a moment as he felt extremely sad. His princess consort was actually so fond of girls. She was willing to sleep in the same bed as him after only seeing her twice.

"How old are you?" Wu Junyi's hand slowly moved forward, holding the cup and wrapping around Guan Jiawei's white hand at the same time.

Guan Jiawei's voice was originally clear, but he purposefully suppressed it, so it was not obvious that it was a male voice. He asked: "Young Master, what do you want to do?"

"Marry a beauty and be responsible towards her."

Guan Jiawei's heart trembled and spilled the wine. He calmly took out a handkerchief and wiped the table as he replied, "Young age."

Jiang Yong was stunned. Luckily, this was ancient times, otherwise, he would have to finish it.

The beauty shook off his hand and put the cup to her lips. Jiang Yong stopped him in time and said with a smile, "A brat with fur not fully grown yet actually dares to drink it."

Having said so, Jiang Yong frowned. These words sounded so familiar, as if he had said them before.

The beauty chuckled and asked, "Would you like to try, young master?"

Jiang Yong: "Try what?"

"Try what you said just now."

As the beauty approached him and kissed beside his ear, Jiang Yong finally remembered: wasn't this the dream he had a few days ago?

The dream had come true? However, the person in the dream was obviously the prince. How could it be …

The heat of that dream was still fresh in his mind. The prince, who was beneath him, turned around …

The beauty's fingers caressed Jiang Yong's belt. Just as she wanted to untie it, she was grabbed by him. Jiang Yong said, "Sorry, I suddenly feel like it's too late. It's time to go home and sleep, so …"

Jiang Yong was at a loss: he had come for this kind of thing from the start, but now, his mind was filled with that man who had a wronged expression on his face every day. He still felt a little guilty about his actions.

"Heh, heh …" The beauty smiled as she took off her veil with her other hand.

Jiang Yong only saw her red lips moving up, then his vision turned black. It turned out that the beauty's veil had covered his line of sight.

She softly said: "Just now, didn't Young Master say you want to marry me? Young master, you can imagine this place as your home. "

Jiang Yong wanted to say a few more words, but when his lips got hot, his entire body turned soft. "The beauty's kiss went even deeper, and Jiang Yong's hands uncontrollably embraced her.

The beautiful woman's melodious voice lingered by Jiang Yong's ear all night long.

When Jiang Yong woke up, the beauty was nowhere to be seen. He scratched his head in frustration as a sense of helplessness arose in his heart. He was unable to grasp onto this mysterious beauty's feelings of helplessness. This was the first time he felt this way.

With another bird cry, Jiang Yong remembered that when the Prince would get up to wash his face and rinse his mouth, he would quickly find his clothes, put them on, and run back to King of Southwest Manor in a sorry state.

"Creak …"

The door was slightly ajar, revealing a long and narrow peach blossom eye. Jiang Yong rolled his eyes. When he found no one, he gently pushed the door open.

Jiang Yong, who didn't get caught by the prince this time, leisurely walked towards his room. After wearing two hairpins and looking like a woman, he went out and ordered people to prepare the bath items.

To be honest, he still wanted to reflect on what the beauty had done to him. But that won't do. If that prince smelled anything, then he really should immerse himself in the pig cage.

"Jiang Wangfei, there's only one smaller barrel for bathing." The servant said somewhat fearfully.

"Then I …" Jiang Yong paused and coughed twice before opening his mouth again. "Where is the usual bath barrel that the wangfei uses? I was hacked by you guys, did you burn wood or something? "

The servant immediately kneeled down. "Just now, the prince also gave his orders, so …"

Jiang Yong rubbed his chin: "Ok, a little bit is fine, hurry up."


Jiang Yong thought: "Why is the prince always taking a bath in broad daylight? Did he also do something to let him down so that he couldn't see the light of day?"

However, when he thought about it again, he realized that the male owner's eyes were filled with infatuation.

"Weng weng weng …" It was another familiar voice.

"Do you think that the male lead is someone as dissolute as you?"

Jiang Yong looked at the little thing, reached out his hand and flicked it.

With the wing being flicked by Jiang Yong, the system almost lost its life. It was angry. "Be gentle to this system, otherwise, or else..."

"Give this wangfei shoes?"

"Pfft, shameless. He claims to be quite skilled at it."

Jiang Yong frowned: "F * * k!" Unknowingly, he had accepted the fact that he was a man's wife.

At this time, the servant served the hot water. Jiang Yong grabbed the System and hid it under his clothes.

"Side Consort …" A maidservant wanted to take off Jiang Yong's clothes immediately.

Jiang Yong suddenly took a step back. The servant girl was scared by his actions and thought that she had done something wrong. She quickly kneeled down.

"This servant deserves to die, this servant deserves to die!"

Jiang Yong stopped him, "What are you dying for? Don't say such unlucky things in broad daylight."

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