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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C18 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 18
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C18 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 18

Jiang Yong breathed in and said in disbelief, "Prince, there's no need to say such words to attract my attention."

Guan Jiawei sneered: "Last night, I went to the top of the clouds with others. "Since wangfei doesn't like this prince's body so much, then this king will let others like him …"

"Shut up!" Jiang Yong immediately became furious, "Guan Jiawei! Are you really so impatient? What, isn't it very comfortable being suppressed by others? "

Guan Jiawei's heart seemed to have shattered just like that. He fixed his gaze on Jiang Yong, his lips curled up slightly. "Yes, Princess, you're absolutely right."

Jiang Yong was so angry that he tore off the male lead's shirt. "Where did he touch you? Here, here, or …"

His clothes were ripped, revealing the man's purple body. As soon as Jiang Yong saw it, he collapsed. He didn't dare to argue anymore. Holding Guan Jiawei's hand, Jiang Yong muttered, "Prince, are you taking revenge on me?"

"You're thinking too much."

Jiang Yong shook his head, "I was reluctant to let Seventh Prince hug me. He suddenly came over and I haven't practiced martial arts since I was young, so naturally I couldn't push him away. I definitely don't like him. He's not even in my eyes, how can he make me happy? "

This was what Jiang Yong had always wanted to explain, but there wasn't enough time to do so. It was too late. Everything was too late.

"Your Highness, I think I …"

"I seem to like you. Otherwise, why would it be so uncomfortable here?" Jiang Yong said while covering his heart.

Guan Jiawei's eyes lit up as surprise and joy instantly appeared in his eyes …

"Prince, don't do such a thing anymore. I won't be able to take it."

Suddenly, a handkerchief fell out of Guan Jiawei's torn clothes. Jiang Yong looked at the pattern of the handkerchief and blinked.

So familiar...

Guan Jiawei wanted to hear more of Jiang Yong's love talk. The moment he saw the handkerchief drop, he quickly squatted down and picked it up, but it was not as fast as Jiang Yong's actions.

Last night, the beauty wiped the table with a handkerchief … Jiang Yong sniffed the air and found that it was still filled with alcohol.

He never believed in evil, but all these things were linked together, so he had no choice but to believe. Last night was very similar to that dream. In the dream, the hero was the prince. It was outside the dream, could it be …

"Beauty? The Prince is that beauty. " Jiang Yong muttered.

Guan Jiawei, who was recognized, frowned, but did not smile at all. In this way, it might have been over between them. He would never have the chance to have Jiang Yong's embrace again...

Who would have thought that Guan Jiawei would be fiercely embraced by Jiang Yong. Jiang Yong wrinkled his nose, "What virtue or ability do I have to be able to force His Highness to such a state?"

The male lead was actually the veiled beauty. He had already gotten used to the male lead's body. It really was …

No one could make Jiang Yong act like this.

Before Guan Jiawei could open his mouth to express anything, Jiang Yong held his face and gave him a warm kiss. Their breaths landed on each other's faces. Jiang Yong only stopped when the male lead slapped him hard, signaling him to stop breathing soon.

"Princess, you!" Guan Jiawei's face was flushed red as he covered his mouth in disbelief.

Jiang Yong didn't need to explain. He walked out of the door in confusion and closed it tightly.

Guan Jiawei's heart suddenly became empty: This was given to him by the wangfei, the last kiss?

Unfortunately, he didn't have the time to carefully experience it just now.

The door suddenly opened again, and Jiang Yong held a small jar in his hand. He stepped forward and continued to take off the man's clothes.

Guan Jiawei tugged on his clothes, "Princess, you are too temperamental. You are not very stable, so don't be impulsive. Furthermore, last night, This King had already... In short, This King can't take it anymore. "

Jiang Yong, who just wanted to apply medicine for him, raised his eyebrows when he heard that. "Men can't say no, stand straight up for me!"

Guan Jiawei begged for mercy: "I can't get up. What should I do in court tomorrow?"

"Hehe …" "Hahaha …" Jiang Yong laughed.

He couldn't bear the male lead's appearance any longer, so he walked towards him in a domineering and forceful manner.

After a long time.

Guan Jiawei's lips, which had been released by Jiang Yong, quivered slightly. Seeing that Jiang Yong still extended his Demon Claw towards him, Guan Jiawei protected his chest with his hands. "Princess, This King really can't do it anymore."

The male lead's hands were so soft that he couldn't stop Jiang Yong from doing anything. He picked up the male lead and turned him over on the couch. His voice sounded a little hoarse. "Don't move. I just want to help the prince clean his wounds."

"Wipe the wound." Guan Jiawei answered without hesitation.

Jiang Yong smiled. His eyes swept over Guan Jiawei's body. There was a deeper meaning to his smile.

Guan Jiawei couldn't see Jiang Yong's smile, but felt his burning gaze on him and felt shy.

The man said, "There's no need for you to work so hard, your lordship. Before, I …" He was embarrassed to the point that his ears were burning. "This King had already wiped it myself."

"How can your skills be better than others?" Your Royal Highness, believe me, I will definitely make you feel comfortable. "

The System said leisurely, destroying the atmosphere, "Host, this system seriously suspects that you're driving."

Jiang Yong laughed, "But not like that."

Guan Jiawei bit his lips and threatened without any emotion, "Then you can't tease This King anymore."

The male lead's clothes gradually fell off. Jiang Yong licked his lips and said, "Of course."

There was no need to say anymore, as the medicine was rubbing against his body, the male lead was naturally coaxed by Jiang Yong to flip the situation.

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